Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


31. family time


We were all silent , but finally jazmyn broke the silence “what’s your name?”  she was asking justin “I’m j-justin”  justin replied softly  “are you the justin that I see on TV and my father always talk about?”  “yes and what does he say”   “he says that he misses you so much , and that he loves you when he sees you on TV”    justin smiled at her answer “and do you know who actually I am?” jazmyn shook her head  “I’m  your brother jazzy , I’m your brother  sweetheart”  jazzy’s eyes widened , and her jaw dropped . “ that means you’re the brother of jaxon too?”  “yes sweetie”  “yeeey ! that means I love you! Just like jaxon”  I never expected her reaction to be like that she started jumping in the backseat , she seemed so happy. Justin was smiling ear-to-ear.



Justin’s POV

Today my life changed . I really missed my father so badly and at the same time I hated him. But he explained everything to me and I honestly forgave him. Sometimes coincidence creates conditions. I never thought that the girl at the park was my sister. I never thought that I was going to meet my father again! Everyone thought he was gone forever . luckily I’ve told jade about my dad’s story lately so she won’t ask a lot of questions. I have 2 little siblings, jazmyn and jaxon, I feel that I love them so much even though I just knew about them.

I’m just still worried about one thing , that I didn’t discuss it with my father yet. If he’s still doing what he used to do or not, you know the drugs dealing thing... I was swimming in my thoughts when I heard jazzy’s voice “what’s your name” I looked at her through the mirror she has the same honey eyes as me , the same caramel hair . she has my father’s smile . she’s so gorgeous! “ I’m j-justin”  I stuttered the words . I still feel nervous around my own sister !

“are you the justin that I see on TV and my father always talk about?” her words made me shake “yes and what does he say”   “he says that he misses you so much , and that he loves you . and he starts shaking when he sees you on TV”    I smiled at her answer , and felt relieved “and do you know who actually I am?” jazmyn shook her head  “I’m  your brother jazzy , I’m your brother  sweetheart”  I shouldn’t have said this , damn I shouldn’t have said this  “ that means you’re the brother of jaxon too?”  “yes sweetie” I nodded “yeee! that means I love you! Just like jaxon”  oh my god , did she say she loves me ! ?  I thought she’ll get mad and shocked , and she wouldn’t talk to me again..thank you god for making me happy. I prayed & thanked lord silently.

Few minutes laters I pulled in the parking lot of my dad’s new house. He got married 4 years ago, he never told me about it, even when we used to meet every week. Whatever .. 


I looked at jade , she already fell asleep . she looks so damn cute! I looked at her gorgeous caramel hair, her irresistible lips , her perfect shaped eyebrows .. she looks nothing but perfect. She’s the strongest girl I’ve ever known. She was the orphan bullied teenager , and now she’s the hated and threatened pop star. What have I been through comparing to her ?  I looked at jazzy  she was sleeping too. I finally decided to get out , I called my father to carry jazmyn because I had to carry my princess. I know she hates it when I treat her like a kid, but do I care ? hell no !  I closed the door and went to the other side , I carried her in the bridal style, closed the door with my foot , she opened her eyes “slept well?” I chuckled “oh yes , on the comfortable car’s seat, oh note the sarcasm !”  I smiled and let her stand on her feet . then I hugged her kissing the top of her head.  We followed my father , he opened the door with his own keys.

 ”Jeremy is that you?” we heard someone shouting from one of the house’s rooms. Then a beautiful woman appeared . good one dad, she’s pretty .  “oh hey”  she said with wide eyes “aren’t you j-justin ? oh my god”  she seemed shocked , I nodded and pulled my hand to shake hers “yes I am ma’am”  “oh please call me Erin”  I just smiled “Jeremy how did you find your son?”  “long story , we met accidentally in the park . oh and this is jade sonclear , justin’s girlfriend , you know her right?”   “yes sure” then she pulled jade in crash-bone hug “I’m a huge fan of yours, I love you”  jade smirked “thank you so much “     “sorry , that was rude from my side to let you standing outside ,come in !”  we followed her inside the house , it was a pretty one, it was decorated very well. We got in the living room and sat on the couch , I sat next to justin, facing Jeremy with jazzy on his lap


Jade’s POV :


“jazzy did you bring your dolls from the car” I asked , so she shook her head “no” “I’ll get them”  justin replied while standing up and pulling the keys from his pocket.  Then  he disappeared outside , Jeremy wanted to take advantage of the moment to ask me few questions “so how did you guys meet”  “long story actually ,he moved to Tunisia, I used to live there.. we became friends at high school and he stood by me many times ..” I stopped for a second to remember how miserable I used to be “i-i used to have a miserable life but he made me forget about everything , we fell in love..  he discovered my talent and asked usher to hear me and help me make my first single and a duet with him which were successful. Then we started our careers ..”   “it’s like a fairy tale..  a miracle ! you look amazing together , the way he looks at you explains everything, my son has never been in love before , I can see how lost he is when he’s with you ..”  i’m sure my face became so  pink !  “and , uhmm , do you love him?”  “of course”  “how much ?”  “to the moon and back , and further if it is possible ! he is everything to me!”  “i see from your sweatshirt ” I looked down and remembered that I was wearing an ‘I love justin bieber’ shirt ..   “I’m sure you’re the one for my son”  if my face was pink earlier I think it looks like a tomato right now.. he was about to say something when justin stepped in “jazzy!” he shouted in a playfully childish way. “ mom , dad see what jade bought fow me”  “oh thank you jade for making my lil girl happy” erin said while taking a plate with cups of juice on it “it’s okay erin, she’s like my little sister now, by the way where’s jaxon?”  “I think he’s sleeping”  “we’ll see him another time”  we drank our cups and had a short chat then justin said “we better get going mom must be worried” I stood up with justin after me “goodbye , say hi to pattie”  “sure erin “ justin smiled at her ” thanks for having us” “anytime jade, oh let’s take a picture before that you leave, don’t forget to follow me on twitter” I nodded then  I hugged all of them and so did justin . 






I'm so sorry :/ it took a while to update.. i'm so busy these two weeks but i'm trying to make it in time <3 sorry again ! love you guys ! i'm so happy for the 624 reader *o* omg thank you 

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