Don't (Harry Styles fan fiction)

When Eleanor introduces Clara and Isabelle to One Direction at a party, Harry suddenly becomes interested in Clara, as she ignores him and doesn't pay much interest into him. Clara's life is very jumbled and has only been good for the past year, with her best friend Isabella. They lived in an abusive home and saved themselves, landing jobs in business in the city and living there. But once their company gets shut down and they are left jobless, Harry offers Clara a job she just can't refuse. When Clara takes the job she slowly finds out that Harry is a genuine person and finds herself liking him.


20. Fun

Clara's POV;

It was now Sunday morning. I groaned and turned. My phone was ringing. I picked it up and saw that I was getting an incoming call from work. I quickly sat up and cleared my throat then pressed answer.

"Good morning, Miss Clara Bembrook." A very feminine voice said.

"Yes, good morning." I replied.

"I was ringing to inform you that you have the week off work." She said. My mouth dropped open.

"I have the week off work? Why?" I asked.

"We are experiencing difficulties here at the law firm and things are not looking bright for us. I'm sorry to say it but you have the week off, no pay. And I will call again the next Sunday to inform you if we still need a staff or if the company closes down." She said. My heart started to beat fast. My company might be shutting down.. I was going to be jobless.

"Okay.. Thank you." I replied and hung up. Almost instantly my phone buzzed again. My heart dropped. Was it from work again? Was I jobless now? I looked at my phone and saw a message from Harry. He now had my number. Nothing I was thrilled about. I didn't like conversations over texting. I opened his message;

I'll pick you up at 3! I have a huge day planned. Make sure you're comfortable! xoxo

Despite what was going on I smiled at the message and hit reply.

Cannot wait to see what's up your sleeve. See you then. xx

I then looked at the clock. It was 1. Shit. I jumped out of bed and into the shower. After I washed myself I put on my strawberry scented body lotion and sprayed my favourite vanilla musk on. I blow dried my irritatingly long hair. It took almost and hour to blow dry it all. I've been wanting to cut it for a long time and now I had the time to do it.

Another hour later I was dressed and ready. I wore a loose black tank top with a small pocket on my left chest and a light denim wash jeans with rips. My hair was up in a loose but presentable ponytail. I had on only concealer and mascara. I was feeling bummed out about work, but there wasn't much I could do other than look for another. I shook off the thoughts. I didn't want to think about this right now. I wanted to enjoy my day. Isabelle and I had to cancel our hang out as she was already probably with Liam and Harry should be here any moment. Moments later I heard a knock on the door. I picked up my side bag and picked up my keys and phone, walking to the door. I opened the door and couldn't help but giggle when I saw Harry holding a little flower in front of his face.

"A pretty flower for a pretty girl." He said and grinned at me. I giggled once more. "I like the sound of that. Turn around." He said and I did. I turned around and felt him put the flower into the top of my ponytail. "Perfect." He said to himself and I turned back around.

"Thank you. I'm sorry to say I've greeted you empty handed." I joked.

"I forgive you. But just this once." He joked back. "Come on! We have a lot to do!" He said excitedly as he smiled. I felt my stomach grumble and placed a hand over it. He examined me. "Hungry?" He asked and I nodded shyly. "Good, as am I. Come." He outstretched his hand to me. Why was he outstretching his hand to me? I closed and locked the door behind me and he smiled at me flexing his fingers enthusiastically at me. I laughed a little and took his hand. Surely it meant nothing.

I drove and Harry was sitting shot gun. It was his car. I think. I didn't really ask. We had the radio on and he was singing along to Katy Perry - Roar. I couldn't help but laugh. He turned down the radio so it was background music.

"So tell me," He started "What's your favourite colour?"

"Hm.. Baby green." I replied and he chuckled.

"So baby green? Not green, baby green?" He said empyazing on the baby. I stopped at a red light and looked at him, amused.

"What's your favourite colour?" I asked. He looked out the window and back at me.

"Drive." He said in a gentle voice. "Baby blue." He replied as I continued to drive. I could almost feel that he was smirking.

"Baby blue?" I asked mocking him.

"Yes, baby blue." He laughed.

A little while later we arrived at a little bakery.

"Okay, you stay here, I've got this." He said as he leaned to the back of the car and picked up a few things. He put on a fake moustache on top of his lip and put on glasses and a hat. I began laughing. "Why are you laughing, Clara? Am I amusing?" He said as he changed his voice to sound old.

"Very." I laughed and looked at him.

"I'll be right back. I'm getting us both chicken schnitzel sandwiches and what drink would you like?" He asked in his normal voice.

"Hm.." I thought. "Water please." He smiled and opened the car door. "Wait!" I grabbed his arm and he stopped. He looked down at my hand on his arm for what felt like moments and looked back at me. I couldn't see his eyes. "Let me pay. My treat?" I said. I saw him frown.

"I'll be right back. Stay put." He said and left the car.

Harry returned later with a brown paper bag. It was large.

"They had these really nice looking doughnuts so I had to buy some." He grinned. He took off his disguise and pulled out my sandwich. "I'm sorry we have to eat here indiscreet. I'd rather you not have to be flashed by with paparazzi. Next time I promise it won't be in a car." He smiled sweetly at me and handed me my sandwich. It smelt amazing. I opened it and took a bite into it. After swallowing it I looked at Harry.

"So, what are they plans for today?" I asked curious. He swallowed and looked at me sideways.

"Secret." He said.

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