Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


27. “The window!”

Jades’s POV :

I’m finally done with the dinner , I’ve spent half an hour standing in front of the cooker .. i hope that justin will like the dinner..  I turned around and saw a sleepy justin sitting , or let’s say sleeping on a chair .. he’s just so cute oh my god ! I put the plates on the table and grabbed  my phone took a picture and posted it on instagram : ‘my sleepy prince <3  sorry for making you wait so long for dinner Bae  @justinbieber ‘  and then shared it on twitter ..  then , I  grabbed a cup of water and walked closer to him .. yes I’m going to scare him ! I l really ike .. no I really  love messing with him ! I threw the water on his face so he jumped from his seat and fell on the ground “daaayuuum , jade you’re an evil “    i started laughing like crazy , I fell on my knees “oh my god hahahaahaha”  “I’ll make you regret it , I promise”  then he winked at me ..  “now can you give me a towel ?”  “anything for my babe”  I smiled and went to the bathroom got a fresh towel “let me do it for you”  I walked closer to him and dried his hair and face then pecked his lips “let’s eat I’m starving” he said and pecked my nose , we sat on the table “damn ! you really can cook”  “thank you, thank you “   we started eating “ this is really good! From where did you learn how to cook”   “from my uncle’s house , I used to cook with the servant , because I was actually treated like a servant too , so she taught me how to cook”  “oh, sorry didn’t know”  “don’t be ,because I got over it already”  I smiled at him .. then we carried on eating “justin?”   “yes?”   “Didn’t you call pattie ? I’m really worried”   “no I didn’t , I’m sure she’s fine”  “i hope so”   “let’s watch a movie ?”   “insidious 2 “    “ is it good ?”   “trust me , it’s amazing”  we finished our plates , so I took them and put them in the wash-dishes machine.. justin went to our room to look for the DVD .. I turned off the light and I was about to get out of the kitchen him when I hear a knock on the kitchen’s window , oh my goodness , what is this ? I turned on the light and I saw a note stuck on the window from outside !no I’m not going to open the window ! “Justiinn !!?!!Justin come here please !!! hurry up!! “  “coming”  after few seconds justin was here in front of me “what ?”   “The window!” ..


Justin’s POV :

 “the window” she said , I turned around and saw a note stuck on the window , I opened it and took the note

‘you think you’re safe ? no you’re not .. Anthony never gives up !  I know that justin is the one who’s reading this , well let me tell you something : even if you’ll try hard to protect her from me, you can’t .. you won’t be the first father of her children , because I will be , I promise !   I advise you not to tell the cops if you want to , at least , keep your mom safe .. don’t worry she’s not with me , but I know where she is ;) watch out bieber what real men do !’

What the fuck !  I looked at jade , she was worried as hell “what was it ?”   “oh it’s a journal paper .. it was stuck with wind”   “oh “ she sighed in relief .. “uhm so are we going to watch a movie or not” she asked  “yes , but let’s watch some funny movie .. that will be better”  “ok justin”  i’m scared enough for now , no need to watch a scary movie too ! that Anthony kid must be kidding , is it some joke ? I don’t know .. I have to protect jade whatever happens .. even if it need to sacrifice my own life .. I’m never letting her get hurt , she has been through a lot .. I don’t want her to suffer because of me !

You won’t be the first father of her children! you won’t be the first father of her children! you won’t be the first father of her children! You won’t be the first father of her children!  Daaaamn get out of my freaking mind!!  that sentence was stuck  in my mind , what if he really means it , what if I can’t protect her ?  I was dreaming in my thoughts when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder “baby are you okay?”  “uhmm y-yes” I said then I pulled her closer , and hugged her so tight, she buried her face in my chest.. then I pulled away, cupped her face and kissed her and of course she kissed me back .. and as usual we turned from a passionate innocent kiss to a make out session .. I sat on the bed and pulled her to my lap and kept on kissing her, I was about to start undressing her but she said  “justin stop”  “why? What?”  she got closer than ever and whispered “still on my period you stupid ass”   “oh haha, sorry, I was taking things too far , so-sorry “   “shut up bieber”

Ahww..  she’s the cutest girl I’ve ever seen , she’s understanding , lovely and brave .. I like the fact she doesn’t hide anything.. but I am , I’m not telling the truth .. I’m really feeling guilty for lying to her earlier , but it’s for our own good.. sorry jade , I had no choice .. 

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