Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


34. we can't make it

hey beautifuls .. it would really be great if you give my new movella a chance .. i just wrote the first chapter. you'll definetly like it ! it's called "under the moonlight"

tell me what u think .

have a good day ;)





Tonight selena looked flawless ,she wore a very short red dress .. that showed the most of her legs .. her lips perfectly painted with red lipstick . they looked very kissable . her hair was.. perfect.. but not like jade. Jade had something special , even when she’s not putting any makeup on, she has that natural beauty.. changing eyes color , caramel curly hair , a perfectly tanned skin, a flawless curved body .. oh my god I have to stop thinking of her . I looked at selena , she  was facing me “well , uhm I need your advice ” “sure jay”  damn only jade used to call me jay ! “when u fall in love and u wanna forget about that person what do you  do?”   she smirked and said “we take away everything that reminds us of them “

“thanks beauty”  she just winked .. don’t judge me seriously !  I’m suffering too .. I want to forget her for a while. She had done a lot.. I think I should break up with her ,I don’t see why we’re still in relationship , we didn’t talk for more than two weeks. That’s it I’m breaking up with her… after eating our dinner , we were ready to leave “hey ryan take selena home I have to take care of something “  “sure justin” I smiled and walked to my car I sat in the driver’s seat grabbed my phone and typed jade’s phone number , after 2 seconds she picked it

“oh my god justin hi”

“uhm hi, listen jade” I took a deep breath and said  “we need to talk-“  “we need to talk-”

  at the same second she said the same thing ..

“you first justin..”

“ no I’m not telling you now …I prefer meeting up tonight after umm , 15 minutes near the river “

“okay I’ll be there”

I’m not going to lie, I miss her so bad, and I want her back. But at the very same time I couldn’t forgive her. I know she wasn’t sane and blah blah  . still the same thing .. she CHEATED on me . ‘you cheated on her too’    It wasn’t the same thing ‘it was justin ! it was .. what you’ve done was so much worse’ no it’s not true  .. ‘it is’  .. damn why am I talking to myself ! hell , I should stop !


I drove to the river, I saw someone sitting on the ground facing the river I walked towards the person. They turned , and it was jade. My jaw dropped , it wasn’t too dark here as there was a street lamp so I could see her face.. she looked too tired, or let me say exhausted .her face was pale.. her lips were dry.. her mascara was ruined , she was crying … poor thing..  “hi jay”  “hi jade, let’s sit and talk..”  she nodded and sat down  “jade , I loved you really so much . but I couldn’t forgive you , my heart wanted to, but my mind didn’t agree.. what you’ve done was really bad and broke me to pieces” I stopped took her hand in both my hands ,  she was freezing.. it’s October and she’s not wearing warm clothes.. I wanted to hug her tight and make her feel safe , make her feel she’s fine but I couldn’t . I couldn’t do it .  I looked at her and said “jade i’m sorry we can’t make it..” “wha-what does this mean?” she said shaking “are we over?”  “I’m afraid to tell you this, but yes” a tear rolled down her cheek . I can’t take it . I can’t see her cry “b-but justin you promised me , that our relation will last forever ?! remember when you said it’s forever and always? When u said you’ll always love me. When you gave me the promise ring , do you even remember?...”


I remembered that day..

the beat stopped and I  began to talk again “ jade sonclear, I loved you , I love you and I will always do , whatever happens, whatever people do . even after a thousand years I’ll keep my promise , and I’ll keep loving you , jade you stole my heart , you were my first love , my first kiss, my first time .. you’re everything to me, if you weren’t here I wouldn’t be a successful pop star , because its you who gives me the strength to keep up and do better, jade you’re the one I’ll give my life for, you’re the one that my children will call mom, I promise you I will never do what I’ve did , I’ll never cheat , I’ll never leave! Jade I’ve known alot of girls, but you’re different, you have a big heart , you love everyone around you! Thank you jade ..” i stopped and kneeled down grabbed a little box from my pocket ..


i opened the little box which had a silver ring in it  .

“jade sonclear , I know that we’re still young to get married, so I bought this promise ring for you, will you promise me that you’ll never give up on us . will you  promise that you won’t take off the ring until you’ll replace it with the wedding ring, will you promise me that you’ll believe on us..”  


 “I-I promise you justin”    … ’’’’



I’ll never forget that day .. “jade you don’t understand”  “I understand justin , I do understand . you cheated on me and you didn’t even regret it , but I forgave you.. I did a mistake and I’m regretting it , justin why you’re doing this to me. When did you even love me” she said with a high & sad tone .. tears were rolling on her cheek one by one I couldn’t take it anymore . I took her face in both my hands and kissed her forcefully and passionately . 

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