The Tomlinson's

Ireland got a call saying she got the job for being a babysitter for the Tomlinson's. She gets close with Lottie, Frizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe.


2. First Day: The Tomlinson's

*Ireland's POV*

I had gotten a call from Johanna saying that I am going to be working as a babysitter. I am so excited:

*Next Day*

I put on this outfit:

I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys. I walked to my car and then drove off ot the Tomlinson's house. I really did not know where they lived, so I called Johanna.


"Hi, Johanna?"

"Yes, Ireland right?"

"Yes and I was wondering how do I get to your house?"

Oh yah, where are you right now?"

"I'm on ~~~~~"

Oh, okay. Take a left, a right then go straight then take another left and we are the last house on  the end on the right side."

"Oh okay. Thank you."

"Sure Thing."



I pulled up to the house. It was a very nice house. I grabbed my phone and keys and walked up to the door. I rung the bell and waited a minute. The door opened and it was Johanna.


"Yah thats me."

"It's so nice to me you."

"Same to you." I said shaking her and.

"Mum, is that her?" someone said.

Johanna moved and revealed a brown haired gurl with pretty blue eyes. She was so beautiful.

"Is that her? The babysitter?" She asked.

"Yes, this is Ireland."

"Hi, its nice to met you....."

"Charlotte, but you can call me Lottie."

"Lottie. I love your name and you are so pretty." I said giving her a hug.

"Aww, well your eyes are pretty and your name is way cool. Can I can you Irish?"

"Yah, Sure. If you want too."

"Awesome. We are going to be great friends. I just know it."

"Yes, we will be."

They let me inside and Johanna went to go get ready for work.

"Come here, Ill show you everyone else." Lottie Said pulling me to

the living room.

Once we got into there, there was three other girls.

"Irish, this is Felicite but we call her Frizzy and these are the twins Daisy and Phoebe."

"Nice to met you gurls. All of you are very pretty & Beautiful gurls. Dont let anyone tell you different."

"Aww. Thank You." They all said.

Lottie was showing me around the house. We went upstairs and she showed me everyone's room.

"This is the twins, Frizzy's room, my room, Mum's room, and this is Louis's room."


"Yah, our older brother."

"I didnt know you had an older brother."

"Yah, I just dont know where he is right now."

We heard a loud glass break. Lottie and I ran downstairs and Frizzy was standing there shaking. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bathroom.

She had blood all over her hand. I put her hand under the water and she pulled away.

"Frizzy come on. Do you want that hand to get better?"

"It hurts."

"I know. It is going to sting but I need to clean off all of the blood."

"Fine, just get it over with."

I put her hand back under the water and she yelled a little bit. Someone came into the bathroom and it was this really cute boy. I took Frizzy's hand out of the water and dried it off with a towel.

"Can you get me something to wrap her hand with please?" I asked the boy.

He shook his head and grabbed some wrapping things. I looked around for some twisters (I think I spelt it right :/ )

I sat down down on the floor while she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

The boy came and sat down next to me and Frizzy held his hand while I got all the glass out of her hand.

I grabbed the wrapping stuff and wrapped her hand up. Once I was done she gave me a hug saying ' Thank You'

She walked back to the living room while I cleaned up. Once I was done that boy was standing there just watching me.

"Um.... Hi?" I said.

"Hi, whats your name love?"

"Ireland. you?"

"Louis and that is a very neat name."


"Are you the babysitter?"

"Yes, I am."

"Okay Awesome and Thanks For helping my sister out."

"No problem. Thats what im here for."

He smiled at me and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and smiled. He smelled really good. I didnt mean to smell him but when I breathed I did. We pulled apart and left the bathroom.

Johanna came back down and hugged her kidz. Once she got to Frizzy she asked Louis what happened. He had no clue what happened.

"Johanna, Frizzy accidentally dropped something but she is fine now."

"Yah, thanks to you. Ireland took care of her." Louis said.

"Oh I see now okay and Thank You Ireland."

"No Problem."

"Ill see all of you guys later." She said and left.

"So now what?" Phoebe asked.

"Movie Marathon!" Lottie yelled.

"Ill get popcorn" Frizzy said.

"No no no. Frizzy how about you and the twins go and pick out some movies?"

"What why?"

"I dont want you to get hurt again. Please."


She went and grabbed both of there hands.

"Im tired." Daisy said.

"Me too." Phoebe said.

"Here Ill take them upstairs." I said.

Frizzy went to the living room to pick out some movies.

I went over and picked up Daisy. I was about to pick up Phoebe but she was gone. I look  behind me and Louis has her in his arms.

"Louis, I can do it."

"I know but Im going to help."


We both went upstairs and walked into there room. I walked over to Daisy's bed but turned out to be Phoebe's bed. Louis laughed a little bit and I smiled and shook my head. I put Daisy down and she climbed into bed and laid down. I told her a storie and she fell asleep. 

Louis followed me out and I closed the door quietly.


"What?" He said staring at me

"You laughed at me. I didnt know whos bed was whos."

"It was funny though."


He smiled at me and leaned down close to me.

"Um..... Louis."


"We just met."

"Oh Yah, Sorry. Its just I feel like I have known you my whole life."

"I know I have too, but.."

"I understand sorry."

"Its fine."

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he did the same to me. Then we went back downstairs and got the drinks for everyone.


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