Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


10. two weeks .. and perfect dinner ?

Justin:” my baby finally came! *hugging me* guess what !!”

Me:” what ? “

Justin:” I have a tour!!“

Me:” a u.s tour right?

Justin- "no a worldwide tour and I want you to come with me !

Me- “justin I want to but I can’ I told u that i have a role in a movie , and we’re gonna film the two next months !” a tear formed in my eye , and I was about to cry “ when are u going ?”

Justin- two weeks from now

Me- oh lord ! ..




I told her about my tour, she seemed so sad and upset!  I expected her to be so happy .. she’s gonna miss me … and I’m gonna miss her too

she- oh lord ! …

I said while hugging her:

Justin- baby don’t worry! Everything’s gonna be alright

She- how much the tour is gonna last ?

Justin- a year , but I have a break each month babe ! after ur two months of filming u’ll join me , okay ?”

I said while pulling her closer and kissing the top of her hair


 “okay” I hear her mumbling


Jade’s POV


Oh my gosh ! I have a strong feeling  that this tour is going to ruin our relation ! i don’t want to be negative about things , but  trust me , my  feelings don't lie …


Me- hope you’ll have fun

Justin- thank you babe

he kissed me with passion , and i kissed him back 

Scooter- okay guys we’re still here

Pattie- oh scoot leave these lovebirds alone”   we laughed lovebirds' this is weird , isnt it?


Me-“ I’m  going upstairs guys , goodnight ..” I felt tired and my stomach was hurting

Justin- I’ll join you in some minutes babe ..


Justin’s POV


I followed her , when I got in the room jade was changing her clothes , she was in her underwears ,  I felt my heart beating so fast, my hormones were working well… I got closer to her , hugged her from behind, put my hands on her hips , I could feel her heart pounding .. I started rubbing her hips as I kissed her neck, a low moan slipped from her lips then she said “ I know what you want but we can’t” I looked confused so I asked her “why not ?”  i turned her, so i could see her face and stared in her eyes “ we just can’t justin , don’t ask me please”    I understood why we couldn’t do anything , if I was a girl I would be embarrassed too…


Jade’s POV


He looked confused at me when I said “we just can’t justin, don’t ask me please”  he hugged me tighter caressing my hair and whispering in my ears “ you’re on your periods right?”  I pulled away and turned my head avoiding an eyecontact with him .. I felt my cheeks burning and they probably turned red …

“ you look cute when you blush , oh babe , u don’t have to be shy ! tell me everything okay ? … “

I blushed even more and hugged him letting a kiss on his cheek so close to his lips .. “lets watch a movie justin ! “   “uhmm, titanic?”    “yeaah” I jumped like a 5 years old girl ..


We were cuddling when we were watching the movie , then I felt my stomach hurting even more than before …  he understood what was going on , hugged me closer licked my earlobe and whispered “ I’m here I’ll take all the pain away”  I smiled when he kept talking “ do u want me to buy some medicines or something ?”  I wanted to, because I couldn’t  take this anymore !  but  I  shaked my head “ no justin , its almost 1 am , I don’t want u to be bothered” he stood up , put his jackets on “I’ll comeback”  he left the room took the car and drove away .. he’ll probably went to  get me some pills … I was laying on my bed holding my stomach trying to calm the pain down , 15 minutes later justin came back gave me some pills “thank you justin, u didn’t have to do this ”  he kissed my forehead   “ anything for my princess” i felt better with his arms around me and with the pills i've taken, we could keep watching the movie then we fell asleep …

Days passed peacefully , I spent the whole 2 next weeks with him, going out everyday , meeting fans , going to kids parks and playing as if we were 10 years old kids .. we also visited some kids hospitals  we gave them gifts and candies ..  we  tried to make people enjoy life as we both do..

**2 weeks later**in the morning**

i woke up and found justin laying next to me taking me in his arms,  the thought of him leaving next morning filled my mind .. 

Me-“ u’re leaving next morning ! oh god ..” 

Justin pulled me closer so I rested my head on his chest & my hands were touching his abs.. it was an incredible feeling , listening to his heartbeats’ symphony .. touching and feeling every line of his abs. he seemed to enjoy it . then he sucked my neck .   well kissing the neck its our common weakness point .. when he started kissing my neck , I felt my knees melting .. I made him stop because I was hungry and I didn’t want to start the morning  with  making love …  

We went down stairs and pattie prepared breakfast for both of us … when she saw us a big smile painted on her face

Pattie- “ good morning young lady , good morning young man” 

Me- “ goodmorning”

We sat on the table and had breakfast together, then justin asked “ jade , mom, lets have dinner together today “

Pattie “ yeah honey why not ? lets go somewhere fancy”

Justin “ I have to go see scooter now, I’ll pick u  at 8 pm fine ? “

“yeah” we both screamed at the same time then looked at each other and started laughing out loud !

