Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


40. 'juju'


i took justin places he has never been before in tunisia. islands, hotels, aquatic parks, traditional restaurants, traditional wedding parties..  actually one of my fans invited us to the wedding of her sister. my vacation was a lot of fun. we stayed a whole month so i took traditional and natural medicines to fix my vocal chords, like honey,lemon, herbs i'm a lot better now. and i also became a bit fatter because of the baby in my stomach. today we're leaving tunisia to go back to america. 



"jaaade!!  justiin!"   we heard someone yelling. we turned around and it was pattie. ahw it's really sweet of her to wait us in the airport.  we ran to her and hugged her so tight and there was scooter, alfredo, miley and some of our friends. we hugged them all, took few pictures with the fans and left.

actuall, we've discussed our career thing a lot of time with scooter. and we found a middle solution. we won't leave but we won't make our career a priority. which means family is FIRST



i woke up next morning in a really good mood I found a note on the night stand. I read it


“dear jade,

I want you to wear a beautiful dress, get prepared at 7 pm. Someone will come and pick you in a white limo and bring you wherever I am. But first, send me a text when you read this note just with a smiley.  I love you !    -juju”


I smiled an looked at the clock 3 pm ! woohoo ! I’ve slept the whole day. I stood up ran to the bathroom , then went downstairs to eat something. I found a note on the dining table I read it.

“open the door -juju”  I smiled and opened the house’s door and I found 3 big packets I took them inside. And found   a note on them 

“here’s your favorite breakfast! –juju”    ahww !  I ate my breakfast and in the bottom of the package I found another note

“if you ate breakfast text me with another smiley -juju”  I did as I was told and less than a minute later I got another text

“look under our bed –juju”   I ran upstairs and checked under the bed to find two huge boxes

I opened the first to find a gorgeous black dress with gorgeous black high heels. I opened the other box to find make up and another note

“I hope you liked what you’re going to wear tonight! There is another little box in my closet grab It and wear the necklace. –juju”


I did as I was told. Justin is treating me like a princess. I wonder what have I done to deserve him. I found another note with the necklace

“no more notes, get prepared – juju”


I wore the necklace and I started getting prepared.


‘piip piip’  I heard a car’s horn . I looked from the window and it was a white limo. I got out of the house and got in the limo.

“good evening miss jade, I’m Cameron your driver, and I’m taking you where mister bieber asked me to take you, please do not ask questions because I have no right to say any other word. You can use everything in the car” 

“ookay thank you”  I took a cup of water and turned on the little tv .

30 minutes later the car stopped and Cameron opened the door for me. I was in front of a roses store. I looked around to find justin… but he wasn’t here so I asked the driver “why am I here”  he just pointed with his head to the flowers store got in the car and left. I walked to the roses store and a woman gave me a red flower and a note.


“hey babe,  go to the chocolate store behind you –juju”

 I turned around to find a huge chocolate store I went inside and a man gave me a little box and another note.

“sorry if this is a bit tiring, go to where a girl dressed all in red is -juju”     I looked for the girl and I saw a 8 or 9 years old girl wearing a red dress, red shoes and a red hat and taking a red umbrella is. I walked over her and she took my hand and led me to a restaurant. I walked in and it was full of people. I saw justin so I walked over him

“look who is here he said with a sexy smirk on his face” I kissed him and sat facing him

“why was all that for”

“don’t you like adventures & surprises ?”

“I do-”

“put your hands up mister bieber”  two cops yelled while pointing their guns to justin. I froze in my place. Justin put his hands up “what have he done?” I asked with high tone 

“he’s accused for drugs, using girls, making two girls pregnant,  and finally for killing a kid”   “what?” I looked at justin wanting him to deny or say no , but he said nothing he looked at the floor ashamed of himself!  “say something please!” I begged   “what they said is right!”  “ what? What? What? !!! I couldn’t breathe ! I was shocked! He used girls? And behind my back. He acted so sweet all the time! What a hypocrite . they took justin away and I sat there under shock. The other cop sat in front of me trying to make me feel better and smile. But what just happened isn’t easy at all. “have you been together for a long time?”  he asked  “yes, almost two years”  I said shaky “oh I’m sorry” he said. 

Then he started yelling  “everyone! Can you please help her feel better?” and he stood up and started singing the first part of everlasting love by Jamie cullum. He had an amazing voice! “Hearts gone astray, deep in her when they go. 
I went away just when you needed me so. 
You won't regret, I'll come back begging you. (mmm) 
Won't you forget, welcome the love we once knew. 

