Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


21. home sweet home

I saw the hash tag   #RestInPieceJadeAndJustin   trending so big on twitter ! aww ,  my fans must’ve cried a lot ..  the number of my followers increased , more 10 millions follower in a week , wow .. I tweeted :   “dear diamonds, dear beliebers. Me and @justinbieber  are alive, don’t believe medias. We’ve been in danger but we’re fine now”

I tweeted again  “thank you @justinbieber for saving my life. Thanks to all my fans for caring ! I love you all”


I noticed some of my fans .. I didn’t see any hate comment ! great !     “ @jadesonclear oh my god! Am I dreaming?”   “@jadesonclear is this true , or it’s a prank . oh my god @justinbieber thank u so much”  “@jadesonclear  guys she's alive! Do u hear me screaming? aaaah omg omg !!!  “


Ahww , they were really worried .. I went on justin’s profile   he tweeted to his fans too 

“thank you all for your support, I’ve been in danger with @jadesonclear if she wasn’t there I’d never be alive right now”  


I retweeted his tweet and noticed some of my diamonds..  “kids we’re here”  Kenny yelled    “finally, uhmm u didn’t give me my plane pass, scooter”  “what is that for ?”   “to get on the plane”     scooter started laughing  “what ?why are you laughing?”   “jade , you  won’t travel any longer on public planes , you and justin have your own plane”  “ooh”   we got on our jet .. there was a big bedroom , a bathroom and a living room ! its more like a house not just  a jet , I laid on the bed and cuddled with justin , until we both fell asleep .. scooter woke us up when we had to leave .. we took  our bags and left to our house , we were finally in usa .. I knocked on our house and pattie opened, when she saw me she jumped on me and kissed my forehead.. miley was with her , she hugged me and kissed my cheek .. “bitch you scared us”  “ I know bitch “   we both laughed , me and miley have our own way to talk , if she doesn’t include ‘bitch’ ‘dick’ ‘fuck’ or any rude word in her sentence that means she is angry , typical miley.. I went upstairs and went  to my room , I love my bed ! justin joined me kissed my cheek and said “tomorrow we have an interview with Ellen , and after talking ,we have to perform something , what should we perform “   “individual or together”  “indvidual”  “uhmm i don't know “     he nodded with a sad look “why are u sad justin?”   “uhm nothing”  “oh come on!”   “I’m not sad , but uhmm, I don’t know, I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve written a lot of songs just for you.. but you never wrote songs for me , umhh , I’m not mad or anything .. I’m jus- ”  “are you stupid ? of course I did , well to be honest when  we were together I didn’t write any song, but when I went to Australia , I wrote a lot of songs , hold on ..”  I grabbed my guitar and started singing


Justin’s POV


She took her guitar and started singing I felt my cheeks burning ,  and tears forming in my eyes 

(in reality this song is called love will remember by selena Gomez )  

Now's all we got,
And time can't be bought,
I know it inside my heart
Forever will forever be ours,
Even if we try to forget,
Love will remember

You said you loved me,
I said I loved you back,
What happened to that?
What happened to that?

All your promises,
And all the plans we had,
What happened to that?
What happened to that?

Boom gone,
Yeah we move on
Even if we try to forget

Love will remember”   


She stopped with tears in her eyes , I walked closer to her , hugged her tightly “sorry justin , I just remembered what happened.. will you promise me something ? “  “yes?”  “never leave me ?”   “I promise you baby! I’ll never ever leave you..” I hugged her tighter than ever, rested my forehead on hers “I love you jade”  “I love you more”  I took her guitar  “I wrote this song when I was hurt , and when I realized how much we were perfect together it is called nothing like us”



Lately I've been thinkin',
Thinkin' bout what we had,
I know it was hard,
It was all that we knew, yeah

Have you been drinkin'
To take all the pain away?
I wish that I could give you what you deserve...

'Cause nothing can ever,
Ever replace you.
Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah.
You know there's no one
I can relate to.
And know we won't find a love that's so true...

There's nothing like us,
There's nothing like you and me,
Together through the storm.
There's nothing like us,
There's nothing like you and me,
Together, oh

I gave you everything, baby,
Everything I had to give.
Girl, why would you push me away, yeah?
Lost in confusion,
Like an illusion,
You know I'm used to making your day...

But that is the past now,
We didn't last now,
I guess that this is meant to be, yeah...
Tell me, was it worth it?
We were so perfect.
But, baby, I just want you to see...

There's nothing like us,
There's nothing like you and me,
Together through the storm.
There's nothing like us,
There's nothing like you and me,
Together, oh

There's nothing like us,
There's nothing like you and me,
Together through the storm.
There's nothing like us,
There's nothing like you and me,
Together, oh...”






“ahww that was amazing justin” she hugged me and said again “ why don't we these two songs, and tell them that we wrote this to each other when we weren’t together “  “great idea” I picked her up and wanted to mess with her a little bit , I put her on my shoulders and started running “justin fucking put me down , NOW !”   “no”  I went downstairs , mom , miley and my team were still there , they were laughing when they’ve seen us   “GUYS TELL HIM TO PUT ME DOWN NOW”  “not after you say that I’m the hottest guy alive”   “ok you’re the hottest guy alive , satisfied?”



Jade’s POV:


When he just put me down he started tickling me , oh shit ..  I started laughing my ass out , “justiin s-stoop p-please”  “no!!!!”   “p-please, hahaha , I can’t breathe” justin was fixing me to the floor with his knees on each side of my waist , he stopped tickling me to let me breathe , then he restarted tickling me again , “s-stop “  “not before kissing me”  “n-no w-way b-bieber”   “wanna play it hard ? okay “ he kept tickling me , Oh my god, he always wins!  “o-okay s-stop”  he stopped , I tried to catch my breath but justin quickly smashed his lips onto mine , I kissed him back “Get a room bro”  shit , I forgot about the crew .. I felt my cheeks burning, justin took me in his hands bridal style and walked upstairs, justin laid me on the bed , and went to the bathroom…i closed my eyes and fell asleep..


Justin’s POV:


I walked out of the bathroom , jade was already sleeping , and she was still wearing her casual clothes,  i grabbed one of my shirts and one of her shorts , that’s gonna be cute if I change her clothes by myself , i took off her clothes gently and made her wear my shirt and her short shorts , i was done, so I covered her with the blanket changed my clothes and cuddled with her until I fell asleep .....






thank you guys for reading :) love you all , leave a comment and tell me what you think :)))


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