The Tomlinson's

Ireland got a call saying she got the job for being a babysitter for the Tomlinson's. She gets close with Lottie, Frizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe.


3. First Day: Movie Marathon

*Ireland's POV*

He tried to kiss me? What no. I'm not even pretty. He probably already has a girlfriend.

"Um..... Ireland?" someone said 


"You oaky?" I saw Louis asking.

"Yah, sorry just spaced off."

"Oh, its fine."

I grabbed fours cokes for Everyone. Louis had three bowls of popcorn ready.

"Hey, is it okay if we shared I cant really eat a whole one by myself?" Louis said.

"Yah, sure. I cant either." I said back smiling.

We both walked into the living room and Lottie and Frizzy picked out like 15 Scary movies. Sweet. I love scary movies.

"Hope you guys are oaky with Scary movies. Cause that is what it is going to be."

"Im fine with that I Love Scary Movies." I said.

"Im cool with it." Louis said.

Lottie took one of the couches and so did Frizzy. Louis sat down on the comfy chair and I was about to sit down on the floor when:

"What are you doing?"

"Sitting on the floor. Why?"

"No, you are not going to sit on the floor in my house." Louis said.

"Yes, I am."


He grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto his lap. I started blushing. Why was I blushing? Do I really have feelings for Louis? Im probably not what he likes in a gurl.

"Are you sure?"

"Its fine with me." He said smiling.


"But What?"

I whispered it to Louis. It actually does feel like I know Louis for a long time and that I can tell him Anything-Everything and trust him.

"No, you are not. You are really light and you are not fat. Dont ever say your fat Ireland cause your not." He said putting his arms around my waist and hugging me. I grinned and then turned so I had my feet hanging off the edge. (Kinda like him holding me bridal style but us sitting)

I cuddle up to him and waited for the movie to start. 

"Hey Ireland?"

"Yes, Louis?"

"Sorry about earlier."

"Its fine Louis.

"Its just I got lost in the moment and it would be a good time to kiss you but we just met."

"I know Louis I understand."



He smiled at me and the movie started. The first movie was Scream. I leaned my head down and rested it on Louis's chest. He put his arm around me and we just sat there like that.

*8 hours later*

The movies we had watched were:

Scream 1-4

Nightmare on elm Street

Halloween 1-5

We were getting ready to watch Children of the corn when the gurls came back down.

"Ireland, were hungry."

"What would you like me to make?"

"Spaghetti." Daisy said.

"Mac and cheese." Phoebe said.

"Guys, which one do you want?"

"I dont care." Frizzy said.

"Mac and Cheese." Lottie said.


"I guess mac and cheese."

"Okay, mac and cheese. That means next time I come we can have Spaghetti." Daisy was now happy that I said that.

The Gurls ran into the kitchen and it was just me and Louis left. I started to get up but Louis pulled me back down.

"Please dont leave."

"Ill be right back" I said winking at him.

During one of the movie change Louis and I had decided to play a game where were just flirt with each other. Like it may seam real. But we are really just messing around with each other. Just so you know. :P

I walked into the kitchen and started the water. The gurls went back into the living room and so did I . I saw that Louis was on his phone. I walked over to him and sat back down on his lap. I saw all of the gurls looking at us.

"Miss me?" I said.

"Oh you have no idea." He said winking.

He pulled my head in close to his and hid our faces and just did things to make it look like we were kissing and making out. 

We heard the gurls saying 'eww.' or 'get a room'. Louis and I just laughed.

"Irish. What the heck? You like kissing guys on the first day you met?" Frizzy said.

"Haha, we werent even making out." I said sticking my tongue out at them. 

They all did the same thing back to me.

I walked into the kitchen with Louis following me.

"Nice job." I said giving him a high-five.

"Thanks. You have great acting."

"Really? I was just going along with it."

"Yah, see you do have good acting."

"Well, Thank you." 

*9 minutes later*

Louis had gotten out 6 bowls and I put mac & cheese in every bowl. I called the gurls in and they came and grabbed a bowl. We all sat at the table eating supper. It was 8:00.

After Supper I had everyone go upstairs cause they all still had skool tomorrow. Except for Louis. 

Once everyone was in bed, I walked to the living room and put in: Children In The Corn.

Louis came in and sat down next to me.

"Hello love." he said putting his arm around me.


"What are you watching?"

"Children in the corn."

"Oh that movie."

"What are you scared."

"What no."

"Yes you are Louis."

"No, im not."

"Yes you are."

"No im not." He said tickling me.

"Louis yes you are. Stop." I said laughing. 

"Then say im not scared."

"O-oKay your not s-scared." I said in between laughs.

"Good." He said sitting back down smiling.

I sat back down smiling. Then I started the movie.

*1/2 Hour Later*

We were about half way though the movie when Johanna came in. I looked up and saw her and realize that I was cuddling next to Louis. I moved away quickly and got up.

"You dont have to leave just yet." She said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yah, go ahead and finish the movie. Where are the girls?"

"They are upstairs sleeping."

"Okay. Thanks Ireland."

"No problem."

Johanna had gone upstairs and went to bed and I sat back down next to Louis and we finished the movie. Once it was over I got up and walked to the door, to put on my shoes. Louis followed me.

"Where are you going?"

"Home. Why?"

"You can stay here."

"I dont want to be a bother."

"No, its fine. Your parents should understand."

My parents. I stared at him and just thought and thought. Then thats when I broke down into tears and cried.

"Ireland. Whats wrong?"

I didnt say anything and was about to leave when Louis grabbed my wrist, shut the door, and just held me. Not letting me go. I hugged him back and did not want to let him go.

He picked me up and took me upstairs to him room.

"Louis, I need to get home."

"You are not going to drive when you are in tears like this. No way. You are going to stay the night."

"Thanks Louis."

He place me on him bed and went into his closet. He came back out in pants and no shirt. He had a shirt in his hand and some sweats.

"Here, you can borrow these."


I went into his bathroom and changed. I came back out and went and sat back down next to Louis on the bed. He pulled me close to him and I cried more and more. Louis just held me and sang to me. Then I fell into a deep sleep. 


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