She is the reason I still want to breath: A Cato and Clove lovestory

This is a fanfiction of The Hunger Games. But it's about Clato, therefore Clove and Cato and not Katniss and Peeta. Clove is a girl from district 2, she have been in love with Cato a very long time and she did not know about his feelings for her. And what happens when their emotions becomes deeper? What happens inside the arena and why are Clove so emotional? Find out in this fanfiction!


5. Embarressed


I open my eyes and yawn. And that's when I discover that Cato is next to me. I never left his room last night. His arms holds a protective grip on me. I hear the door open and then a horrified scream.

"What do you two really think you are doing?"

Cato wakes up and I sit up in the bed when his arms fall off me. He sits upp too.

It's Tryffina standing there in the doorway.

"Uh..." I get out.

"Tryffin... n ... na", Cato yawn.

"Come here Clove", Tryffina mills.

I obey her without any hesitation.

"Forgive us Tryffina", I say.

"Oh well, now into your room and dress modestly before breakfast and the arrival to the Capitol", Tryffina says patiently.

When I hurry away, I almost run.

I come into my room and take out a pair of black jeans and a white blouse. I brush my hair and put it up in a pony tail.

When I come to breakfast half an hour later, everyone is already there.

I can see at Adam and Skylie that they know what happened this morning. I swallow hard, sits down on a chair next to Cato and wait for Adam and Skylie to start yell at us.

But they don't.

I eat a little iffy on a piece of bread and drink a hot sweet liquid that Skylie told me is called hot chocolate. It's so quiet around the table, almost an embarrassed silent, as if I had confessed a crime before a judge.

"Oh, we're here", I hear Tryffina say.

I turn around and look out of the window. Yep we are. I go up to the window to get a better view. So beautiful.

How would my life look like if I had been born in the Capitol instead of District 2. I just know that I'm glad I was born where I was, because otherwise I would never have met the guy who now comes and stands beside me.

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