Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


22. ellen show

Justin’s POV : 


“justin! jade ! wake up ! move your asses lazy people !! you’re gonna be late”  I woke up on scooter’s voice , nearly breaking the door .. I didn’t even open my eyes ..  then I heard an angelic voice yelling  “shut up scooter, we got it ! ”   I opened my eyes when I heard her soft voice , she has an unbelievable ability on me “ morning babe”  “morning justin , we gotta wake up , we have an interview with Ellen remember?…”  “uhm yes “  I sighed and stood up , did my morning routine and changed my clothes



Then I went downstairs leaving jade doing her make up ..


Mom was in the kitchen preparing breakfast .. To be honest, usually she’s not a good cooker, but she has good pancakes.. “morning mom”  “oh hey”  “what are you doing?” “your favourite pancakes”   “they smell good”    she smiled , and I just sat on the chair . “where’s scooter”   “he said he has some work to do , he’ll come back in an hour”  i stood up ,opened the fridge , and got some milk when jade walked down  the stairs .. holly shit ! she looks hot, as usual ..   “see who’s here !” I shouted , opening my arms to hug her , so she hugged me kissing my cheek “kiss my lips not my cheek badass”   “nope”  she replied , really embarrassed, she hates it when I ask her to kiss me when mom is there, she is too shy , but I honestly don’t care “ don’t worry my mom won’t mind if I get a morning kiss”   “shut up justin ! not now”   she replied with an annoyed voice .. I heard my mom giggling.. “jade kiss him, don’t be shy”  oh yes ! I love you mom !    “did you hear her?”   she ignored me and sat on a chair ..  “jade, baby are you okay?”  “yes thank you justin drew bieber for caring , now leave me alone?” I put my hand on her upper thigh but she slapped y hand away.. “baby did I do something wrong”  “no, im just not in the mood”   I’m not giving up .. I got closer to her and whispered in her ears “periods?”  i know that  my girl starts avoiding me as much as she can when she’s on her first day of  periods..  I looked at her face, her cheeks were burning , and she nodded slowly , looking down, at her lap ..   I pulled her for a hug and kissed her forehead “sorry justin I didn’t mean to-“   “shhht , its okay”   she nodded again and smiled   “breakfast’s ready”  said my mom putting some plates on the table ..



Jade’s POV :


Oh my fantastic god ! this guy is a nerd ! he freaking knows everything .. even the fact if I’m on periods or not .. by the way, I feel so relieved right now !  no more thoughts of me being pregnant or not ..  I’ve got my periods and now I can just relax .. 


We ate our breakfast , and wore our shoes and waited for scooter .. some minutes later he came with a limousine , I love these cars , they’re so comfortable !


**skipping the ride**




“finally”  I whispered when the car pulled on a huge parking lot in front of a skyscraper . the studio was on the first floor so we just used the stairs. We got in and there were a lot of cameras , the studio was still empty. Justin was holding my hand his head on my shoulder.


“hey young lovers”  I heard someone yelling , I turned and it was Ellen ! justin shook her hand and hugged her. Actually, this is the first time I’m meeting her !  before being famous I used to watch every episode  of her show “elleeeeen!” I replied running toward her and hugging her “I know that it’s the first time we meet but I used to be a huge fan “  I said hugging her very tight that she could barely breath  , I pulled away “uh sorry , I was too excited”  “its okay “ she smiled and then said again “ you guys have to practise, the public will be here in an hour “   I nodded and we both started practising .  few minutes later we were done “great job dudes”  “thanks Ellen ,  uhm do I have to get prepared now ? “  “yes jade , you too justin, there’s a changing room  in the hallway, there’s a lot of outfits in the closet you can chose whatever you want to because scooter told me that you forgot your own clothes  ”   we nodded and thanked her, justin took my hand and went to the room , “jade, let me chose an outfit for you “  “ sure babe”  justin opened the closet and started looking for something  “here it is , wear that ! “  I took the outfit saying  “and you wear those”   he nodded and took what I’ve chosen , after some minutes we were ready


My look:


Justin’s look:


We went back to the studio to take our microphones , and have an idea about what Ellen is preparing for us . 


“good afternoon ladies and gentlemen , today we have some special guests , America’s lovebirds , welcome everyone justin bieber & jade sonclear ! “    the audience cheered , I’ve seen some girls crying and screaming , beliebers are crazy … I took a seat next to justin on the large sofa ..

Ellen- “how are you young lovers” 

 Jade- “yes fine “ 

Justin- “I’m good”


After a long conversations and after explaining what happened, of course without telling anyone about the raping stuff, we performed our singles , that will be out on itunes soon. After the long interview we finally got changed to our casual clothes and got ready to leave ..


“what about dinner today ? just me and you ?”    “sure justin”  I smiled and kissed his cheek then sat comfortably on the big limo’s seat . 








i know its a boring chapter , sorry for making u wait , i had alot of exms the whole week so yeah .. :)   tomorrow next chapter ;)  

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