When a star falls

Leesa Malik is the sister of Zayn Malik and girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson. What happens when Louis commits suicide. Will they find out why he did this to himself? Will they be able to cope without Louis? Read to find out :)


6. Nialls note.

Zayn had finished reading his note and he aswell was crying. It's weird. Zayn is such a strong person and he never cries in front of us. It was now Nialls turn to read his note. He wiped his nose and began reading

Dear Niall,

If you're reading this, I did it. I decided it was my time to go. I'm going to keep yours short (like you...joking) and just say: don't miss me too much. I'm in a better place and I couldn't be happier.

Missing your Irishness,


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