Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


9. shopping


 we went to the kitchen and got breakfast together  then we  asked the captain   to take us to the port … we got off and the fucking paparazzi  were   There… we ran so fast toward our car and drove to our house … I thought for a minute that we were saved from the medias … I laid on the sofa and turned the TV on … and then , it was the shock … “justin bieber and jade sonclear  were dating” I changed the channel “ the breaking news : Justin bieber and jade sonclear were on a boat together” I changed another chanel “what a great influence on their fans !! Justin bieber & jade sonclear alone together  on a boat ? u all know what does that mean !  “

Justin was in the kitchen , when he came he saw me freaking out ;”what ? what happened?”

Me:” ju-justin , watch the TV”

Justin:” wtf !! “

Me:” what should we do now? “

Justin: “ I don’t know , we just have to ignore we can’t let anyone ruins our relation ! … “


Justin had to record a new song so I stayed home alone , when he went to the studio , I connected on twitter , and there was the biggest shock ! “jade haters” & “jade shippers”  I received death tweets , “leave Justin or I’ll kill u” “Justin is mine bitch” “u’re so ugly…” “ how could jsutin date a pig like u “

I was reading and crying , I remembered the bullying I’ve faced, the pain I had… it is back , but in new version, in the fame version … I took a scissor and decided to start cutting , but no , I  didn’t , if justin will see these scars he’ll ask me what happened and I don’t wanna tell him that his beliebers were bullying me and hurting me !

when  justin came back I acted very normal, cuz it was useless, he can’t change the reality… days passed , I was ignoring all the hate , and trying to stay strong.. 

I woke up the morning when my best friend “miley cyrus” aske me to do some shopping in the new mall , so I agreed I left a note on me & justin’s bed


well we started sleeping in the same bed, cuz he want me to wake up in his arms every morning, cute right ?


I met miley , and she was wearing, as usual, the shortest blue jean shorts ever , a sexy white shirt that showed  a big part from her boobs, a jean jacket and white sneakers..

Well she looked flawless , about me , I was wearing  just like in this picture :



When she saw me she hugged me , we bought a lot of new clothes , I wanted to buy some  underwears from Victoria secrets , so miley found me the sexiest underwears ever

Me- bitch how did u find them that fast ! its exactly what I’m looking for

Miley- I’m miley cyrus tho !


I giggled , then we were about to go out when some girls started freaking out “ oh my fantastic god ! its miley and jade ! oh my god , girls look who is here “  then her friends ran toward us and took pictures with us, a girl asked me, & I’m sure that she was a belieber : “ u’re  justin’s girlfriend right ?”

she seemed sad while asking me that

Me- yes

And I smiled

Her- can u please give him this letter from me? It will be so kind of you please ?

Me- yes sure , I like helping u guys to contact him

She came closer and hugged me “thank u so much , I thought that u were bad as some beliebers say , but u’re definitely not !”

Me- what do they say

Her- they say that u’re heartless , and that u’re with justin for his money and fame as he has a lot of fans, and they say that u wanna hurt his beliebers

She stopped talking when she saw some tears forming  in my eyes , why do they think that I’m a bad person , I know that they’re jealous , but its not a reason to hate me !

She hugged me

Her- sorry , u’re so beautiful and  I think that u’re an amazing girl , don’t care about them ! just don’t  hurt  our justin , and make him happy


I smiled

Me- I will

She left after hugging me for the third time , She seemed too happy .. 

Me- miley ? wanna go somewhere else ? because I wanna go to sleep

Miley- what ? why? Are u alright?

Me- yeah , just a head ache  ..

Miley- fine then let’s go


I wal lying I didn’t have any head ache , I just wanted to go in my room and think about how my life has changed , about my imperfections and flaws, about the possible reasons that may explain the hate I’m receiving from my boyfriend’s fans !

I drove miley to her house when she got out she said “ I know that u’re lying and its not a headache u seem so sad”

Me- don’t worry , nothing serious

Miley- text me when u’re home so I don’t get worried

She said while hugging me


Miley is a great girl , people think that she’ve changed to the bad way , but we can’t judge the book from its cover u know , she has a great personality !


I took my keys from my handbag and opened the door , justin wasn’t there he is probably in the studio , I went upstairs and laid on the bed til I fell asleep when tears filled my eyes


A long time later , I heard footsteps near my room , then the door opened it was justin for sure . I was too lazy to open my eyes . the footsteps came closer and I could hear justin talking to himself

Justin- ahww she looks even more beautiful when she’s sleeping

He kissed the top of my hair and heard him grabbing his phone and taking a picture , he’ll probably post in on IG …


Then his phone rang so he answered and left the room.. half an hour later , I woke up & washed my face brushed my teeth , I was still wearing this morning’s clothes because I was lazy to change them before sleeping.. anyways I was ready to go downstairs…

And there was justin, scooter and pattie




Justin:” my baby finally came! *hugging me* guess what !!”

Me:” what ? “

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