Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


18. we got saved


Justin’s POV



We woke up in the morning , thanks for  god that no one found us ! we’re still alive .. I didn’t want to move because it will make jade wake up .. I was staring at her , she looked so innocent when she was sleeping .. I kissed her forehead .. so she opened her eyes and she smiled “morning babe”  “morning justin .. what time is it ?”   “I don’t know we left our phones there remember ?”  “oh yeaa “    “ well stay here I’ll check out if it is safe outside , we have to leave  “    I stood up and opened the door looked around , no one was around , we better leave now .. they’ll find us if we stay here  “ jade take another vest from the wardrobe , it is too cold outside”   “okay take this too “  she gave me a jacket so I took it and wore it .. “let’s go”   I took her hand and we started running ..  “out there justin! It’s a road” there was a road .. we can follow the road and it will lead us to people I hope..  then we’lll ask for help ..  we started running again faster than before because we felt someone following us ..we looked around , the boy who raped jade was following us with  his brother .. “jade please run faster ! we can do it”  jade looked so tired ..  “jade look there! it’s a store we can go there & ask for help ”    we ran to the store and got in ..  we locked the door so the man who worked there gave us a confused look  “sir we’re sorry for that .. I am justin bieber , I don’t know if you know me or not , some criminals are following us and want to kill us , we need your help sir !  can you help us call the cops”    “ oh yes ..  out here”    I took jade’s hand afraid if I’ll miss her or something ..      

I took the phone “hey sir I’m justin bieber , and I’m with jade right now in a clothes store it’s called , umm sir what’s the name of the store? ,  uhmm it’s called  ‘pink  flower’”   “well sorry , we’ve received millions of fake calls like this lately .. try to prank your friends young man, everyone knows that they’re dead .. bye”   “sir , please” “tn-tin-tin”   “shit !! “   maybe I have to call  ryan  I typed  his number   , after few seconds he answered “hey , who’s it “   “it’s justin”  “oh like if I’m going to believe you ! he was killed yesterday “  “ryan please listen , I am justin ! its me ryan! , we used to spend days in our tree house when we were in stratford , and we used to steal children’s ice cream when we finish eating ours “   “jusstin ! you’re alive ! its really you ? !”  “yes ryan please we’re in a store called ‘pink flower’  umhh wait I’ll ask the owner something , sir where are we ? ,  uh ryan we’re 50 kilometre far from Sydney .. okay thank you “     

He hung up ..  i turned to the owner “ sir I promise when my friends will save I’ll give how much you want , please just keep your store locked .. “  

“yes sure, and its okay no need to pay me “ 


Jade came closer to me .. she was  too tired ..  I took her in my hands “baby you can sleep if you want, I’ll  keep you in my arms til you wake up “   she didn’t reply , she closed her eyes and buried  her head in my chest ..   “sir do you have something to eat please ? we didn’t eat anything for two days “  he nodded , got up and brought some bread , cereals , milk , yogurt ..  “thank you so much sir “   “it’s not a problem son , when I was young I lived in a religious Muslim family and they taught  me that we have to help strangers when they need us , so don’t worry , if you need anything just ask me”   “thank you so much , she’s a muslim too “   I said while pointing to jade ..  he smiled .. stood up and brought a blanket with him , “cover the girl she’s freezing”  I nodded and did what he asked me to do .. we talked about  australia and I told why am I here .. he was surprised , because he didn’t know that I’m a popstar ..  I woke jade up “jade ? baby wake up and eat some food”  she opened her eyes slowly , and when she just heard the word food , she jumped from my lap .. and took the cereals and started eating .. an hour later someone knocked on the store’s door  “I’ll open” said the man   I held jade tight afraid if the criminals found us .. few minutes later a bunch of boys got in I was scared but when I looked at them I recognised who are them ! my crew ! I jumped  “ryan ! you found us !!”   “yeah “  I hugged  everyone ..  I had happy tears in my eyes ..  jade was still surprised ..  she hugged them and started crying .. it’s getting emotional here  .. 

Scooter-  man we were scared ! we lost hope ..

Me -  never lose hope in life ..

Scooter- yeah , but after seeing pictures that medias shared everywhere we all believed what happened !  jade was on the floor and u looked dead on a chair .. the whole world was talking about you , they said that you died ..

Me- they must took these pictures when jade got ra- , mm uhh ,  I mean when they hit her ..  

Scooter – maybe , how did you get out of there ..

Justin-  it was a miracle , god helped us a lot .. we found the door opened , so we got off without letting anyone notice it .. and we found a hut in the middle of the forest , and this generous man helped us a lot ..

Scooter – thank god that u’re fine .. we gotta pay the man , sir how much do you want

The man- there’s no need .. I  helped because I wanted to J

Scooter- we’ll be thankful forever  ..

We left the store , then came with our tour bus ! yeey ! I can sleep on my comfortable bed at least ..  I took jade in my arms , bridal  style .. and we got on the bus

Scooter- we called cops and they will go to the criminals’ house .. they’ll go to jail ..

Me- good for them “   i got in the room and closed the door .. jade was still in my arms burying her face in my chest , then  collapsed on the bed, I wrapped my arms around her , I pulled her closer , I pressed her against my body .. she pressed her face to my chest listening to my heartbeats .. we were so silent ..  I didn’t want to talk about what happened.. I want her to forget ..  “justin?”  “yeah baby?”  “when I got raped the-the last time , he-he hit my G-spot .. and he , umhh , u know didn’t use any protection ..   umm I  can’t stop thinking about that the past two days .. I mean , what if I get pregnant or something ? .. “  I looked at her face , she was blushing , just looking down .. I lifted her chin up .. made her look in my eyes .. “baby , whatever happens , I’m gonna be here for you , and I promise you I won’t go anywhere this time .. ! “   I leaned down to kiss her she didn’t mind , and got closer herself .. I was licking her lower lip , searching for an entrance .. but she pulled away .. I was confused so I just asked “what?”  “that will end up by , umhmm , you know what I mean .. uh oh ! justin we forgot to do something!”  “ what?”   “ we didn’t call your mother , we didn’t tell our fans that we’re alive .. “  “oh ! I’m going to call mom”   I took scooter’s phone as my phone was in the criminals’ house ..  I called my mom  “hey mom”   “sorry , wrong number”  “isn’t that pattie mallette”  “yes it is .. please if you are trying to prank me or something stop it I’m not in the mood , my son , and my daughter died yesterday “  I heard the pain in her voice , she was crying ..  “ wait! “   “no ‘waits’ sweet boy okay !!! this lady is suffering”   it changed to miley’s voice ! she is probably with her  “miley ?”   “uhmm how did you know”  “are you stupid? I am justin !! and I’m with jade right now!”  “what ?”  I imagined the  ‘ Are-You-kidding  o.O ’    look  on her face  “I’m serious ! we got saved miley !”   “pattie ! don’t cry it is really justin ! he’s alive” she handed the phone to pattie and I could hear her scream ‘he’s alive ! she’s alive’     “justin?”  my mom’s voice was so low full of hope and fear at the same time “yes mommy?”  “is that really you?”   “yes best mother in the world !”   “oh my..”   jade was slapping my hand , asking me to give her the phone .. I just did because she  was annoyed  ..



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