Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


16. sneak out


            Jade’s Pov  :  


3 days passed , I get food once a day .. I don’t get  any cover when I sleep at night , I sleep on a chair .. I’m starving , I’m cold , I’m tired ..  I got raped twice  in three days !. she made a video of me getting raped & abused and sent it to justin .. i prefer dying than living with a slut and a bunch of rapists .. I was tied to my chair , as usual , starving and freezing when I heard her yell  “guys he is coming today !”  who is ‘he’ ?   “what if he’ll bring cops with him”  “ I told him that I’ll kill the girl, so he’ll probably not .. chantel said that he kicked her out because of that slut “  it’s justin I guess   “oh ,   how are we going to kill him ? how we’ll get a revenge for our father ? “    our father? so they are siblings ! ..  “  he’ll meet us in the park ,  we’ll bring him here too and we’ll torture both of them before killing them ..”  “them ? I want to keep the girl so I can use her more.. she is so good “    “no Anthony ! we will kill them !! “

 what ? then I’m a sex slave here ? they’re going to make both of us suffer ?  god we need your help .. I closed my eyes and started praying ..  i finally  fell asleep .. “wake up bitch”  I opened my eyes and the girl was standing in front of me .. she untied   my hands so I could finally move them .. “ we will leave”   she shouted dragging me upstairs .. I didn’t see the light for 4 days .. I took a deep breath when we left the house and got in a car .. a black hummer .. I recognized the road , we were going to the park.. uh oh ! that means justin will be there ?  oh my god !  and then they’ll kill him in front of me ..  I started crying silently .. I stayed in the car , with one of them, the one who’s called anthony I guess .. the rest of them  left and came back in like 10 minute with a guy .. I wanted to look at his face , I wanted to know who was it ? was it justin ? I looked at him “oh! “ I said without controlling my mouth  he looked at me ..  and he seemed as surprised as me .. I saw the pain in his eyes .. the regrets ..  the tears .. yes it was justin .. we were in front of the house after 30 minutes of driving .. they took us downstairs .. they tied us to 2 chairs .. and they went upstairs to probably get dinner “jade I missed you ! I’m so sorry it was my mistake .. they made you suffer ..I’m so sorry . I shouldn’t let you go .. I was a jerk .. please forgive me ..”

“ oh .. don’t worry I forgive you..and we have to find a way to get out of here “

“trust me , we’ll leave so soon , just trust me this time ..”  “I hope so ..”  “do you still love me .. ?”   “of course I do , more than anything else in this world.. “   we stopped talking when anthony got in the room ..  he came closer to me ignoring  justin’s presence and saying “let’s have some fun”  I knew what will that end up with .. he sucked my neck “ leave  her alone !!”

Justin yelled .. “aw how sweet ! you kicked out my sister , and now I’ll get a revenge sweet boy “    “your sister ?”    “yes chantel”    justin was shocked ! Anthony took off my clothes I tried to stop him but he was way too much stronger than me .. then it happened .. I got raped in front of justin’s eyes ..  he was yelling & screaming at him to leave me alone but he didn’t .. justin was crying so hard .. ‘god we need you’ ..   


Anthony left when he was done with me , I was collapsed on the floor.. under the surprise ..


Justin’s POV:

That jerk got my baby .. he raped her in front of me , what if she’ll be pregnant ? …I wanted to make him stop but I couldn’t do anything I tried to untie myself but I failed .. she fell on the floor I was just yelling and crying ..  oh my god ! this is bad ! this is so bad ! where are them ! ?!!! you may wonder about who am I talking about , right?   my crew came to australia with me , they told the cops .. and let me go first to get sure that no one will hurt jade .. they are following us with the GPS  of mine & jade’s phones .. I hope that they’ll find us as soon as possible ! I will kill the rapist ! I’m serious I will kill him !  I won’t forgive him !!  

I looked at jade opening her eyes slowly .. “ jade you have to wake up and untie my hands..  jade please try your best baby ..”  she looked at me sadly , maybe afraid that she can’t do it .. she was too weak to stand up on her feet , she moved on her knees and got closer , she untied my hands .. so I could untie my feet by myself .. I stood up & gave her some clothes to cover her body .. the door wasn’t locked.. jade was moving slowly behind me .. I walked through the staircase the second door was opened .. it led us to the kitchen .. no one was there , I heard someone singing , I looked toward the source of noise , I took a knife in my hand and went there ,  someone was in the bathroom singing , we better go out of here ..we walked in the house looking for a back door or a window that opens on the back side of the house ..  it will be safer  “here it is , c’mon jade “  jade was walking slowly , she could barely walk & move ..  I took her hand and opened the door .. when we were about to go out we heard the  bathroom door open “hurry up!!” I whispered pulling her out.. “hallelujah”  I breathed after getting out of there .. there was a  forest behind the house , that we’ll help  us to run away .. I took jade in my arms so we can move faster , I was running between the trees .. when I saw an old hut , I ran toward it    ‘toc-toc-toc’  ‘toc-toc-toc-toc’  no one opened   ..  “justin put me down and try to open the door yourself”   i did what she had said , the door wasn’t locked , we got in , , the smell wasn’t too good as it was a closed place  filled with dust ..  spiders were everywhere on the ceiling , the walls, but at least it is warmer and safer here ..


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