Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


30. dad is back !


 “d-dad?”  was all what slipped from justin’s mouth . dad ? what does he mean , he said his father was .. dead ..  

“j-justin”  the man said with tears escaping his eyes. My jaw dropped and I stood there frozen . what the heck is happening  right now!

Justin backed off , and started shaking his head .. “I-I can’t  , j-jade let’s go please”   I was about to leave with him when the man yelled “No please don’t !" we both stopped and looked back at him  "son, we need to talk ! please don’t leave me like this”  the man said with an obvious shaking in his voice


  “d-don’t call me ‘son’ “  justin spat  “if you considered me as your son , you’d comeback”  he stopped , trying not to cry  “but you fucking didn’t , you left me without even caring ! why didn’t you fucking comeback ! and now you want me to stay?-“   

“j-justin , please listen to me ! I wanted to comeback but I was afraid-“

“afraid of what? ! -”

“justin, I was afraid if I came back  you’d think I did because I wanted your money justin! I was really afraid, because after few months of , you know what happened , you became a pop star justin ! and I was really hurt that you didn’t try to find me , but I didn’t blame you because I was sure that you thought I died.. son I’m really sorry , I-I don’t know how can I make it up to you .. I-I am sorry justin ..”   the man , or shall I say justin’s dad looked really hurt and broken.. I looked at justin , he was silent looking at the ground .. there was an awkward silence despite the noise around us, as we’re in the park . I decided to do something , so I whispered to justin “justin don’t stay quiet you’re hurting him .. ”   he looked up at his father , with red eyes . yes he was crying .. “Jeremy , you caused a lot of pain in my life! You made me a criminal at some point-“

“please justin forget the past , I’m never letting you get hurt in any way again”

“I can’t ,not that fast .”   what the fuck ! it’s his dad ! even if he fucked up a lot he’s still his freaking father ! 

 I thought it’s time for me to do something again , I stood up in front of justin and faced him “ justin stop being stubborn! He freaking apologized  , what the fuck do you want too ? you know what justin?” I moved toward Jeremy , and stood up next to him “I’m not leaving until you both find a way to make it up to each other”  Jeremy looked at me with a thankful smile and he went to justin to talk to him so I decided to stay with the little girl that burst into tears when they both started yelling at each other earlier .  

“hello sweetie, don’t cry , it's okay”  she nodded slowly and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand “whats your name sweetie?”  “I’m jazmyn”  “fine jazzy , I’m jade “  I took her in my arms, “I know exactly what will make you happy “   i said when I saw a huge toys’  store in the corner , her eyes widened when she saw the store , I got in with her in my arms, I saluted the owner  “good afternoon, we’re looking for some Barbie dolls please”  “over here miss “ I followed the owner to the second floor of the building , this toys store is so big !    there was all the Barbie dolls in the corner , I made jazzy stand on her feet to chose whatever she wants to “go on sweetie, take whatever you want”  she seemed too shy at the beginning  “ahw don’t be shy , take how many doll you want  okay ?, everything you like!”  “weally?”   I think she meant really , haha what a cutie !  “yes really”  “yeey” she screamed and hugged my legs, as her heigh didn't allow her to hug me properly.  then she took a basket and started choosing the newest Barbie dolls , I finally decided to join her “hey jazzy , what do you think of this barbies’ house “   “oh my god , it’s so beautiful !”  “let’s take it too”  “thank you ,thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”  “you’re welcome sweetheart !”    after few more few minutes I paid everything , she really loves dolls,  she got 8 Barbies ! . we took our bags and left , going back to the park. There, we found a worried justin standing next to Jeremy . “guys we’re here” I shouted to make them see us  “Oh my fantastic god , jazmyn I was worried !”  “sorry Jeremy , she was upset so I took her to the toys’ store to get her some toys”  he looked at me and hugged me “thank you so much!”  then he looked at justin “ keep her son , she’s a good one”  “don’t worry about it dad”  I was really happy because I got as a conclusion that they finally figured everything out . at this moment i realized how much i missed my father too .. “jade , we’re going with my father , he want to show us his family , and everything, we want to catch up you know” I smiled and nodded, I turned around and was about to leave when I felt someone pulling my pant ,I looked down and it was jazmyn “yes sweetie?”  “are you leaving”  “oh no I’m going to your house on my car”  “can I come with you please?”  “sure, let me ask jeremy first. Hey Jeremy she’s coming with us okay?”  “okay”  we went to my car , jazzy sat in the back , I sat in the passenger seat . and we waited for justin, he joined us after few seconds . “justin , what did he tell you when I left”  “we’ll talk later.. “  “and what about your sister shall we tell her”  “not now jade , it will be a big shock for her ! I’m still not ready too”   I just nodded and put some music on to avoid the awkward silence .   


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