Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


13. fun day


I went back home with miley .. then the guests came, selena Gomez (I know that she likes Justin but uhggh who cares Justin is mine) and her  bestfriend taylor… demi , rihanna, ariana grande , adele , nicki minaj , niall horan , harry styles , zayn malik  , louis tolminson , liam payne , james Arthur , zack efron , usher ,  some of mine & justin’s friends ,  and some of my fans that pattie had invited

We were having water fights, we were swimming and having fun !  justin wasn’t there so I could dance with anyone else ,  harry asked me to dance , and of course I agreed, he’s attractive anyways ..


I took pictures with all the celebrities, but  my favourite one was with my fans, and with the boys of 1D , they looked so hot ,harry was kissing my cheek in it… I’m sure that it will make Justin so jealous  when I’ll I post it on instagram …


We kept having fun .. harry stayed with me the whole evening .. he was trying to get closer to me , so I didn’t mind.. because I needed new friends .. the party is supposed to end at 7pm , that means right now …  everyone left only miley & the 1D members

after the party harry and the other 1D members asked me& miley to have dinner with them…

and we agreed

harry- we’re gonna pick you up at 9 pm

me-  yeaa okay 

then they left , to get prepared too

me- miley what am I going to wear ? “  miley was daydreaming she didn’t answer

“From earth to miley, are you here”

Miley- what ? what did u say ?

Me- I said What.. are…we … going…to…wear

Miley- you don’t have to talk that slowly huh ! something fancy and sexy ..

Me- okay ,  what were you thinking about ?

Miley- him

Me- who is this “him” ?

Miley- zayn

Me-  do you like him ?

Miley- yes , he is so hot and so cute ..  ughh , anyways .. I’m gonna wear this dress “  she said while showing me her gorgeous dress

Me- this is amazing .. “  I faked a smile on my face

Miley- whass’up ? why are u sad ?

Me- umm, no I’m not ..

miley- I’m your bestfriend , remember ? I know when you’re lying ..

me- its justin he didn’t call me the whole day .. I didn’t hear his voice since this morning .. I feel that he found someone else ..

mileyy pulled me for a hug so I hugged her back “I see that harry likes you so enjoy every moment with him, your life won’t stop on justin babe”


I pulled away and my face became pale “ how could you say that ! you don’t understand miley ! I love him and I’ll never cheat”

“you won’t cheat ! you’ll just enjoy your life”

“whatever”   I went to the bathroom and wore this dress :



With these high heels:



And fixed my hair  just like this :



“I’m ready”  I yelled

“you look  classy “

“thanks cyrus you too ! ooh some one is ringing the doorbell ! I think the boys are here”


I opened the door and let them in ..


Harry hugged me and kissed my cheek so I just blushed “you look very pretty jade” 

“not bad yourself “


We went to a fancy restaurant , I sat next to harry , facing miley and zayn , niall was on the other side too facing liam and louis was sitting next to a girl called 'jesse'   …  we ordered our food , suddenly I felt a hand on my knee , it was harry’s hand , rubbing my knee and go further every second, it was on my leg now ..  I  I pushed his hand away .. because justin won’t be happy if he’ll ever know about that …

He just winked to me and said “ why did you do that”  “because I have a boyfriend”  “he's not even here” "whatever"  …  we ate our food talked and laughed  … I took another picture with harry kissing my cheek his hand around my shoulder .. and posted it on instagram


when I went back home , I  laid on my bed thinking how justin didn’t call me yet and complained from the picture with harry …

My phone started ringing , It can’t be anyone but justin ! I didn’t even look at the ID of the call

Me:” hey ju-”

Miley:” jade! Did u  see what Tmz said ? “

Uhh , it was miley ..

Me:” no,  all of their news are rumors so why should i care “

Miley:” u gotta see, its about you and Justin”

I checked out, and …

‘jade with harry styles, Justin with chantel Jeffries  and u call them america’s lovebirds  ?’ 


that can't be fucking true !!



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