I had a shower , brushed my teeth , I wanted to let my hair natural , well I like my hair , its a curly caramel hair … and then I opened my closest and picked a dress  and went to pattie’s room

 toc-toc-toc  “get in”  she said so I opened the door and showed her the dress “ what do u think ? shall I wear it ?”  her eyes became wide open “ this is amazing , go wear it and show me”

-After few minutes-

Me- pattie , look !


Pattie- “wow ! u look wonderful !” then she stepped closer and whispered “u’re gonna be my daughter in law one day , I promise”

I smiled and blushed , I did my make up then fixed my hair .. ( I looked like this in the  dress)


ding-dong  ding-dong


pattie-" who's ringing the bell"   

me- "its justin"


i opened the door , because he forgot his keys in our room

justin- oh my god ! jade !! you look ..! i can't even describe it ! its more than perfect ! oh my god ! "

i started blushing as usual.. 

he pulled me closer and we kissed for a long time , it felt like years , but it was just 3 minutes or something like that


pattie- guys !!! 


and as usual its pattie who cuts our long and hot kisses


justin-"what ?"

pattie- " did u see my phone i cant find it ? 

justin- oh damn , is that why u interrupted  us ? we didnt see it ! 

me -"  justin shut up ! dont talk to ur mother like that !  "  he knows that i was serious , i hate seeing him yelling at his mom because of me !  " dont yell like this at patt-" he made me shut up by kissing me again ...

pattie- " i'm ready guys , are u gonna go or just stay here and kiss ?

justin- "lets go mommy "   we got in the car , and as usual  the paps were there waiting for us ..  " we gotta make them loose us"  justin drove around the streets so we were saved from the paps , then he drove to the restaurant ... i had to go to the toilet .. so i left them , when i was about to go back to our table i felt a hand on my waist , i turned and it was justin , he carryed me bridal style so i started shouting  " put me down" 

justin- no

me- please put me down , justin i'm begging you

justin- no until you tell everyone in this restaurant that you love me

me- are you crazy ?

then he started talking loudly  

justin - well listen everyody , i dont know if u know me or not , i'm justin bieber , and this girl in my arms  is my girlfriend jade, she want me to put her down , but i won't til she says that she loves me , in front of u all "

everyone - "tell him " , "tell him jade" , "you're cute together" , "tell him he's dying to hear it " 


i felt embarassed , but i cant get mad because he did this to prove to everyone that he loves me.. and that he's not afraid to tell it in front of everyone .. i had the courage to say it : " well justin drew bieber, i loved you , i love you ,and i'll always love you til my last breath , you are my life , my everything , but now can u please put me dow-"  i couldnt keep talking when i felt his lips pressed against mine .. everyone in the room started applauding us , i saw an old woman coming closer saying " i see love in ur eyes , both of you , i see affection , caring , i see excitement , young man dont lose her , she is crazy in love with you !" she came closer and whispered in my ears "he loves you so much , i see it in his eyes ! "   i couldnt do anything but smile , yeah , and it was a cheeky smile !


tell me that i was dreaming and that all of this didnt happen .. can anyone slap me so i wake up from this dream , "ouch! don't slap me that hard tho"  okay i'm not dreaming.. that just happened ..


"justin i love u but i'm gonna kill you " i whispered in his ears so he smiled and  he put me down then we joined our table back ..


We spent a great night laughing , eating and talking …justin couldnt take off his eyes from me .. i was so happy..  but everytime I remember that next morning my baby will leave .. my smile fades …


after dinner , We went back to our house , i wore my pyjamas and cuddled with jay ‘til we both fell asleep ..







hey guys :))  hope u like this movella , well to be honest its the first time i write a fanfiction in my whole life , so i'm not  sure if it is good or not , comment  and tell me if there's something missing in the movella ! love u all <3  More comments=More chapters   

til now everything is peaceful , but it won't last too long ... its gonna be bored if nothing special will hapen :))))  keep reading and u'll discover what will happen :))) 


What about a game ? o i ask u a question and u answer in comments :))) i wanna know u more guys ! thank u again  for the 90 views




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