Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


38. break


this fanfiction will be over in 4 or 5 chapters :)  if you're still reading it just tell me in comment :)  <3  love u guys :D


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I woke up in my warm bed with justin next to me wrapping his arms around me. Yes , I left the hospital two days ago after almost a month. It was the worst month of my life . I was just tied to machines, there was beeping all the time. I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to , it was just boring !  but now I’m back, I’m back for my fans , for my career.. I’m back to make a change, I’m back to make justin happy !

today I have to practise and have some singing lessons. I was still closing my eyes enjoying justin’s warm hands on my stomach. My phone started ringing . I hate it when someone interrupts …  I opened my eyes , took my phone . it was scooter “hey scoot”  “jade you’re late! Don’t tell me you didn’t wake up yet !”  “yes, no , I mean I’m coming”  I wanted to get out of bed but justin’s arms tightened around me “don’t go”  “bae I have to go, I have to practise my singing ”  he opened his eyes “I’ll come with you”   “then wake up!”  I slipped out of bed and helped him to stand up. I prepared myself the fastest I could. Justin drove us to the studio..

“finally!”  I heard scooter shouting from behind us  “come here jade, we have to start working!” I just followed him to the room . he gave me a guitar and asked me to play any song I want, so I chose one time by my king, justin drew bieber ..

“ when I met you boy my heart went knock-knock..”    eww , that sounded like shit.  “do ré mi fa so la si do” I even tried to sing different notes but I couldn’t? what’s  wrong with me .. it sounded bad, my soft angelic voice was gone.. “let’s try something else” Jackie my singing coach said . “try to sing this lalalalaa lalelalela lolalolalola “  I nodded and tried to, I still sound so bad… I looked at them confused. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I just decided to go to the bathrooms so I can go away.. I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror , what had just happened to my voice?

someone knocked on the door , “come in”  I shouted.  It was justin he wrapped his arms around my waist “it’s okay babe, you’ll do it”   I couldn’t do anything , I just hugged him and nuzzled my head to his chest.  “ I wanna go home justy”  “okay okay I’ll tell them you’re sick..”  I walked off to justin’s car I got in    and waited for him . I took my phone and played a karaoke of one of miley’s songs and decided to try again.. “ red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere..”  I can’t do it.. I covered my face with my palms and started sobbing…  I heard the door next to me opened  “baby are you crying” it was justin’s soft voice  “just take us home please..”  he didn’t say a word and drove home…


I got in my room and locked the door.. is my career over? Why can’t I  sing?  What happened to me..  justin was banging on the door “baby please open the door” I didn’t reply.. “baby? Are you okay please say something” I had no strength to reply. I was sobbing and crying..  I heard justin’s back pressed to the door, he probably fell to the floor.. I stood up and opened the door. He turned to me and hugged me tighter than ever his eyes were red. He was crying?!  I wrapped my legs around his waist . and cried on his shoulder. He tapped on my back to comfort me.. and I quickly fell asleep



I decided to go by my own to the studio today.. after what happened yesterday I didn’t feel too comfortable to sing in front of justin.. 

I locked my car and walked to the skyscraper’s entrance. And there I saw scooter talking with my singing coach.. I hid behind a tree..  “will she be able to sing again?”  scooter said with a worried voice. They’re talking about me “I don’t know scooter, I’m afraid if the crash or the operation or even the medicines had affected her vocal chords. I’m sure she will do it if she’ll sing every time.. she’ll improve”  I hope I’ll do it  .  they walked in and it was time to go in too. I used the elevator to go to the right floor. I walked in and shouted “goodmorning!”  “hey jade! Let’s don’t waste our time and start practising..”   I nodded and tried to sing different notes “you’re improving!”  I was happy to hear that. 


Few hours later I went to the bathroom to wash my face and apply some deodorant . and for the second time, someone knocked on the door “come in”  I looked at who was it , and it was scooter. “hey scoot”   “we need to go to the doctor to see if you vocal chords are affected. We have to be there in 20 ”    “okay okay “ I took my bag and walked over my car and scooter followed me.

After few minutes we were at the clinic .. we  walked over the reception to ask the lady   if we can see the doctor. She led us to the right room..

“hello doctor..uhmm…”  “john , & you must be jade?”  “yes ..”   “scooter told me that you want to know If your vocal chords are affected after the recent events right?”  “yeah..”   he walked over a door near his desk and opened it. It was another room, filled with machines. He asked me to follow him he laid me on a bed and passed a machine on my throat. Then he put some cream and used another machine.. “and we’re done”  wow that was fast.  “you can go wash your throat there’s a little bathroom over there..


“so…?”  scooter asked really nervous “I’m afraid to tell you, miss jade, that your vocal chords are so affected.. but don’t worry they may be fixed..”   hell … “how?”     “well, you have to take a break for one or two years. Let your chords have some rest… and if nothing changed we can have an operation”   “why don’t we do it now?”   “no, it’s too risky.. really too risky.. it has to be the last choice”  I’m not going to cry.. I’m not going to cry “okay sir, scooter I want to go home..”    “let’s go..” 

As I left the clinic I burst into tears.. scooter hugged me trying to comfort me.. I need justin he’s the only one who can make me feel better .. scooter drove because I was shaking and crying..  he dropped me at my house and used my car to go back to his.. I walked over the front door , I used my keys to open it.. but I suddenly collapsed on the floor and all what I heard before that my vision became dark was justin’s screaming ..




Justin’s POV





She’s not lucky, she doesn’t deserve all of that… she is a good hearted girl why does all of this trouble happen to her… scooter told me that her vocal chords were messed up because of the medicines she took when she was at the hospital the few last weeks.. she lost conscious and I had to take her to the hospital… I’m really dying slowly, I can’t see her like this anymore… and the fact that I’ll go on stage and sing will break her heart more, it will remind her of her career and everything… I’m taking her away of everything.. I’m taking a break until she becomes able to sing again. And if she won’t I’ll just retire and we’ll both leave the fame world. She opened her eyes, finally! “babe?” she whispered  “yes jade?”   “where am I”   “we’re in the hospital”   “why? what happened?”   I don’t want to remind  her… “I will tell you later bae , now we’re going home”   I called the nurse so she can check if she’s good to go..


Yesterday me and jade announced our break.. she is so much better these days.. it has been 3 days since we took her to the hospital..and I’m preparing a big surprise for her.. she just has to wait… 

I was in the living room watching the news , “hottest news of the day: jade sonclear and justin bieber announced their break. Why did they have a break on the same date? Some info/rumours say that she had lost her talent and he’s willing to take care of her..”  I changed the channel before that jade sees anything. she walked over me and sat on my lap. I played with her hair while she pressed her face to my chest. I kissed the top of her head, brushed her hair from her face. Cupped it with both my hands rubbed her natural red cheeks with my tthumbs , looked straight in her beautiful blue eyes. “I can’t imagine a single day without you”  and I kissed her passionately “if you just let me, I’ll kiss you all day long…”  “then mister bieber, I’m giving you the permission ..”  I  leaned over and pecked her lips “I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss*”  and as usual our innocent kisses turn to be a make out session.. I whispered to her “I want you so bad”  “I’m all yours babe”  I smiled and moved from her lips to her jaw line then to her neck, which caused her to moan..  I took off her clothes and kissed her body, and without telling you the details… you know what it ended up with..






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