The Tomlinson's

Ireland got a call saying she got the job for being a babysitter for the Tomlinson's. She gets close with Lottie, Frizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe.


1. Babysitter

Louis's POV

"Louis, can you come here for a sec."

"Yah sure mum."

"Yes, can you start tomorrow?" I heard my mum say.

"That would be great. Okay Thank You Bye."

I walked into the kitchen and my mum got off the phone with someone.

"Yes mum?"

"I am going to be working a lot and have barley and time to watch you kidz. So I am having a girl come over and babysit them."

"What Mum I can watch them."

"What about when you are at practice or something someone needs to watch them."

"Lottie and Frizzy can."

"No, Im sorry. I like the idea but they are still a little bit young. So she is coming tomorrow."

"Uh, I hate this."

"Louis, I'm sorry but please be nice to her. She is a very sweet girl."

"Okay mum."

"Thank you dear." she said giving me a kiss on my forehead and then went upstairs to lay down.

She works way to hard. Hope tomorrow goes good.

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