Big (half) brother


2. Big News

Yanna's POV

When did this happen? Was my dad already dating my mom at this time? So many questions were running through my head the second my father told me the news. I have a step brother. It was ok at first cos I've always wanted an older brother. Then I asked my dad, who is he? He answered saying "this answer is going to change your life and you MIGHT pass out." "Its fine dad, just tell me!" I said excitedly.. "Zayn Malik" my dad shot. My eyes widened as I screamed, "Dad are you serious?! Zayn Malik?!!" He nodded. I was surprised, happy, shocked as many other emotions came. I didn't really act the way that I'm sure others would react to news like this.

I asked my dad "do I get to meet him?" He answered saying "yes." "When?!" I struck, "Tomorrow." He replied. "Where is he staying?!" I was so excited, while thinking "what if he's staying in a hotel? :(" but then my dad said "in the guest room." I was filled with happiness and excitement. I just had to call my best friend and tell her everything.

Ring ring.. The phone went, then someone Answered... "Hello?" "Hey Mia" I said. "Oh hey yan" she replied "why are you calling?" I told her that I had big news.. I had a step brother, and it was Zayn Malik! At first she didn't believe me, but then I told her i would give her some proof by tomorrow..

It was time for me to go to bed.. I wanted to, but then I couldn't. I was too excited for tomorrow. So I decided to just close my eyes and listen to music til I fell asleep.

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