Don't (Harry Styles fan fiction)

When Eleanor introduces Clara and Isabelle to One Direction at a party, Harry suddenly becomes interested in Clara, as she ignores him and doesn't pay much interest into him. Clara's life is very jumbled and has only been good for the past year, with her best friend Isabella. They lived in an abusive home and saved themselves, landing jobs in business in the city and living there. But once their company gets shut down and they are left jobless, Harry offers Clara a job she just can't refuse. When Clara takes the job she slowly finds out that Harry is a genuine person and finds herself liking him.


8. The Dark

Clara's POV;

My most weakest point? The dark. Knowing that I had no control over the dark frightened me and that's where I had been this whole night. A couple of hours had passed and the sun had set. It was completely dark now. I was scared because everywhere had been consumed by the dark. The unsettling feeling of something happening without me being able to do something about it frightened me.

"Clara-" Eleanor said and put her hand on my shoulder, catching me off guard, "Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you."

"That's fine." I replied with a small smile.

"We should start walking now. Come on." She said. I nodded and jumped off the bonnet of the car. I was talking with Isabelle so she came along with us. We had been stuck in the same place with no cars going past or anything, our phones were not picking up reception and the car's fuel ran out. The boys were trying to make a sufficient plan. They were taking their time, then again I suppose they were used to having someone else do all the thinking for them. Normal in their cases.

"But, don't you think it's a better idea if we all stay here? With the car. I mean obviously there's no where close by or there would have been other cars driving to and from places. It's been hours since we last saw a car." I pointed out. Eleanor looked at Louis who was about 2 metres away from us. He gave her a wink and she looked back at me.

"It could be dangerous if we stay here by the car. We could get mugged or something, it's better if we keep moving along." She replied. True. Something may of happened, maybe it was better that we kept moving along.

"You're right," I replied with a small smile, "Let's get going then."

Ten minutes into walking and Eleanor already had us laughing. She made a joke about something. Eleanor was walking with Isabelle to her left and me to her right and the boys were walking about a stride behind us. We were following what looked like an abandoned road.

"It's good Niall isn't here or he'd be crying that he was hungry." Louis joked. I laughed and then I stopped walking when I thought I saw someone. My whole heart dropped and my head started throbbing. I came back to realisation when someone walked into my back.

"Sorry." I turned my head and looked up to see it was Harry. My face must of looked like I just saw a ghost because the next thing he said was, "What's wrong?" He seemed some what concerned.

"Nothing, I'm fine." I replied with a smile. "Tired." Lame excuse I know but it was all I could think of. At this moment I realised his hand was on my back. Before Harry could say anything Isabelle was by my side.

"What happened?" She asked me.

"I thought I saw Julie." I whispered to her. She quickly lifted her head and looked out.

"It's impossible. Don't think about it." She smiled. I nodded and we continued.

"Hey." Harry called in a voice only I was meant to hear and he caught my arm. I stopped and looked at him. We fell behind the others. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asked. "If you're tired we can stop, or I could carry you." I smiled. It was a nice suggestion I really did want to stop walking and just sit somewhere alone. Somewhere I felt safe like in my own apartment.

"I think you've carried me enough for today." I laughed. He smiled at me and let go of my arm and we started walking.

"I didn't mind." He replied. "You're light."

"Very good reply." And now he laughed. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and tried looking for reception.

"If only I could get my reception to work." He said.

"Why? You don't like being lost in the middle of no where? It's my favourite pastime." I said in a sarcastic way. Harry began laughing. He stopped walking and kept laughing. He was bending over resting his hands on his knees, 'dying of laughter' as they would say. Honestly it always did feel good to make someone laugh.

"Are you okay?" I said with a huge smile on my face. He just kept laughing and I looked back up and saw the others looking at us.

"I'm okay, I'm okay!" He announced as he stood back up and wiped tears from his eyes. "That was good. Completely caught me off guard." And then we began walking again.

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