Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


33. damn


I woke up next morning in my- wait this is not my room ! I looked around , it doesn’t look any familiar. I was sleeping in a king sized bed, I looked down at myself and I was ..? what? I was half naked ?! but why?

How did I get here and what fucking happened ! damn . I don’t remember anything . well first of all I have to get out of here immediately . I stood up , my clothes were thrown on the ground. I wore theme quickly and wore my shoes and got out of the room that leads to a long hallway. I walked along it and went down the stairs. “hey babe” I looked to whoever’s voice was it , oh my god  “d-drake bell?” “surprised?”  “what the hell had happened”  “uhmm , well you got wasted and came with me yesterday to have some fun. Oh and guess what? I think your boyfriend knows everything”  “what? What do you mean”   “he called you last night when we were, uhm you know , busy . so I answered him and put it on speaker so he can hear things he’ll never forget, you know what I mean ? your screams and everything. ”   oh my god ! he is not serious ! that can’t be true ! damn what did I do, how could I let that disgusting boy get me. Damn it jade! Damn it ! what should I do !!!! “ oh and you were good in bed , that’s why he’s keeping you”  I got closer to drake and slapped him as hard as I can. Then left the house . my car wasn’t there. It’s probably in the nightclub’s parking lot. Yes I remember few things from last night , we got in a nightclub , me and miley I got wasted and left with a boy. Miley wanted to stop me but I didn’t listen to her. Oh wait , I have to call miley . i grabbed my phone from my pocket . I’ve got 8 missed calls from miley . and a text from justin. I called miley first

“jade! You freaking messed everything !”

“what happened miley?”

“justin came over and he’s pissed off , you left with drake last night,and he put you on-“

“drake told what happened , get to the point, what did justin say”

“he’s disgusted , upset, mad.. you have to make things clear jade!”

“okay. I-I will call him. I-I hope he’ll answer”  I didn’t realize that I was already sobbing. I didn’t even know where I was. i walked to the nearest store. “ma’am can I - “  “omg aren’t you jade sonclear? “  “yes I am” I smiled at her despite my sadness right now “can I use the bathroom please”  “sure , over here”  she led me to the bathroom I walked in , looked at myself in the mirror. Damn I look like a zombie. I fixed my hair and  my clothes . then pulled my phone again and activated the GPS  to know where I was. damn ! just to let you know ,  i’ve said ‘damn ‘like a billion times today ! I was an hour far from home if I go walking. I’ll ask miley to pick me up ..  20 minutes later she came , she didn’t look any happy , she was so disappointed. I got in the car , not brave enough to look at her

 “jade? Why did you do this to him” 

“miley please stop blaming me, you’re killing me, I didn’t mean to ! I was so wasted, I didn’t know what was happening. I don’t remember anything ! I-I have to explain everything to him”

 “Jade I don’t wanna give you fake hope. he’s so broken and I don’t think he’ll forgive you for now” how could she say that , I unconsciously started sobbing and crying really loud.. miley stopped the car and hugged me “I’m sorry , never give up , if you truly love him never stop fighting .. he loves you so much too, but what happened wasn’t easy for him to take” I just nodded my head and remembered that I had a text from justin

‘what did I do to deserve this? Did I do anything bad for you? You broke my heart jade ! and you really need to explain things..’    

I’m in trouble.. I can’t go home , pattie will be so disappointed too ..  “miley don’t take me home please. Let’s go to your house please I-I can’t see him. I’ll talk to him over the phone or something. I-I’m not ready ”  “okay, we’ll fix everything together” “T-Thank you”  



I laid on the couch hiding my face with a pillow. Waiting for myself to calm down and to focus on what I’m going to tell justin…

I scratched my hand slowly to take my phone. I took it in both my hands because I was shaking and dialed the number that I knew very well. I pressed the calling button and waited . will he answer? Will he not ?

“yes?”  “justin look I’m sorry , I’m really sorry and I can explain everything”  “go on”   “justin , I know that you will never forgive me. I know that you’ve been hurt. I know justin ! I didn’t want anything to happen justin ! I wasn’t sane, I got wasted yesterday and he took advantage of it”  I started sobbing already  “I didn’t even remember anything this morning . j-justin I’m sorry , I love you so so so much..”  I could hear him sobbing too . and it is killing me, I hurt him ..  “Jade I need time, I’m not breaking up with you but I need some space to think and forget the horrible things I’ve heard yesterday… I-I have t-to go “  then he hung up without giving me a chance to say goodbye ..  if earlier I was crying a river now I’m crying a sea .. why can’t I take a break from all this shit .. seriously , karma is a bitch !



Justin’s POV


It has been two weeks since I last talked to jade , I’ve seen her few times last week she wanted to talk but I was ignoring her. Why is that for?! I don’t know .. I couldn’t get over the fact she cheated. The fact that she was in someone else’s bed. I didn’t move to Atlanta , I stayed with my mom in the family house, jade bought a little house for herself I guess. She didn’t appear since last week. I don’t care ! well I do but , I don’t have to .. maybe I have to but I don’t want to . we didn’t break up but .. duuh whatever , why am I even thinking about her right now?  I have to get ready I’m going out with ryan and selena. Well She’s pretty and attractive but nowhere to be compared with jade…

I looked at the mirror satisfied with what I looked like , grabbed my  phone and went on twitter . noticed few fans and checked jade’s news..  I fought the urge to cry or scream after seeing her latest tweet ‘I miss him so badly, I wonder if he misses me?.. anyways I’m going for a walk.. love u all’  I wanted to scream and tell her that I do miss her.. but I have to take things slowly , she broke my heart and I can’t give in that fast!

Peeeep-peeeep-peeep the car’s horn filled my ears. That should be ryan and selena . I got out and as I expected it was them. I took  my car’s keys and hopped in , turned the music on and followed them to the restaurant they’ve picked..

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