Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


26. the live stream


Justin’s POV


“hello “  I started  , jade just waved her hand at them ..  “how you all doing” I said again while reading what they’re saying ,  ‘fine , good and you ? , yes I’m good …’    “glad you’re all fine”  I said again .. “every belieber write 1 , and diamond write 2”     ‘1,2,1,1 ,1,1,2,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,1,2….’  “great there’s a lot of diamonds & beliebers  over there”  jade said ..  “actually me and my lovely girlfriend wanted to talk to you about something guys”   “I’ve been receiving a lot of hate and death threats from the ‘jonclear haters’  I didn’t want to tell justin about it , until yesterday when we met a belieber on the street and she talked about it .. “   “I was kinda hurt when I heard that my fans are hating on my girlfriend because they think she wants me for my money”  “me too , because I’ve known justin 2 years ago , before even being famous or  anything ..”  “yeah that was in Tunisia , and I moved there because I had to , and she was the first friend I’ve made , and she turned into my girl friend after few weeks..”  “I was with justin when he had nothing.. and I loved him because he changed my life..”  “I was her first friend too .. uhmm , you know , she lost her parents when she was young , and it was like , so uhmm ,  so hard for her ..”  I stopped for a minute ,  I looked at jade and she was hiding her tears , I hugged her and pecked her lips so she smiled .. I didn’t care if my fans were watching ..  I turned around and checked the number of the fans watching the live stream , oh that was huge ! 1,257,144  woho .. I turned to the cam and kept talking “so guys , I just wanna say if you really care about me , and want to see me happy stop hating on her , because she’s a  sweet and kind girl .. did she ever hurt anyone of you?”   ‘no, no , no , no , no..’   “so why are hating on her ?”    ‘jealousy , I don’t know I was stupid, Im sorry ..’   “see? There’s no reason to hate on her , you don’t have to be jealous she’s a wonderful girl , she always help beliebers to meet me .. uhm jade do you want to talk ?”   “yes please justin , hello again .. I forgive all of you for what happened . and thank you so much for being understanding and patient .. I know how it  feels to be jealous .. im sorry if I hurt you ..  I love you all , I love my diamonds so much and so does justin right ?”   “yes sure”  “I love the beliebers too , thank you for being understanding.. and uhmm , what about playing a game ?”  ‘yes , yeaah omg , yes yess …’   “we’ll play truth or dare .. you ask and we do whatever you’ve asked us to do, mhmm  biebslover99  says :  to jade whats the most thing you like about justin?  ..  in his personality it’s the way he’s so kind and caring , in his physic its his smile “   I smiled when she mentioned my smile  “ see? His smile is beautiful”   “jade you’re making me blush .. uhmm ‘deebee12  to justin : ‘kiss her ‘  okay . “  I leaned and kissed her biting her lower lip , then I pulled away .. “next , ‘ tunisianbiebs14  :  jade can you tell justin to visit Tunisia ?’   justin ! lets visit Tunisia ! “  “uh sure”  “no im serious I miss my country tho”  “I’ll add it to my believe tour list, I promise”  “great”  ..

We kept playing with the fans and talking to them , that made me feel closer to jade .. and made me feel more comfortable .. after 2 hours of the live stream we decided finally to go get some sleep because it was already  10pm ..

I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I felt the birds of my stomach singing , I’m hungry uh! I walked out of the  bathroom jade wasn’t in our room , she must be downstairs eating something , I walked down the stairs and she was standing in front of the cooker “hey what are you doing ?”  “you made the breakfast , I’ll make the dinner”   “are you sure that you can cook”  “shut up and look out bieber”  she said and winked at me .. she’s too hot !  “so what do we have for dinner”  “du spaghetti bolognaise”  she replied with a perfect French accent, did she tell you that she can speak French ? she has an incredible accent , not like me .. because in Tunisia they speak like three languages in an early age : Arabic , French and English ..  “je parle très bien français! Tu es beau jade” i can tell my accent was too stupid .. I suck  “haha ! justin we say ‘tu es belle’ for a girl and  ‘tu es beau’ for a guy”   (a/n ‘je parle très bien français’ means ‘I speak French very well’  //  ‘tu es beau/belle’  means ‘you’re beautiful’)

That smartAss girl knows everything “you’re too smart”  “you’re too stupid “  she giggled and turned to the cooker .. I sat on the dining table’s chair and whispered “one day you’ll cook in our own house when you’re my wife and when we’re raising some beautiful kids”  “excuse me justin ? what did you say?”   “no-nothing , I didn’t say anything”  I whispered again but louder so she can hear me  ..    

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