The Tomlinson's

Ireland got a call saying she got the job for being a babysitter for the Tomlinson's. She gets close with Lottie, Frizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe.


5. Second Day: Lightning and Thunder

(Hey guys just so you know, well just wanted to tell you guys that it will be Irelands pov for a while.)

*Ireland's POV*

Louis and I were in the car driving to my house when the song Forever Young (Not by One Direction. They are not famous Yet!)

Louis sang that song while we were driving. Once the song was done we were at my home. We got out and walked up to my house. My parents were one of the rich people. We have two huge, I mean HUGE, houses somewhere else and we have this small/Medium one so people dont know. The police think that is why the were killed cause they are rich and that the killers didn't know they had a daughter. So I was lucky. Anyways.

We walked inside and I could hear my Puppies Crying. Aww Poor things. Here all by themselfs and alone. 

"What is that?" Louis asked.

"Thats my Puppies. I forgot they were in their kennel when I left."

"Where are they?" He asked excited.

"My Room."

We started to walk up to my room. I opened up my door and when they saw me their tail wagged and they were excited to see me. I walked over to let one out at a time. I let my baby boy out and he jumped on me and licked my face in excitement. He was so happy to see me. Louis started to walk over to me and Thunder. My dog's name. Started to growl.

"Thunder, its alright." I said putting my hand on him.

I looked at Louis to come here, he shook his head 'no'.

"Come here, or he wont like you."

He came to me and I grabbed his hand and pulled him down. I still had my hand with Louis's to show Thunder that Louis was a friend.

"Put your hand out and let him smell you."

"Um. okay."

"He wont bit you."

Louis did what I told him to do. Thunder sniffed him and how Thunder excepts your friendship is he will sniff you and then look at you. Then he will put his head on you hand. Thunder did what I had thought.

"What does that mean?" Lois asked.

"It means he excepts you."

"Thats good."

"Yah, Let me get out the other one."

"Do I need to do the same?"

"No, she is a sweetheart and is very friendly. He is the protective one. But if you hurt her, he wont be happy. My friend did that and he would not let my friend touch her again and he would growl at them."

"Oh, dont worry I wont hurt her."


I walked over to her pin.

"Come on."

She followed me over to Louis and sat on my lap.

"So what is her name?"

"Her name is Lightning."

"Thunder and Lightning. I love it."

"Yah, my parents got them for me but I told them that they could name them and that is what they named them cause on her foot she has a mark that looks like a lightning bolt."

"Can I see?"


I slowly picked up Lightning and showed him her back right foot.

"You cant really see it but you kind can."

"Yh, I see it now. That is way cool."

"Yah." I set her backdown.

Thunder came over and rubbed his head on Lightnings it was really cute.

"Aww. Thats adorable."

"I know right. They are so cute. Lightning will lay on the floor and Thunder will lay next to her and look around then put his head on her back and they will just lay there."

"Thats adorable."

"Yah. Well, I probably should get packed."

"Okay. May I hold her?"


I handed Louis Lightning and he just smiled at her. I really want to go over to the Tomlinson's and  take care of them but then again I really dont want to leave me puppies.

"I probably should call my friend over to come and take the puppies."

"Wait there not yours?"

"No there mine. But I am not going to leave them alone for a week."

"Bring them over to my place."

"No, that would be to much."

"No. it wont."

"Louis. Its fine my friend can take care of them."

"No, were going to take them." Louis said serious.

"Louis." I whined 

"Ireland." He copied me.

"Fine, but only cause you said."

"Yah!" He said putting Lightning down and running over to me, hugging me and spinning me around.

"Thanks Love. Your the best."

"No Problem Louis No Problem."


Theses are Irelands Puppies that her parents got her:


This is Thunder:

This Is Lightning:

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