Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


39. "i want a normal family"


Jade’s pov:


I feel so sick, really so sick, I rolled out of bed.. Daamn! I feel like throwing up. Jade run run run . I ran over the toilet and threw up. Eww disgusting… I brushed my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror, I look so pale… I walked back over the bed and collapsed down on it. Where is justin when I need him? He went to scooter to discuss things…I didn’t see him too much for the last three days, he always had something to do... we didn’t even make love since 3 nights ago. I have a feeling I had never before, I feel disgusted and dizzy… ugh..  “jade?”  I heard the oh so-familiar voice shouting from downstairs. I had no strength to respond. He got in the room “why didn’t you say you’re he-- wow are you okay?”  “do I look like?”   he walked over me and sat on the bed next to me “what happened? Why are you so pale?”   “I don’t know, I threw up when I woke up, I have a terrible headache…”   “I’ll get you some medicines”   I nodded. He left the room quickly.  What if I’m pregnant? No no , that won’t happen justin used a candom ! it’s just the morning sickness, I hope…

Justin came back with a plastic bag full of medicines, I opened it and I found two pregnancy tests too. “what are these for?”  I asked while waving the two tests  “the woman that work at  pharmacy asked me if we had sexual activities for the last week, I told her that we used protection but she insisted and said protection may fail! You have nothing to lose if you just try”    “oh. Okay..”   I jumped over the bathroom used my test and waited inside  for 2 minutes to get sure if the pregnancy symbol appears… oh.. no.. holly freaking hell… no no no! I’m pregnant… 

I got out of the bathroom , jaw dropped, walking like a zombie. “what?”   “you’re going to be a father!”   “I’m what?”   “you heard me” and I burst into tears, happy tears… justin hugged me very tight and kissed the top of my head “I’m going to be a father! I’m going to be a father! I’m going to be a father..!! let’s tell my mother ”  he grabbed his phone and called her  and put it on speaker.  “hey justin”   “mom me and jade want to tell you something!”   “yes?”  “I am pregnant”    “wait what? Is it justin’s kid”     “of course!”   “it means my big son is going to be a father and my big daughter is going to be a mother? oh my god..!” we could hear her sob.. she’s doubtlessly so freaking happy.  I sat on my bed and it hit me again that I have to visit my country, Tunisia, go to my mom’s grave and tell her!  “justin I’m going to book a flight to Tunisia tomorrow, you want to come with me?”  “sure!”   “we’ll have a great summer vacation, it’s july and the weather is amazing there! we will just have so much fun”  “I will book the flight myself, just go pack”  “thank you justy”       I walked over my closet grabbed a big suitcase and put all what I needed in it. Justin left to the airport to check if we need some papers to fix and he said  that he’ll meet ryan later. I was watching Tv the whole day, it’s dark and justin isn’t home yet. I tweeted my fans and told them that I miss them already, and that I may stop my career at some point. Honestly I don’t feel hurt any more, well, since I’ve known about the baby in my stomach…  I think even if I don’t sing again I have a reason to live for, don’t get me wrong justin is a reason I’m alive too, but still..


“the plane leaves tomorrow at 4 am, and now it’s almost midnight, go sleep I’ll wake you up two hours later ”  I heard justin  shouting from the door. I didn’t even notice it was 2am already  “no no , let’s just stay up. Let’s watch a movie”   “okay, uhmm, the fault in our stars”   “great! I’ll make pop corn” I walked over the kitchen grabbed two pop corn bags and put them in a bowl in the microwave, minutes later it was ready. I walked back to the living room. I sat next to justin , he wrapped his arm around me and kissed my stomach “thank you jade for making my kid”  “haha, we made him/her together babe”  he kissed me then turned the movie on…

--- --- --- ---

“jade wake up baby we’re leaving” I opened my eyes to his soft voice, I think I fell asleep while watching the movie.  Stood up slowly I walked over my room and wore cute high waisted shorts and a white crop top.  Applied a bit of mascara and lipgloss put my shoes on, grabbed my phone and , ready to go…   “I’m excited bae”   “me too justy, we’ll have the greatest vacation ever”    “yep”   we put our luggage in the trunk and drove to the airport. We accidentally met few fans and took quick pictures. Then we checked in and went on the plane. I had a window sight seat. Justin was just next to me. It is going to be a super long flight. 8 or 10 hours ..  we attached our seatbelts and detached them once we were in air. I put my head on justin’s shoulder, put my earphones on and listened to some random soft music ready to fall asleep…

I opened my eyes to the sleepy prince next to me. He has such an irresistible angelic face,  I mean who can resist his pink lips? Who can resist his golden hair? Who can resist his flawless everything... i looked at my watch , it was 10am .. which means we’ve been sleeping for 5 or 6 hours.. wow

I shook justin so he opened his eyes “are we there?”   “not yet”   “then why did you wake me up”   “I’m bored”   he rubbed his eyes and sighed. “what do you want to do?”  “whatever you want”  he leaned in our faces we 2 centimeters apart  “this is what I want to do”  he whispered in his sexy raspy sleepy voice and kissed me gently.  “you know what jade? I realized something lately… I discovered that normal people’s life Is much better than the fame life… I decided to quit, I decided to live the real life, to have a real job, to have normal kids and a normal family.”    “we can’t let down our fans…”  the words he had said made me want to cry , I can’t betray my fans  “we won’t.. they will understand… I can’t live under the flashlights forever . my career is two years old and I’ve already had enough. I want a normal life, I want my old life. We will keep singing at our spare time… we are not having enough time with each other jade! I don’t want our kid to  live under cameras and flash lights! I don’t want paps to ruin his or her life! I want him to let the fame be his choice! I know this is hard! It is really hard to leave everything… but you have to know we won’t be perfect parents if we’ll stay in the spot light!”   “I hate saying this but you’re right.. I hate leaving my fans but I think our future kid is worth it. You’re right .. I’ll think about it , I’ll think about a middle solution”  I kissed justin’s cheek and leaned back on my seat to think about every word he had said.


We got out of the plane after a tiring flight. And then I remembered my family once we were in the ‘nfidha international airport’ the newest Tunisian airports . We got our luggage and we found a car waiting for us. We went to our hotel to take some rest. The whole country is as big as one state in USA .  this is not a bad thing , I guess.. our hotel was in ‘sousse’ which is  the state I used to live in. even after the long years I’ve spent in America I still think Tunisia is so special and I honestly missed my country.  The hotel we stayed in is the best hotel in the whole Africa. The ‘movenpick’ we got a vip room with an amazing sight. (a/n you can check out on google ‘movenpick sousse’)   

 The weather was perfect as usual, but things are so much different now! Now I’m in Tunisia to have fun not to suffer! I’m in Tunisia to take advantage of the tourism in my country not to clean the dishes in my uncle’s house… !


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