Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


23. "forever and always?"

Jade's POV:

“pattie!!”  “yes honey?”   “ wanna come shopping with me?”   “sure jade I’m coming”   we left the house and went to the mall , I was wearing some shades so I don’t get followed by fans or even haters..  pattie wanted to pay , but as I’m a pop star now , and I have a lot of money I paid for everything .  “hey jade! Look at these matching shirts!”  “ahww they’re so cute, should I buy them for me and justin?”  “no, I will buy them, this is a gift! Don’t be stubborn I won’t let you pay, so just give up “  “okay…”  .. after two hours of shopping we went back home , actually i’m leaving the house to pattie, because I’ll move to justin’s new house in Atlanta soon .. pattie is upset because , as you all know , Atlanta is too far from New York ..  anyways, I went upstairs and wore the dress I’ve bought today ,

with  some black high heels.


then I curled my hair


and put some make up on ..  I looked at the mirror and smiled , satisfied with what I looked like .



“we’re here”  justin said taking a last look at my appearance , we were in front of a huge restaurant .. we got off the car and went toward the building I looked from the window ,  and it was empty “uhmm justin , I think they’re closed”    “no they’re not”   “but-“   “shhht, just trust me”    he took my hand, and opened the door , there was a man ,  i think he’s the owner..

“you must be mister bieber and mrs bieber right ?”   I blushed when he mentioned ‘mrs bieber’   well I hope that I’ll be called like that one day ..  “ yes we are” justin replied then looked at my pink cheeks and pecked them.  The man led us to the backyard .. oh my god , that was so beautiful .. there were a huge garden with a lake , candles were indicating the way to our table , the one next to the lake .. that was really beautiful ..   we took our seats , justin held my hand and looked right in my eyes , “ I love you “  “I love you too justin , uhmm and by the way, was it you who decorated the place ?”  “yes , actually after the interview I came here , and rented the place and decorated it, I’ll do anything to make you happy “   “ahw, I really can’t thank you enough”  “just don’t” he said and kissed my hand  , we were talking and joking when the man came back with a lot of delicious plates , we ate our principal plates, then we decided to dance a little bit before dessert, so we just did , justin wrapped his hand around my waist , and I wrapped mine around his neck.. we were slow dancing on ‘my heart will go on’ by celine dion after some minutes of dancing , the beat stopped and justin began to talk again “ jade sonclear, I loved you , I love you and I will always do , whatever happens, whatever people do . even after a thousand years I’ll keep my promise , and I’ll keep loving you , jade you stole my heart , you were my first love , my first kiss, my first time .. you’re everything to me, if you weren’t here I wouldn’t be a successful pop star , because its you who give me the strength to keep up and do better, jade you’re the one I’ll give my life for, you’re the one that my children will call mom, I promise you I will never do what I’ve done before , I’ll never cheat , I’ll never leave! Jade I’ve known alot of girls, but you’re different, you have a big heart , you love everyone around you! Thank you jade ..” he stopped and kneeled down grabbing a little box from his pocket ..


No , no that can’t be  true , I’m still young for marriage . oh my god , not the wedding ring please , oh my god . no ! .. what am I going to say , oh no, this is not happening right ? or it is ?  ..


He opened the little box which had a silver ring in it  . I was blushing as shit.

“jade sonclear , I know that we’re still young to get married, so I bought this promise ring for you, will you promise me that you’ll never give up on us . will you  promise that you won’t take off the ring until you’ll replace it with the wedding ring, will you promise me that you’ll believe in us whatever happens ..”  

Oh my fucking life, I can’t find the words , I felt a tear rolling down on my burning cheeks .. I can’t stay silent , because I’ll hurt him , jade say something he’s dying .. “I-I promise you justin”  "forever and always?"  "always and forever" i giggled so  he smiled a very big smile and took my hand in his and lifted the ring in my finger .. then he stood un grabbed me by my waist and kissed me , so I kissed back putting my hands around his neck ..      


After a short time the dessert was ready , my favourite ice cream ! yey !  I sat back on my chair facing justin .  its time to mess a little bit with him !  I took some ice cream with my index finger and put it on his nose,  I started giggling and laughing .  “oh my god! why did you do that” he said pouting  “ stop doing that face, you know I can’t resist it”  “not until you clean the mess you’ve done”   oh my god , that baby face !  I took the table napkin and cleaned the ice cream on his nose , he chuckled and said “i didn’t mean that with cleaning my nose”    “what did you mean then?”   “I wanted you to lick it”   “eww justin , you’re so disgusting!”  he giggled again and put some ice cream on my cheeks “oops , i didn’t mean to .. let me clean it”  without even waiting for me to reply he licked my cheek, that  was really funny “you’re so disgusting and dirty”   “but you love it”   “what makes you so sure ?”  “ i just know it , uhm and what about a walk around the beach just like our first date..”   “sure”  justin took my hand , and we left the place , the coney island beach  wasn’t too far from the restaurant , 30 minutes of driving .. justin opened the car’s door for me . I got in and put a random CD  on   then justin  got in  “ ohh my god , its Bruno mars !”  “where?” justin looked at me confused  and looked around  “singing on the CD  duuh ” stupid bieber  "uhhh"  he replied with the  ‘are-you-kidding-or-something’ look ..   I ignored him and sang with Bruno  ..    

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