The Compatibles

My first story.
Jerry Davis and Ian Green decide to search for a classmate who has disappeared, but the discoveries they make will change their lives forever.


1. The Fairground

The characters of my stories are fiction. Any similarities between them and existing characters is purely coincidental. Any similarities between them and any person, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.


Brady Creed had talent. He was modest about it, but he still knew it or else he wouldn't have ended up on stage at the Blue Gem festival. James Picard and Jerome "Hobie" Hobes knew it too, that's why they made him the lead singer in their trio. They had known each other long before they started high school, but had only decided to showcase themselves two years earlier. They called themselves "Double J B" on account of their initials. They were all on guitar, and they all sung, but Brady was really the only choice for lead. His voice was unique amongst his trio and his school: Blue Gem High, and audiences always appreciated how his voice stood out. It was agreed within Double J B that Brady would always be standing a metre or so in front of James and Hobie,who would be parallel to each other, so he was the highlight of their performances. Brady wasn't his real name though, it was George, but people started calling him Brady in high school on account his had three sisters and two brothers.

Brady was practically standing on the edge of the stage. Hobie and James weren't far behind him. It was pretty small stage, only a few metres along each side and only elevated half a metre. All three of them were getting into the music they were producing, and they had attracted a decent-sized crowd, unusual for a place like Blue Gem. James played the bass (as always) while Hobie and Brady played harmony and melody. They were playing the last few bars of the clean version of Bruno Mars' Gorilla. They were all singing. Hobie and James providing the "Ooh's" and the "yeah's" as well as some a cappella, while Brady handled the lyrics.

"You and me baby making love like gorillas." He finished the song with a dramatic fist in the air. This was met with an appreciative crowd in an uproar of applause. Hobie and James joined him on the edge of the stage, guitars hung by their  straps over their shoulders. Hobie took the microphone from Brady's hand with a bit of force.

"Thank you Blue Gem!" His voice boomed, "We are Double J B and we'll be back again for the next annual Blue Gem Festival!" The trio waved to the crowd one last time and went off stage right. The guitars were theirs but the amps were the property of their voice coach who had organised the music of the festival, so they didn't need to worry about the equipment, just their instruments.

The festival was the biggest event Blue Gem ever hosted. Every year it took place over the weekend the town was settled. The council would block off the roads near the football club, save one that connected with the parking lot, and would turn half of the oval into rides: dodgem cars, the Cha-Cha, the Zipper, while the other half was divided into two lanes. One was market stalls that sold knitted clothes and hand-made wooden toys and baked goods. The other held side games and had a funhouse at the very end. Squeezed into the already congested ex-football field were trailers used to move the larger rides and the funhouse.

They were headed for the parking lot. James had driven Brady there, as they both lived one suburb over. James was only a couple of months older than the other two, his birthday had passed in February and was eagre to get his red P's. Him and Brady stored their guitar cases in the back of his black, four-door Pajero. Hobie had stored his there as well. He had walked, living only four streets away from the event, but still had to carry his guitar.  

James opened the boot of his pride and joy. It swung out to the left, nearly hitting the car parked next to James. The close call caught James by surprise.

"Oh, sh...oot!" was the call, something that had been forced upon him by his mother's appreciation for cursing. He rushed to inspect any possible damage to his baby.

"Of all the parking spots here, this guy decides it's a good idea to park next to me." Hobie and Brady used James' preoccupation to pack away their guitars.

"What makes your car different from any other?" Hobie asked, half teasing, almost done putting his pride and joy away.

"What makes her different?" his statement had shocked James, "She's mine!"

"But how could anyone know not to park next to you is the point?" Brady this time, he was always quick to put his instrument away and didn't take as much care as the other two.

"Isn't it obvious?" James asked. Brady and Hobie exchanged glances. "The red P." A touch of exhaustion in his voice.

"You do this every time we do these things," Brady came up and put a hand on his shoulder, "and all it does is annoy everyone involved. Now, pack up your guitar." A clap of his hands. "In the mean time, I really need to use the toilet, I've been holding it in since Good Riddance."

"I think there were some port-a-loo's near the stage," always the helpful Hobie, "the big, blue boxes."

"Don't they usually stink?" James asked from the back of his car.

"Right now, I don't really care." And with that, Brady left his company at an awkward speed.

"Make it quick!" James called after him, "Mum'll kill me if I can't get all my homework done!"

"No worries!" was the call back.

James and Hobie waited five minutes. Then ten. Then half an hour. At forty-five minutes they searched the fairground. At on hour, parents were called. At two, the police. It was three hours before a missing persons had been issued.     


So readers, that was the first chapter of my first story. I know this chapter as a bit dry, but the fun stuff starts happening in the next chapter. There will be a chapter 2 as well as a few more, and hopefully they will come out soon. Please let me know your thoughts, I am always willing to accept constructive criticism.

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