Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


1. First meeting



Hi!  I'm jade ,  a bullied girl ,who is lonely and  has no friends.. a  17 years old teenager, a tunisian highschooler .. my parents died a long time ago .. I live with my uncle and his abusive wife..  my uncle isso kind and loves me a lot , but his wife is  evil , she always punish me for the little mistake. for exemple, if i forget to make her coffee sweeter.. or if i make the food salty.. she actually hated me because I was smarter than her daughters .. her daughters? they were the cheerleaders , the pupular chick and the sluttiest girls ever .. 


my uncle has a maid, but, i'm still obliged to do most of the house chores. clean my cousins' rooms. copy the lessons for them. teach them maths..

at school I always stay alone .. i don't talk to anyone... no one talks to me... i mean, who wants to talk an ugly girl like me ? certainly no one ! 



one day, in the English lesson, which is my favorite lesson. it's actually the only lesson i can express myself in. the headmaster got in  saying

” good morning class, you’ll have a new classmate today.. so please be kind to him ..uhm, well..  Justin, get in .. “ as he leaft the room the guy got in. and at that exact second, all the girls started whispering and talking.

"i think he a foreigner"

"oh my, his hair is so awesome"

"i don't think he's tunisian"


they were right! he was a good looking boy, his eyes were amazing. hazel brown eyes. 

the teacher coughed to get our attention

"so uhm justin, why don't you present yourself?"

"hi , my name is Justin drew bieber, I’m from Canada, ontario, Stratford to be precise.. I just moved to Tunisia , because life seems easier here .." he smiled as he finished his sentence. wow.

"oh my god he's hot!"  "he looks  good "  "welcome"  "come sit next to me"  

the girls really are going crazy. he's no big deal. and he's probably some other arrogant guy.

 “ keep quiet class ! and welcome Justin .. well, go take a seat , there ,  where jade is sitting” the teacher spoke up. and i already started blushing.

“  sorry sir , but who is jade ?"

“ oh, uh, you're right. the girl over there" he said and  pointed his finger to me

Justin walked towards me, I blushed instantly when he flipped his hair.

I couldn’t look at his face during the lesson.. i was too shy to even look at his face. oh my dear god! 


few moments later, the bell rang , it's time for lunch.. worst time of the day. not because i don't like food, uh no, food is yummy.. but bullying gets intense at lunch.. I took my bag on my shoulder , and some books in my arms.. I quitted the classroom .. when suddenly sandy, the popular chick,pushed me on the ground , and threw a paper ball on my face. I was embarrassed .. everyone in the hallway was laughing and making fun of me .. well , its not the first time that  happens to me , but , it was the first time someone  helps me ! ..  Justin were there giving me his hand trying to pick me up from the ground “are you okay ?” he asked..

” don’t worry , I got used to that “ 

“do that usually happens to you ?”

”yeah , but it’s the first time that someone picks me up .. ”  i can tell that i was blushing like hell  

“ you can’t live like that forever .. you gotta  make them stop it .. anyway with whom are you going to have lunch .. I mean do youu wanna spend the lunch time with me .. becauseI don’t know anyone here yet..”

 “ of course” i smiled.


seems like i'm making a friend


"who do you live with?" 

“ my mom .. my parents aren’t together .. what about you ?"

“ actually , I live with my uncle and his violent wife , she always hit me without any reason..”

“ what about  yur parents?”

Me: “ they died when i was eight, I was with them when that happened . they died in front of me ..I sometimes feel guilty .. becausemy mom sacrificed her life to save me from the accident .. it was horrible  “ i wiped my shirt sleeve under my eye to hide my tears.

“ I’m so sorry .. I’m really sorry to hear that ..” he pulled me closer and hugged me softly 

Then we shared our phone numbers .. 

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