Don't (Harry Styles fan fiction)

When Eleanor introduces Clara and Isabelle to One Direction at a party, Harry suddenly becomes interested in Clara, as she ignores him and doesn't pay much interest into him. Clara's life is very jumbled and has only been good for the past year, with her best friend Isabella. They lived in an abusive home and saved themselves, landing jobs in business in the city and living there. But once their company gets shut down and they are left jobless, Harry offers Clara a job she just can't refuse. When Clara takes the job she slowly finds out that Harry is a genuine person and finds herself liking him.


25. Be With Me

Clara's POV;

I groan and move to my side only to wake up wincing at the pain the cut is causing. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked at the clock hanging off my wall. 5:45 in the morning. Brilliant. I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep now as well. I sighed loudly and stood up. When I did I felt my legs slightly giving up and leaned against the wall. Probably cause I didn't eat anything. I leaned my back against the wall and I sank down the wall a little. There was a knock on my door. Probably Isabelle.

"Come in, Isabelle." I called out. The door opened and to my surprise it was Harry. "Harry?" I asked. He looked at me with concern and walked to me.

"We all had a sleep over. I, quite obviously, couldn't sleep." He said and pulled me off of the wall and wrapped and arm around my back and walked me back to my bed, sitting me down on it. I winced when I sat down. "What's wrong?" He asked with a soft voice.

"Nothing." I replied, my voice much to quiet than I would like it to be. I realised that his arm was still loosely wrapped around me. How much I wanted to tell someone, and have someone take me away from this place and to keep me away from all this shit. But that's not how life worked out. Nothing was like that. No one kisses your cuts and bruises and tells you that everything is going to be okay. No one takes you away from the pain you feel and helps you through it all. It was all bullshit. Bullshit made to make idiots relax, thinking there was an escape when really, there wasn't.

"I'm not going to force you to tell me right now. But I will get it out of you." He said in a light happy voice. "Do you need anything?" I looked at my bedside table.

"Could you please get me my phone and a glass of water from the kitchen. I'm sure that's where I left my phone." I said looking at him. He smiled down at me and nodded. He then got up and left the room. I propped up my pillows and leaned against them and pulled my blanket up and over my knees. I placed my hand over my stomach. I wanted to see how the cut looked like now. Did it grow? Do I need to go to the hospital? I sighed again. I felt so empty inside. Like I wanted to cry but I felt like there was no point in it. It wouldn't satisfy what I needed. Moments later Harry returned. He had a cup of water and my phone in his hand. He sat on the edge of the bed beside me, handing me my cup of water I smiled at him as a thank you and drank half of it. I placed it on the bed side table and took my phone.

"Thank you." I said.

"You're most welcome, Clara." He smiled at me sweetly.

"Did everyone sleep here?" I ask curiously.

"Yes. Everyone's here." He crossed one leg over another.

"If you're not comfortable there, you can sit here you know?" I ask and pat the empty space beside me. My bed was pretty big. Queen size. He looked at me in silence for a little while with a small smile on his face. He crawled over my legs like a child and sat beside me, pulling the blanket over his knees. I laughed. He wiggled in place for a while then turned his head to look at me. I turned my face so I could see him. "Better?" I asked with amusement.

"Much." He smiled. "How come you're awake?" He asked a little confused.

"Couldn't really sleep. How come you haven't slept yet?" I asked.

"I couldn't really sleep." He said mocking me. I laughed and he chuckled.

"Why?" I asked. "Is something wrong? You can tell me, I'll listen." I said with a smile. His smile slowly disappeared. I wonder if something did happen. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"How?" He said in a soft voice.

"How what?" I said confused.

"You're in obvious pain. Something obviously happened and no one knows, yet here you are, in pain, asking how I'm doing.." He looked at me sadly.

"That's because I'm fine." I smiled. Lying obviously, but I was very good at it. Not that it's something I should be proud of. "You're just reading to much into it." I said. He shook his head.

"I don't believe you." He replied. "It makes me restless knowing something's up with you and you won't tell me, or let me help you." I sighed.

"But I'm fine Harry. Really. How can I prove that to you? To make you feel better." I offered.

"Lift your shirt." He said. I had to turn this around. I made an O shape with my mouth and gasped, jokingly.

"Harry! How very forward of you! We don't even know each other that well." I joked. I saw him trying to suppress a smile.

"That's not what I meant and you know it." He replied. "I know you well enough to know that you're lying to me." He looked down at my stomach. "Lift it and I'll believe you."

"Harry, I have scars from when I was small. I was a very clumsy child, I'm not really comfortable with my body." I said. This was true. But I didn't have 'scars' just one. And It wasn't because of my clumsiness. He sighed and nodded his head. He laid down on his back and scooted closer to me. "You should get some sleep Harry." He suddenly held my hand.

"Stay. You should sleep too." He said then yawned. I laid down, his hand still in mine and closed my eyes.


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