When a star falls

Leesa Malik is the sister of Zayn Malik and girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson. What happens when Louis commits suicide. Will they find out why he did this to himself? Will they be able to cope without Louis? Read to find out :)


3. Grieving

Leesa's P.O.V

Wow i cant believe it. i havent stopped crying. Louis gone. I was  curled up next to niall and we were researching funeral places. "Oh, call this one. it looks happy. louis wouldve liked it" niall said as he pointed to the screen. "ok" i said and rang the number "Hello, my name is Leesa Malik, i'd like to book a funeral for Louis Tominson" i said tears filling my eyes. " spelt L-O-U-I-E?" no spelt L-O-U-I-S""ok honey, come to ................. tomorrow  with the clothes you would like louis to wear" "o-ok" the line went dead. i couldnt take this. i ran to me and lous room and cried into the pillow. i felt something under the pillow which felt like paper.

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