Don't (Harry Styles fan fiction)

When Eleanor introduces Clara and Isabelle to One Direction at a party, Harry suddenly becomes interested in Clara, as she ignores him and doesn't pay much interest into him. Clara's life is very jumbled and has only been good for the past year, with her best friend Isabella. They lived in an abusive home and saved themselves, landing jobs in business in the city and living there. But once their company gets shut down and they are left jobless, Harry offers Clara a job she just can't refuse. When Clara takes the job she slowly finds out that Harry is a genuine person and finds herself liking him.


5. Confident Part 5

"I have an idea." He said. He opened another draw and rummaged around. He found scissors and pulled them out. "Come on." He said in a gentle voice and held my hand. We walked upstairs and into an empty room. He closed the door then let go of my hand.

"What was the idea?" I asked. I felt so sick.

"Let's cut the top half of your dress off and make the bottom part a skirt!" He said sounding quite proud of him self. It was smart. But..

"I don't have a spare shirt, and I'm definitely not walking around shirtless."I replied. He smirked.

"We don't mind." He said. "I'm only joking. I'm wearing an extra shirt. You can wear it and tuck it in or whatever and make it look good." He was right to sound proud of his idea. It was smart.

"I couldn't ask that of you." I replied.

"You're not. I'm telling you." He smiled back then took his blazer off. He then unbuttoned his black shirt and threw it on the bed. He lifted the other black shirt and I looked away. I heard him chuckle. "You can look I don't mind." He joked, but I could almost feel his smirk. I rolled my eyes to myself. "Here." He said. I think he was offering me his shirt but I couldn't see, seeing as I wasn't looking that way. I put out my hand hoping he'd just place it there and he did. A minute later he said, "I have a shirt on now." I looked back up at him and saw that he indeed did have a shirt on but didn't button them up. "Now, you have to take off your dress and cut it." He said and handed me the scissors. I waited for him to turn around and he kept looking at me.

"Well?" I said. He lifted an eyebrow and held himself from smiling. "Aren't you going to turn around?" I asked.

"I don't mind." He replied.

"Okay, outside!" I laughed. I tried not to, I promise.

"Okay, okay! I'm turning around." He said.

"And don't peek." I said.


After I cut the dress and made it into a skirt I did as Harry said and wore his shirt tucked in.

"It looks good." He said with a smile.

"Thank you." I replied and could feel myself blushing.

"Let's go back to the rest." He said. I nodded and we left the room. When we got down stairs we saw Louis and the rest. We walked up to them.

"Do you know what time it is?" Isabelle said trying to not laugh. "Where did you get that from?" She asked.

"Long story." I replied. "And, what's the time?" I asked.

"3. A.M." She said. My jaw dropped open. "3 already?" I asked. She nodded. "Shit." I said under my breath.

"Is something wrong?" Harry asked into my ear. Yes, yes there was.

"No." I shook my head. "We have to go now. But thank you for having us here. It was great." I said to them.

"Our pleasure!" Louis said. We all hugged and said bye, when I got around to Harry things were a little different.

"We didn't even get to talk much cause of the idiot who spilt his drink on you." He said sounding annoyed. I laughed a little.

"Well, thank you for helping me. Really." I smiled. He looked at me in silence for a bit.

"It was my pleasure. Really." He copied. I giggled and he smiled and smirked. How did he do it at the same time? "If it's not so-"

"Come on Clara. Oh god we're screwed!" Isabelle said tugging on my hand.

"Could I have your number?" He asked. Well, wasn't he very confident and bold for asking a girl he barely knew for's number. Very confident.

"I don't give my number out to people I don't really know. Sorry." I smiled apologetically. He smirked and before he could say something Isabelle pulled me out the door.

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