When a star falls

Leesa Malik is the sister of Zayn Malik and girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson. What happens when Louis commits suicide. Will they find out why he did this to himself? Will they be able to cope without Louis? Read to find out :)


7. Liam's note

Leesa's P.O.V

Lou kept Niall's very short. I was still in tears. While Niall was reading his note, I grabbed Louis's favourite striped shirt and started sobbing into it. It smelled like Louis.

"I guess I'm going to read mine now," announced Liam.

"Alright," said Niall.

"Dear Liam,

Sweet and intelligent Liam. You are the most mature out of all of us. Or in this case, most mature out of the other boys. You said, and I quote, "Gotta live hardcore to be hardcore". I think I've lived hardcore enough.

Do me one favour before I end this note, be the Daddy Direction you are and keep the boys from doing anything stupid.

Missing your intelligence,


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