She is the reason I still want to breath: A Cato and Clove lovestory

This is a fanfiction of The Hunger Games. But it's about Clato, therefore Clove and Cato and not Katniss and Peeta. Clove is a girl from district 2, she have been in love with Cato a very long time and she did not know about his feelings for her. And what happens when their emotions becomes deeper? What happens inside the arena and why are Clove so emotional? Find out in this fanfiction!


6. Keela


We are transported quickly from the train station to the renewal center.

And there I meet my assistants, Molly, Shelly and Vicram.

They begin to wax me until I don't have a single hair left, on my whole body. The only way for me to not react to the pain is to disconnect the reality and think about completely different things.

Before I know it, I'm lying in a room and my stylist Keela comes into the room.

He is a white man who wears way too much brown cream, but other then that, he's the most normal thing I've seen in the short time I have been in the Capitol.

"Hey Clove", Keela says.

"Hello", I reply.

"Looking forward to the opening ceremony?" He asks.

"Uh well, yes", I say.

"I know it came as a shock, it's usually the eighteen year olds, it has always been hardest to choose between all the girls who volunteer", Keela says. "So I will, with your help make sure that no one sees you as a child".

Keela is right. If anyone under eighteen from District 2 is in the Hunger Games, they are always seen as the 12-year-olds from the other Districts.

It can't happen to me. Not when I've struggled so much to fit into the group with those who are two years older than me. I have always been seen as a child, it can't happen, not here, I'm not going to allow it.

Keela will give me outfits that will help me but basically it's I who must make sure that no one sees me as a child.

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