Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


14. australia


Justin’s Pov :


Chantel was a good person , she was there in all of my concerts supporting me ! she cared about me .. I know that if jade was here she would do the same ! but that’s the point ! she’s not here !! lately ,  chantel said that she loved me . so,  I had to be nice with her , hug her , hold her hand. as long as the world knows that we’re just friends that won’t be a big deal ! 

Today I asked chantel to have dinner together, because I was bored .. so  we went to a fancy restaurant , then we walked around the beach .. I was holding her hand and once I hugged her she got closer , looked in my eyes and her wet lips were coming closer to mine , she kissed me so I just kissed her back . suddenly we saw a flash light from a camera , we looked around and it was a paparazzi ! “damn it ! we gotta leave “ we got in the car and drove to the hotel ..  “chantel you can stay this night with me if you want okay ?”  “ yeah baby “ she kissed me and I  kissed her back when my phone buzzed

“hey jade”

“fuck you justin ! I trusted you ! now you’re cheating on me with that slut !! ”

I could hear the pain in her voice , the anger , the sadness ..  

“no baby its not like that ! I can explain “

“don’t explain anything okay ? !! “


“justin don’t talk please ! I should’ve known since the beginning ! “

I tried to talk but she didn’t give me the chance , and I honestly couldn’t find any excuse ! I mean what can I tell her ?  she kissed me , so I kissed her back ? oh stupid justin ..

Jade was yelling at the phone when chantel said “ babe who is it “ I ignored her question .. and kept listening to jade

“it’s her right ?it’s her ? she is with you now ? in your  hotel’s room ? what do you want to explain !! ?? how many time have you fucked with her ? HUH ?  “

“ no you have to listen!!”

“bye justin! just forget me okay ? “


I wanted to talk but she hang-up !   


I’m a jerk !how could I let her go like that ! I cheated on her !! she trusted me ! and I was just a silly boy ! but I can’t hurt chantel and ask her to leave ! I broke a girl’s heart right now ,  there’s no need to hurt the second one too !!


So I just went toward chantel and wrapped my hand around her neck ..and hugged her tightly ..



Jade’s Pov


It all turned black and I fell on the ground …

I opened my eyes I was in my bed & pattie was  sitting next to me ..

Me-“what happened”

Pattie” I walked in and found you on the ground, I am supposed to ask you that question”

“its..its justin.. he broke my heart! “

“what ?! “

“he was kissing chantel , all the medias are talking about about it .. I called him and I heard her voice .. she was with him even after all what happened .. so I just broke up”

“ooh.. baby don’t worry he will regret it one day or another .. just don’t  think about it ”

“pattie I loved him , I love him and will always do .. its hard .. so hard. . I want to travel and clean my mind from all this shit …”

“of course sweetie !”

I hugged her and started packing my stuff .. I called miley and told her about what happened

“I want you to come with me miley”

“sure ! I’ll pack , when are we gonna leave”

“next morning at 8 am”


**skipping to next morning**


I said goodbye to pattie , and picked miley .. we were in australia after few hours of flying ..

We had shopping .. we met a lot of fans .. we just had fun .. I tried to forget about justin . all the medias were talking about  “jantel “ they looked happy together ..  so there’s no need to be sad & depressed because of him when he’s  happy and just having fun  ..

I was in my hote’ls room swimming in my thoughts when miley walked in

“jade .. I’m sorry but my management want me to do a concert in few days.. I gotta leave next morning”

“ow , don’t worry I’ll be fine .. “

She hugged me then left the room to go pack ..

Miley left next morning .. and I’m totally alone right now ! I wanted to walk around … I was listening to music and walking in the nearest park it was almost 6 pm , the sun started to fall down .. I felt eyes following me .. but I just ignored it , I thought it was just my imagination when I heard footsteps coming closer .. I looked around and no one was there , I ran back to the hotel.. I was scared ..  I took my phone and called harry

Harry- “ hey baby”

I liked talking to harry because he had the cutest accent ever ! 

Me- “hey , how are you”

Harry- “ fine “

Me- “ so where are you ?”

Harry- “Australia”

Me- “ No Way!! “

Harry- “yes way !” he said giggling ..

Me-“ me too ! “

Harry-“ great then , text me the address of ur hotel and I’ll pick u tomorrow at 9 pm for dinner “

Me- “ yeah sure ! “


It had been a week since I & justin broke up .. I’m trying to move on .. but I don’t feel like succeeding in it .. I still love him , more than ever ..

I was thinking about all what happened in these two last years .. how my whole life changed , I wonder what was my cousins’ reactions when they knew about me being a popstar ! I can imagine their faces ! my eyes started to shut and I fell asleep ..


I woke up next morning, It is 8 am .. I woke up early this time , I was used to wake up at 11 am ..  I did my morning routine then I wore justin’s shirt , the one he had left .. and some black short shorts ..



I took my breakfast .. then walked around , I went to the same park as yesterday .. no one was there .. I felt the same thing as yesterday , someone was following me , I decided not to run so I can discover who was it !  I suddenly saw two men dressed in black

Me-“ who are you ? what do you want?”

One of them said “ you”   “me?”  he said pointing to his partner “bring the lady”  I tried to run but it was too late  I started screaming but no one was there .. they hit my head so I just  lost conscience ..






thank you guys for reading :)) leave a comment .. next chapter when i have 4 more comments ;)) <3  love u all


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