1. Hope✌️

I stood in my bathroom curled into a ball. The tighter I pulled my self in the safer I felt. The pulsing of my heart faded from my temples leaving me with a dull head ache. My cheeks were a crimson red with dried river tears . I had hoped if I would stand up for my self that every thing would be better. It wasn't , It was worse . I had never been badly beaten before in my life it was awful. The fresh belt wounds had a lingering burn that. My dad was abusive to no end , he wasn't always though just after my mom left us for his best friend. Another side took over him and it's been like that for as long as I could remember. I pressed my hands up on the walls for support and dragged my self up. Slowly an with out making contact to my back I lifted my shirt over my back. Cuts oozed with blood , making my back a think red in places . Then I noticed a pattern in them , horizontal on my back was written " slut." With the slashes.

" ha very clever ." I called out to him in a whisper . I carefully slid my shit back over and turned on the sink . I scrubbed of the tears on my cheek and the running make up. Then dried May face on the ratty towel that I've had for years. I tied my hair in a slick pony tail and tried my best to stand tall , even if my back ached with pain. I unlocked the door and went out . He was sitting in the living room , and to get to my room I would have to walk past him. I pulled my self together and started walking across. Almost to my room he said

" did you learn your lesson?"

Turning around I sucked in a deep breath of air. " probably not but nice pen men ship ." I bluntly said. He quickly stood up and crossed the room to me.

" don't you dare tall back to me you little slut! Your just like your skanky mother!" He yelled fiercely in my face causing me to flinch. Knowing that I should hold my tongue but I was tired of doing that year after year.

" that's how a conversation works phill." I said smirking by calling him his first name. Before I could brace my self he grabbed a handful of my hair and smacked my head on the wall over and over. Then through me in my room . I tried not to cry to show weakness. One day I hoped to be out of this hell hole .

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