Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


8. happy birthday baby !


I went on stage I was shocked there were more than 300000 fan over there… they were screaming loud

Me:” good evening every body ! are u ready for the show”

-yeaaaaaaaaah ..

I started performing and the crowd went crazy , I had a song called “don’t go away” that was about my parents .. when I started singing it, my tears were falling down… it was an emotional performance…  I could hear the fans crying and screaming louder … they were encouraging me to go on… I felt that it was the happiest day in my life ! even all the tears and emotions I had…

My crew had to pick two fans , a boy and a girl , for my song “oh sister!oh brother!”

They picked a hot boy and a beautiful girl , I could see the happiness in their eyes ! when the song was over I hugged them and signed their shirts. i could see the happy tears in their eyes ...


After my concert I had a lot of money so I could buy a little house for us … we can’t live with scooter forever … we moved there the next week ... 




its february 20th , that means Next week is gonna be justin’s birthday... i gotta prepare a surprise for him ! 


-justin’s birthday-


he woke up early , he had to go to the studio to work. after about 3 hours he texted me :

from: my everything   to: my princess

hey babe , i'm going back at 6pm

to: my everything from: my princess

- okay i'm waiting babe . see u later


  the sun was setting down when i saw him  coming toward the house , suddenly two boys attacked him , closed his eyes with a black tissue … so i screamed:

me- oh my god ! leave him alone !!! 

justin- don't hurt her ! do anything u want to me but dont touch her !!! 


they led justin to a car and drove away 

I took my car and followed them … they went to the port , they entered in a huge boat , I followed them , then they opened his eyes and everything was black ,  it was dark inside,

Justin “ who the fuck are u ? what do u want ? at least tell my girlfriend that I’m fine so she won’t get worried , for god’s sake anyone  answer !! “  he wanted to leave the boat but he couldn’t see anything then suddenly the lights turned on

And everyone was singing  “ happy birthday justin “

Justin: “ omfg !!! u scared me “, then he saw me , -saying to me-  “I’m gonna kill u i swear  “  then he started laughing  " why did u do that ! oh my gosh ! i thought that i were going to be killed in my birthday ! " 

i hugged him and kissed his cheek 

me- haha ! i wanted to make a surprise on this boat ! 

Actually  it wasn’t just a boat , it was like a sea house that I have  bought recently ..  we brought the cake , it was a big cake  which justin’s full name was written on it …

There were 30 beliebers that I've picked , I tried to pick the biggest and truest beliebers from NY … 

We had fan , the beliebers got autographs from me & Justin , pics with us … they looked so happy 

After the party , everyone left … but me and Justin stayed on  the boat so we can pass some time together , and enjoy the sea’s view …

I was standing on the back of the boat watching the sky , when I felt justin’s hands on my hips , “u look so sexy in this dress” *I blushed* 

Justin was behind me  ,his head on my shoulder , his hands around my waist , and he started singing “ they hold on tight , ooh they hold on tight , oooh they hold on tight .. them lips won’t lemme go “

I turned to him , and kissed him , he kissed me back , then I felt his tongue licking my bottom lip begging for an entrance , we started making out , we pulled away, and  I started kissing his neck and I could hear him moaning , his hands were rubbing my back , I felt very horny , and I wanted him so bad ! justin lead me to the room on the boat then we started taking off our  clothes (u know what will happen then) 

I woke up the morning in justin’s arms , it was the first time we sleep in the same bed , his body is so warm ! Justin was still sleeping , I wore my clothes ,  I went to the bathroom , brushed my teeth because my mouth’s smell was disgusting …  I went to the kitchen , the boat workers made the breakfast… I went back to the room to wake my baby up …

Me: “ justin wake up “

Justin: “ mhmm, mom 5 minutes more”

Me: “ justin its me jade”

When he heard my name he jumped from his bed , wore his clothes , then his took me in his arms

Me : “ justin put me down! “

Justin : “ no , not before kissing me”

Me: “ no I won’t  kiss you “

Justin: “ I won’t put u down then “


I was teasing him , I like his childish reactions


Me :” put me down so I can kiss you

Justin: “u’re lying  “

Me: “ no  I promise”

He put me down so I kissed his cheek

Justin:” that’s not fair !!! u said that u’ll kiss me”

Me: “ u didn’t say that I had to kiss ur lips tho “

Justin:” can I have another kiss on the cheek?”

Me:” ok”

When was about to kiss his cheek he turned his head so  it was on his lips

Me:” u cheated! Ahaa ! give me my  kiss back”

So he pulled me closer and kissed me passionately 

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