Finding those eyes.

Lately 16 year old Ashley has been having dreams of grey eyes that's all that she sees in the dream and then as the light starts to lighten she sees the black clothing of a man, probably from dauntless but who is he? Why is she seeing him? When she finds him will she figure out the answer? Or if.


1. the choosing

The eyes. That's all I saw in the dream, those beautiful grey eyes. I want to find the guy, get some answers. I hate not knowing, why I'm dreaming something. My dreams always come true when I have them, I have déjà Vu a lot. I know it's weird, but I can't help how my mind processes.

I took the aptitude test yesterday, my results were dauntless, I'm going to pick dauntless. It might be my way to finding him. I mean he did have black clothes In the dream. My parents don't know about the dream, there going to be very disappointed in me when I choose today, my older brother Tobias or as he likes to be called, Four, he chose dauntless, he left the family. He left me behind, with our abusive father Marcus. Did anybody care about me? absolutely not. Even with Tobias gone, they still don't care about me. I'm the black sheep always have been always will be.

I tied my hair up in a bun, not knowing what I looked like since abnegation wasn't aloud to look in a mirror for too long. My mom was technically suppose to do my hair on this day but she didn't care, actually she's still sleeping, she never gets up to make me breakfast or anything, it's fend for myself every 365 days of the year.

I walked to the choosing by myself following a group of other 16 year olds that will be choosing today. I'm never excepted in school or anywhere else for that matter. I'm hoping that today when I pick dauntless that they will accept me. Especially since my big brother is there, maybe he will help.

I took my seat with the rest of my faction, the whispers around me, everyone starring at me talking about how ugly and fat I was. It was all so overwhelming. I hate being a stiff, I hate being called one, I hate them.

When it was my turn I drew blood from my hand and carefully squeezed it into the coals. The dauntless coals. I was officially part of dauntless. I could finally see my brother again, I could attempt to find the mystery man of my dreams. I Ashley Eaton am finally dauntless.

For the rest of the choosing I say next to a man he looked like he could be the leader, he had a pierced eye brow and had a tattoo coming up his neck. I sat quietly waiting for the first initiation that would happen after we left here today.

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