Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


15. kidnapped


I’m alive , I can breath .. but I can’t open my eyes .. what happened ?  I was in a park and a man hit my head ..  that’s all what I can remember ..  I was tied to a chair .. there’s a tissue covering my eyes .. that’s why I couldn’t open them ?!… my mouth wasn’t covered so I could scream “heeeelp ! heeeelp !”  no one replied ..  am I kidnapped ? is it a joke ?  what if the celebrities killers got me ..  what if they want to do  what they’ve done to Michael Jackson lately ..  michael was found killed in a park  4 months ago  .. what ? am I going to end up like this ?  I decided to scream again “ What do you want ? LET ME GO !!”

 “shut up bitch”  I was shocked .. it was a female voice! “let me go” I said harshly “no I won’t!”  “at least let me open my eyes!”  I felt her coming closer and she removed the tissue ..  she was a gorgeous blonde girl , she looked familiar .. “ who are you ?”  “you don’t have to know bitch”    I wanted to slap her face , how did she dare call me a bitch  !  “what do you want from me”    “i want to kill !”   “then kill me”  “I don’t fucking want to kill you ! you’re just a hostage”   “what?“   “I want to kill justin bieber”   “ if you touch him you’ll regret it I promise you !”   why does she want to kill justin ? what did he do? “he won’t come anyways , he doesn't care about me anymore! because we broke up and he loves another girl”    “he is with chantel , I know !  she is my sister !”   “what ?”    “she is helping me on my mission babe!”   “no that can’t be true !! ” we both didn't talk for like 30 seconds , so i kept talking  “you’re stupid ! because he loves her & he won’t give a shit if  I got kidnapped !”    “oh babe she is plan b , don’t worry , if he won’t care about you she’ll drag him here and he’ll be dead !”   “why do you want to kill him !!”   “his father killed my father”  “kill his father then !”    “his father is dead”  “what?? ”   I was pretty shocked ! I’ve never asked justin about his father .. the only time I asked him was when were in high school and he said his parents were separated ..  “I’ll get  a revenge by killing the son”   “how do you know that its his father who murdered your father”   “its not that hard ! jeremy bieber killed my dad , and it is ,  as all the sources of information  I’ve checked , justin bieber’s father ! and shut up because i'm planning how am i going to kill him , shall i cut his head ? or make you kill him ? "  "go away !!" she got out of the room laughing .. &   I couldn’t help but cry .. that can’t happen!! the only boy that I’ve loved can’t die in front of my eyes .. I could feel something buzzing in my pocket ..  it was my phone ! how didn’t she take it away “stupid”  I whispered ..  my hands were tied so I couldn’t get it  ..  I tried to slip my hands and I succeeded I’m not tied any more .. I took my phone and tried to call harry but NO SIGNAL !  fuck ! "what can I do, what can i do what can i do ?!" i whispered again ..   I activated my phone’s  GPS ..  and I sat back on the chair waiting for what destiny is leading me to



Justin’s POV :


I was backstage , I didn’t want to perform I was too sick and too tired .. not physically but psychologically  ..   “ I miss her bro “  I said in a low voice “ who ? you’ve seen her the morning”  ryan replied with a confused look   “ not chantel ! im talking about jade “

  “ I thought that you don’t love her anymore !”    “ I do bu-“   “ justin you’re a jerk ! if you loved her you’d never let her go , now shut up and go on stage”   I nodded and went on stage ..

I can tell  that it was my worst performance ..  I was so depressed , I went backstage and scooter was there with a mad , upset , worried face   “ I’m sorry scooter .. I did so bad   “   “ I’m not worried about that justin ! its more serious !“  “what ? what do you mean?”    billions of thoughts filled my head , is it about my career ? my mom ? jade ? my crew ? “ what?”  “ don’t freak out please okay?" i nodded  "medias say that no one can find jade  , she disappeared  since three days.. the last time they’ve seen her , it was in a park in Australia .. she didn’t go to her hotel , she didn’t meet harry for a dinner they’ve planned”    “scoo-scooter !!  plea-ease tell me its no-ot true !”    “ sorry justin but it is ..”    I fell on my knees , breathing heavily, my hands covering my face , I cried harder than ever ..  I cried and cried and cried ..  everyone was trying to make me move and get some rest but they failed ..  I was shocked .. it was all my mistake ! if I didn’t let her go , if I kept her in my arms .. if I cancelled my tour to be with her .. I heard that she cancelled the filming of the movie  because of me , she was depressed after our breakup .. everything she’s been through was because of me ! I was nothing but trouble !   “babe , don’t cry its not worth it ” I heard chantel’s voice , I turned back “go away”  I yelled , but she got closer  “ I said fucking go away !! go take your stuff from my room! I don’t wanna see your face any more” she was pretty shocked “bu-“   “ did you hear what I’ve said ?  “   “okay.. ”  she turned around .. there was a mirror in the hallway  so I could see a smirk on her face .. I she that strong ? OR IS SHE HAPPY FOR SOME REASON ?  whatever ! i don't have time for that girl as long as the love of my life is lost in Australia .. I won’t stop here I gotta do something .. I went to my room and the bitch wasn’t there she packed her stuff and went away … I took jade’s sweat shirt from my dressing , I brought it with me when I started my tour ..  I held it tight to my chest .. i collapsed on my bed and took my laptop I booked a plane ticket for australia for next morning .. I closed my eyes and fell asleep ..  I woke up on my phone ringing  , I answered “ hey who i-“  “if you want your jade back come to Australia and meet us in the park , if you bring anyone with you,  you say bye-bye  to your little girl “   “just don’t hurt her please”   “too late buddy “   she closed the line ..  then I received a video from the same blocked number I  started watching &  it was jade ! oh my god ! …

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