Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


36. "they've set you up"

I shook my head so I can get rid of the crazy sea of thoughts running all over my mind..

I was finally there , I parked my car and ran to the reception desk

“good evening sir how can I help you?”

“jade sonclear , where’s she ?”

She typed on her computer and shook her head

“sorry sir you can’t see her , she’s in the coma ..”

“ma’am you don’t understand! I need to see her , I’m supposed to keep her safe, to keep her happy , i‘m supposed to never leave her side.. please let me know where exactly is she ?”

“sorry sir , I know that what you’re going through is hard. She can’t be visited by anyone . I’m sorry , go take a seat the doctor will be here to inform you about her condition”

I just  shut  my mouth up and walked to a seat … I sat down and put my head in both my hands and started crying like a little kid that lost his candy. I suddenly felt a hand tapping on my shoulder I looked up and it was an old woman in her 70’s .. “don’t cry young man, I’m sure she will be okay”  wow..!  “how did you know ma’am that it’s a girl ?”  “I could see how  hurt you are, I just looked in your eyes and knew everything”   “but she crashed her car , she’s in a critical condition , I’m not sure if she’ll make it.. no one is ,.. and if she won’t I’ll blame myself till forever, I should’ve kept her in my arms.. “  “don’t worry she will make it, your love will keep her alive” “I hope”  she was about to say something when the doctor came  “hello sir , you’re here for miss jade ?”  “y-yes I am ! how is she”  “she is in a very critical condition. She has an interior bleeding. Which is hard to take control of , she’ll get operated in few hours”  “oh my god , how are the chances”  “40 per cent”  “fuck , let me see her please , I need to see her !”  “I’m sor-“  “I’m justin bieber , I am JUSTIN BIEBER ! do you even know me ? please let me in i‘ll give you everything you want , I said EVERYTHING , just let me in. “

“no no , I don’t need anything. Okay I’ll let you in, but real quick . 3 minutes… just 3 minutes”

“thanks ! thank you so much!”


I followed the doctor , he led me to the coma room. I got in and saw a petite body laying on the hospital’s bed . she was pale  , attached to machines . I walked over her , kneeled down  and took her hand “I’m sorry jade, I’m sorry ! I love you! I love you really so much. Jade please forgive me , it was all my mistake , I should’ve kept you in my arms and never let you go away”  I took her hand and kissed it “if you just were awake and tell me you’re fine . jade I love you”   i was silent for a second to wipe away my tears when I remembered what my grandma told me  ‘when someone passes out he may hear but just can’t reply’  and I decided to encourage her  “never give up jade, stay strong for me baby . stay strong for us . you will make it I’m sure you will . baby just keep fighting , you can do it “  I kissed her hand again then stood up and leaned over to kiss her on the lips knowing that it may be the last time I’ll do this . “I love you “  the doctor got in again and told me that I had to leave… I walked towards him after glancing at her lifeless body one last time ..

“she’s going to get operated now”

“I’ll be waiting in the hallway , tell me if anything happens”

“I will Mr bieber”

I sat on one of the hallway’s chairs . really impatient. I took my phone so I maybe can spend the time faster , and as usual went on twitter .everyone is worried about jade. All what they know is she crashed her car and she’s in hospital . So I decided to calm them down and encourage them. As much as they needed comfort I needed  it too . I can’t imagine my life without her .. a single second without her in my life .  ‘she’s having an operation in few minutes let’s all pray for her and ask god she’ll be okay. We all need her ‘

I just sat there , waiting for I don’t know what .. I put my head in my hands and started daydreaming for the billionth time today .. what if she won’t make it? What am I going to be then? I’ll be a total mess, I’ll probably quit everything..

suddenly , my phone started  vibrating , someone was calling me ,I looked at the ID of the caller and  it was scooter “hey where are you scoo”  “I’m parking the car I’ll be there in 2” “okay hurry up”  at least , I’ll have some company .. 2 minutes later scooter appeared in the hallway he hugged me and sat next to me “I hope she’ll be okay. “  “yes I hope, did you know who crashed her car ?”  “well, not really the car that crashed hers was stolen and the driver escaped.. cops think it’s not an accident ,they think it was planned”  “what do you mean?”  i frowned “the way the other car crashed jade’s car was anything but an accident, maybe someone is going after her, maybe a hater or something”  I thought for a second , who can do such a horrible thing ..? “oh my god”  I shouted and stood up after the realisation hit me . I punched the wall, what caused my grip to bleed “hey hey hey , are you alright”  “no god damn it, do I look alright! He fucking did it!”  “who are you talking about!”   “it’s Anthony!”  scooter didn’t understand anything “he sent threats to her..! he said he’ll get her. He took advantage of our separation ..-”  “oooh.”   “and maybe he caused our separation. Maybe he worked with the other freak”  “who?”  “drake bell !”  “oh my god , they’ve set you up then..?”  “but we have no proof..”   “we’ll get the proofs later, let’s just get sure jade is okay now..”  I didn’t say a word , she’s probably getting operated    right now.. I closed my eyes and said a  little prayer for her..  “scooter I’m going to the toilet I’ll be back” he just nodded his head . the toilets were in the other hallway . a long walk , but  I really had to pee so it’s okay.. after  what seemed like hours and in reality were just 3 minutes I got out of the toilets and walked over the other hallway when I heard a noise.. it was machines beeping and I saw nurses running, that’s creepy... right now, I was in the other hallway where scooter was waiting, his hand covering his mouth and he was looking at a room..then I figured out where the nurses were running to.. from where the beeping sound was coming from.. it was the room .. the coma room.. her room..

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