Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


20. to the airport :)

Justin’s POV

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on our room’s door “ hold on I’m coming “ I put some boxers on , then wore some long basketball shorts , I covered jade’s naked body with the blanket, I opened the door, just half open, “yes scooter ?” “we have to fly back to USA in 4 hours .. and uhmm , don’t be so loud next time” “what do you mean ?” “uhm actually yesterday , i came back to give you your phones , but when I stepped in I heard , you know , screams and moans so I could understand what is happening, so I just walked off , and didn’t want to interrupt you ..” I felt my cheeks burning.. oh this is so embarrassing .. “uhm uh , you know I didn’t see her since I first went on tour , more than two months .. uhmm you know .. I just.. you kno-“     “I’m not blaming you young man , enjoy your life ! oh and take your phones “     “thanks scoot” 

I took the iphones ,  then  He left the bus , so I just went toward the bed and started waking jade up by singing to her , isn’t it a perfect way to wake her up ? so I laid back on the bed , and got closer to her , my lips were close to her ears 
“I always knew you were the best
The coolest girl I know
So prettier than all the rest
The star of my show
So many times I wished
You'd be the one for me
But never knew you'd get like this
Girl what you do to me ”

She opened her eyes and a huge smile painted on her lips .. 

Jade’s POV :

Do you know that feeling of waking up on ‘someone you really love’ ‘s voice ? if yes then you know what am I talking about , if not , then let me tell you ! it’s a feeling that anyone would die to just feel it .. it’s a happiness that I can’t explain ! its butterflies in your stomach .. it’s – it’s something special .. that makes you feel special …
I woke up on justin’s soft voice singing in my ear , his hot breath against my neck .. I opened my eyes and smiled a wide  smile .. “morning justin” “ morning baby” he tried to kiss my lips but I put my finger on his kissable hot lips “what??” he was confused “morning breath” “just one kiss” “why don’t you wait til I brush my teeth” “oh come on , just one peck” he was already on top of me, I pecked his lips “now , move your nice white ass so I can go to the bathroom” “not after another kiss, uhmm why don’t you just kiss my neck” “I don’t mind” I kissed his neck , well you may say I’m a pro in kissing necks .. don’t misunderstand me huh ! but it is like it is .. I kissed his neck ,just under his ear.. so he left a moan .. okay I think this is enough for this morning.. I got up ,went to the bathroom and turned on the shower and stood up under the hot water letting it  hit my skin and relax my muscles.. I was facing the wall, swimming in my thoughts and thinking about what happened the last days .. I’m really worried that I’ll get pregnant one day because of Anthony.. “baaaw” I jumped up and down and  screamed was justin!!   I turned and yelled  ”fuck you justin! U freaked me out”  he was just laughing on his knees ! “how did you get here?”   “don’t let your bathroom door open next time”  “okay get out”  “no I need to shower” “wait til I finish showering first”  “I want to shower with you”  “no way”   “yes way”  he smirked , took off his clothes and joined me under the hot water .. okay this is so weird .. I was trying to cover my naked body with my hands  “ why are you covering your body huh ? I’ve seen it twice til now , so just move your hands! “    I moved my hands so justin pulled me for a hug ..   it’s the first time I experience this , I mean being hugged by the one you love , naked under the shower .. mixed feelings :  I feel ashamed , happy , excited , embarrassed .. but it is a good feeling .. justin put some shampoo in my hair and started massaging it .. I did the same , then he cleaned my body with some shower gel .. finally we were done so  we took some towels , and left the bathroom , I saw my  bags in our room “justin who brought my clothes?”  “scooter I guess..  ah! and he bought new iphones for us”  “great! When are we leaving?”  “uhm in 3 hours!”  “we gotta get prepared! NOOOW!” 

I grabbed this outfit and wore it :




& Justin looked like this :






We were ready so we went to the kitchen the whole crew were there , when they noticed us  they all did kissy faces  ..  

Alfredo- “mwah mwah ! love birds”

I felt my cheeks turning red

Alfredo-“  oooh she’s blushing ! “

Justin- “stop it alfredo !  you’re making my princess blush ..  “    justin pulled me for a hug , cupped my face with his hands and kissed me.. 

Everyone- “awww” 


Justin took a seat and I sat on the chair next to him , but he pulled me to his lap … “justin no one needs the chair out there , so can you just let me sit there?”   “ no “   “ughh I hate you”  “yeaa! I love you too”    my boyfriend is crazy! he is making me sit in his lap , and he is also feeding me! like wadda fuck  “justin drew bieber , I’m not a kid I can take care of myself , so let me eat by myself “   “noo”   “dog-headed ”   “what?”  “nothing”   we were done with our breakfast , we all sat on the couch of the tour bus , I really like the tour bus’s life .. its like a moving house ..   justin sat next to me  wrapping his hand around my shoulder  ..  “scooter”  “yes jade ?”   “did cops find the criminals”   “actually they captured 3 of them , two girls , chantel and sophie and a man , marco I guess , but the youngest one called anthony , escaped”  “ shit”   I felt pain in my chest when I heard his name !   we were silent , then scooter broke the silence again..  “ no one knows that you’re still alive by the way”    “oh , shall we tell our fans on twitter ?”   “yes “     I went on twitter ,and so did justin ....






oh my god ! 350 reader already ! thank you all ! oh my god :) <3 <3  i can't be any happier !!  that really means alot !

 maybe 350 readers isn't that much for some of you , but for me this is huge <3 <3 thank you again :**     by the way do you guys think that my writing skills are improving ? because i think that the fanfiction is becoming better day after day :D  


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