Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


11. he left..


We went back to house , i wore my pyjamas and cuddled with jay ‘til we fell asleep ..



Jade’s pov


Me- what ? what the hell is going on !! “  I yelled while seeing justin kissing selena ..

Justin – baby its not like u think it is , I can explain ! “ 

Me- don’t explain justin ! what I’ve seen right now explains every thing !

Justin- but jade , I-I can’t live without you , I-I need you here “ 

I felt tears forming in my eyes “justin I love you,  but I can’t take  it anymore ! “  then I walked closer to selena and whispered in her ears “ you enjoyed the kiss huh ?  ! “ I stopped because I started crying then restarted talking , to justin “ why are u doing this to me ! u know what I’ve been through I trusted you , I thought I was going to call u mine one day , but no …” then i ran away , because I was done with him .. 


“baby ? “  .. I heard a voice whispering in my ears as I opened my eyes , it was justin “why are u crying baby ?? “  I hugged him tight , and whispered to his neck “don’t ever  leave me “   he was confused , he didn’t understand what I was talking about

Justin- no i won't i promise , what was it about ?

Me- what ?

Justin- the nightmare ?

Me- oh don’t worry nothing ..

Justin- ooh come on !

Me- u were cheating on me …

Justin- oh baby , that will never ever happen ! I will be yours forever , okay ?

I nodded , and he kissed my neck …


I checked my phone ..

 “ oh lord !  u're gonna be late , justin ,we have to get prepared!”   he buried his head in my neck , so I could feel him breathing against it ,he is turning me on …

  “u’re gonna miss ur flight ! get up !”

 “no, lets just cuddle..”  

“get up and get prepared, now!  “ 

“uhmm ! okay ! u're gonna be a strict mother”  he jumped and we both  got prepared

We went downstairs holding each other’s hand … the breakfast was ready .. 

Pattie-“ hey lovebirds “  and she did the kissy face

Justin started blushing ..  we took our breakfast and drove him to the airport , I tried to not let my tears fall .. he did the check in and everything .. and now he’s going to leave ..  he pulled me closer and hugged me , he didn’t let me go , and I didn’t either want to .. we hugged for five or six minutes … then he crashed his lips onto mine .. it was nothing but a passionate kiss .. 

Then he hugged his mother so tight .. I could see tears in his eyes .. he was trying not to cry ..

He went to the plane

Me- “Pattie, I’m gonna miss him “

Pattie hugged me “ its just a month then he’ll come back for a break ! don’t worry sweetie!  ”

    We went back to our house , the room was so empty .. i hope he’ll go to France safely and come back safely…I laid on my bed , my face against the pillow , then I fell asleep…


“yeah justyy ? lemme sleep”

“ahhww sweetie its me pattie”

I woke up and looked at her , “yeah mommy ?” 

Pattie- lets eat ?

Me- I really don’t want to..

Pattie- sweetie you have to ! “ she sat at the bed next to me “wow your pillow is wet , were you crying ?”

Me- y-yeah”


She hugged me and said that justin will skype with us when he’ll get to his hotel .. so I smiled and woke up .. we went to Mc Donalds and ate some burgers …  when I felt my phone buzzing


From: unknown

Hi sweetie , its justin ,save this number .. I’ll call you when I’ll go to the hotel ! I miss you already .. I love you ! you’re my only sunshine !


I saved his new number and replied


To: justyy

Done , love you too , cant wait <3


A big smile appeared on my face..


We went back home , I skyped with justin for the whole night and he told me that we will skype everyday … he’ll begin the first show next day in Paris .. I was as excited as he is .. I wanted to be  there so badly ..


He was tired so he went to sleep .. I wanted to sleep too  , but I couldn’t , I got used to arms wrapped around me , I got used to his smell , to his hot breath against my neck .. I was searching for some pyjamas when I found his shirt , with a note on it


Hey jade, I knew that you’ll find my shirt , and I want you to know that I left it for you , because I’m pretty sure that you can’t sleep  without me cuddling with you , so wear it and then you can feel my smell ,  I took your hoodie too  (sorry for not asking before taking it tho) & now  I can sleep  wearing it , you’ll always be in mind whatever happens , promise me that you will never forget about me ! ..  love you to the moon and back  ,or maybe more than that! I know that you’re smiling with tears in your eyes right now honey , I know you very well , and now you’re grabbing your phone and writing a text for me  aren’t you babe ? love you so much .. goodnight babe xx


He knew me so much , he was right , I was smiling with tears falling from my eyes I was grabbing my phone , and I texted him :


To: justyy

“Well yeah , you bet , you know me very well .. I love you more  babe goodnight <3 “



I wore his shirt I felt more comfortable in it , I laid back down and I fell asleep …



I woke up next morning , and I was thinking about the events coming  up , 3 weeks later is gonna be my birthday , I’m upset , so so so upset , because justin can’t spend my 18th birthday with me .. But I have to stay strong , and accept the truth as it is ..

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