Open up your eyes, then you realise. 
Here I stand with my everlasting love. 
Need you by my side. 
Girl to be my pride. 
Never be denied everlasting love.... 

oh... “

  and everyone started dancing. What was happening in front of me was magical and weird at the same time. Everyone did the same steps at the same time. Like if they were professional dancers. What was happening helped my tears to stop. Then the cop walked over me and took my hand and led me through the crowd , to the back door of the restaurant. The dancers followed us. We got out and there was a swimming pool filled with girls dressed the same way. Suddenly music was on and they started the synchronization swimming thing. It was so beautiful. Then everyone crowded around me and made me sit on a big chair. Then they lined up in two queues in two sides. So I was practically in the middle. All the lights turned off and only one light was focused on someone at the end of the side facing me. He walked over and I could see his face.

I cover my mouth with my hand in shock and my eyes became watery. Justin drew bieber was in front of me, with no hand cuffs around his hands, dressed in a black tuxedo instead of his ‘swaggie’ clothes. All of that was a joke, the whole criminal scenario. But why was it for?

He walked over me. Everyone was screaming. Then he clapped his hands so everyone froze in their positions. He got closer to me. Made me stand up. And said “jade sonclear, I’ve spent the greatest moments of my life with you! We’ve been through All the pain, sorrow and tears together. You were the shoulder I could cry on, and vice versa! We have done a lot of good things together, we helped weak people, we made people happy. We made music together. I was the happiest guy on the world when I was with you!  I forget the world, the hate, the paps the pressure… just everything when you’re with me!! I’ll always be here for you and I hope you’ll always be here for you. That’s why I wanted to ask you something. Will you, please, look at the sky”  I was still shocked covering my mouth , what he just said was so sweet. I looked up and fireworks were on. Something was written with fireworks, word by word.

Would…you….marry…me…beautiful..?..   I started crying, happy tears you know.  Justin sat on one knee. Grabbed a box from his pocket. Took my hand and said the same sentence again “would you marry me beautiful?”   I almost fell from the shock I just got “yes! Yes! Yes!” I yelled he turned to everyone and yelled “she said yes!”  so everyone started yelling too “she said yes, she said yes, she said yes..”   he turned back to me and I jumped on him hugging him. he kissed me and fireworks filled both the sky and my stomach. I just can’t believe I’m officially engaged. I was about to say something when girls crowded around me and they took a big towel and made a circle with it around me. 4 girls entered in the big circle and helped me take off my clothes and wear a marriage dress. And another girl fixed my hair quickly. And the other did my makeup and the other gave me accessories and the fourth came with a long mirror so I can see myself. I can’t believe this is happening.  They they removed the towels and I found , pattie, my few Tunisian friends, a lot of friends and artists including miley, ariana, adele, selena, Madison beer, Austin, cody, justin’s crew and my crew, scooter , Jeremy and his family. And.. oh my god! I know that woman.. I can’t remember who is she!! my aunt nancy? I thought she died in a plane accident when I was young. Oh my god! I have a family!  I just ran to her and hugged her. The last time I’ve seen her was 7years ago when I was 12 and a half! 

“you did recognize me!”

“of course auntie ! I can’t believe that you’re here, I thought you were-“

“dead? oh no sweetie. Well i‘ve lived in Thailand for the 6 or more last years. They thought I was on the plane that had crashed at the epoch. You look all grown up! I have all your CDs ! I’m your number one fan! I never had the chance to meet you, and I’m sorry for all the time I’ve missed”

“I forgive you.”  I then turned around and there was benches , roses and decorations , everyone was seated. Only justin standing up in the middle in front of the priest.

i walked with my aunt to my side and faced  justin

Priest: justin drew bieber, do you take jade soclear to be your wife? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life?

justin: I do.

Priest: jade sonclear, do you take justin drew bieberto be your husband? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life?

me: I do.

Priest : and now justin, you may kiss your bride



Justin pulled me so I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist and kissed me the most passionate kiss that may ever exist. Everyone cheered and started dancing again.

  I discovered something. All the dancers, singers & actors were beliebers and diamonds from all around the world which made me happier! They all passed a contest and they picked the best. Anyways we took funny and beautiful pictures with everyone and I instantly posted a picture of the kiss.

@jadesonclear : I’m officialy his wife, and he’s officially my husband. Thank you everyone for the support! Best day of my life. 15 august 2014

I can’t believe what happened tonight! 

From notes, to a surprise date, that turned to cops, tears and disappointment. Which turned to a nice show of singing and dancing later. Then the greatest purposal ever. Meeting my aunt. Getting officially married and now an amazing wedding party! I can’t believe it! It feels like a dream coming true!  What could make this night better is if my parents were here, but I know that they’ve seen the whole thing from heaven. And I’m sure they’re so happy! 








next chapter is the LAST one :D  


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