Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


25. meeting a belieber


“it’s my job babe,  haa , I  nearly forgot , pattie bought a pair of matching shirts for us , let me show them to you”   I walked to the closet and grabbed a bag and opened it and showed the shirts to justin 



“ahw this is so cute, lets just wear them , and don’t put any make up today !”  “no , I have a lot of flaws in my face”     “no ! you don’t , just don’t put any make up on , you’re so beautiful and I want to show everyone around that my girlfriend is beautiful even without make up”   “o-okay”   “good girl”  I giggled then wore my clothes and so did justin ..



We went downstairs and then remembered pattie “where’s pattie” I asked him worried “I don’t know, she didn’t come back” “from where ?” “she left a note saying she’s visiting an old friend”   “ah okay ,uhmm  what about meeting some fans in the street justin?” “yes sure ! I love my beliebers”  I smiled at him .. he took my hand and we walked down the street .. the morning air was so cold . and I forgot to bring a jacket .. justin noticed that I was freezing so he took off his jacket and handed it to me.. “no I can’t take it, you’ll catch a cold”  “I don’t care!  if you’re fine and warm , I’ll be fine too” I smiled at him , he’s just so cute I took the jacket and kissed his cheek so he smiled a big and wide smile .. then we heard someone screaming ..

“Oh my god is this ju-justin bie-bieber ? o-oh my go-god , ju-justin , is that you”  we both turned around and saw a teenage girl , and she was about to scream “ no no sweetie don’t scream please “  justin replied with a smirk on his face “ I-I can’t believe its justin , I’m meeting my lifesaver ! oh my god ! and you-you must be jade? Right ?”  “yes sweetheart ! and by the way he’s my lifesaver too”  “oh how’s that?”  “actually he saved my life twice , the first time before even being famous , and the second when I got kidnapped lately”  “oh my god , so uhm you don’t want his money as they say ? “   justin frowned at her question “who are them” he asked  “the-the beliebers , uhm the ‘jonclear haters’ exactly “


Justin’s POV




“so uhm you don’t want his money as they say ? “   what Who the hell would say this about the love of my life !  “who are them” i asked  “the-the beliebers , uhm the ‘jonclear haters’”  “are you serious?”  “yes, but I’m not one of those , I swear .. “ she was about to cry but I hugged her quickly and said “ don’t cry sweetie, I know that you’re not one of these, if they bully jade , that means they don’t want to see me smile , and it means they’re not real beliebers “  she smiled and hugged me again . I looked at jade and she was faking a smile “baby, don’t worry whatever they say , I know it’s not true because we’ve been a lot since the beginning” she nodded and smiled . we said ‘bye’ to the belieber and walked to a coffee shop . we got our seats .” jade , we gotta make things clear for both of our fans .”  “yes we have to , uhm justin lets make a ‘ twitcam ‘  with both of  diamonds and beliebers and tell them about our whole story ..”  “okay “  I said and pecked her lips  “mhmm they taste good”  she started blushing , oh typical jade!  “strawberry lip gloss ?” she nodded  “but I said no makeup allowed”   “do you consider it as a make up ? seriously?”  she replied with the  ‘are you kidding’ look . she’s just  too cute when she does this so I leaned again and  kissed her , we drank our  Italian coffees and went back home ..





“jade come here  I’m about to start”  “wait let me put some makeup”  “hell no ! I said no make up for the freaking whole day”  “duuh ,okay , im coming!”  that girl is obsessed with makeup !  she finally came , her natural curly hair was down . she’s pretty as usual .. she took her phone and started typing “ what are you doing ?”  “im telling my fans about the live stream so they can watch, did you tell the beliebers ?” I shook my head , how could I forget , I’m stupid  . I opened a twitter tab on my laptop , and tweeted

: “dear beliebers , me and @JadeSonclear have to tell you something ,- live stream in 5 minutes- and  don’t freak out we’re not going to get married :p  ”   I added the last sentence because they’ll  start asking ‘what if he’s asking her to be his wife’  and all these ‘blablas’  (a/n  blablas is the plural of blabla ? It means bullshits J )  ..   jade came closer and pecked my lips I put her in my lap waiting for the 5 minutes to end so we can start the live stream . she got up to get a cup of water and she came back quickly , she sat next to me . so I wrapped my left hand around her waist , and clicked on the start button .. 

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