This story is about a 16 year old girl who life has been turned upside down all because of one night that she regrets. She later realises that this can and has changed her life for the better.


1. Little Miss Innocent

Hi, I'm Cleo I am 16 years old and in year 11. I live with my parents in a double story house, I'm an only child but I never get anything I want. I was always known as the kind and quiet girl but that all changed when my family friend passed away 2 years ago, she was my hero, she died from cancer which is why a lot of people don't understand why she is my hero. They told her that she had months to live but she proved them wrong she lasted long enough to meet and inspire me. My school life is wonderful I want to become more involved in school activities, my dance and gymnastics are about to come in handy because I want to be a part of the cheerleading squad. I have a boyfriend he is 19 and my parents don't really want me dating him and that is the only thing they can agree on since she died, other then that they fight all the time.


Argh he's a dick why would he break up with me? I thought to myself turning my head, I was walking home from a party it was pretty dark and no one was following me...yet. Omg omg omg someone is behind me I kept telling myself, until there was someone following me with their car. I just kept walking. It was pretty dark and I was drunk so I stopped. I could see the car in the corner of my eye getting closer and closer until it eventually stopped right next to me.

“hey” he said, he was wearing a dark blue hoody and had blue eyes and black hair.

“hey” I replied

“need a ride?” he said


“then get it” He opened the door and we started talking. “I'm Sam”

“Stacy” like I was going to give him my real name I might have been drunk but I wasn't stupid. “Are you ok?” he asked

“what do you think?”

“I think you are drunk”

“I think you're right” I giggled leaning on the window “this isn’t my house” I said

“I know this is my place”

“oh” I said closing my eyes, I could feel the car stop and I heard his door bang. He picked me up and carried me through the front door, laid me on the couch and walked away. He came back with a class of water.

“here have this” he said handing it to me

“what is this?” I asked, confused

“water, it will make you feel a lot better” I chugged the whole class and drifted to sleep. I woke up and I was not home. What am I doing here? Oh my gosh I thought to myself. Then I heard footsteps, I grabbed the blanket and covered myself “hi” he said

“hi?” I said looking confused

“you don't remember me?” he said sitting next to me

“no sorry”

“oh well I saw you walking from a party and you were pretty drunk so I brought you here”

“thanks but I should go” I said

“come on let me drive you” he said moving his hand up my thigh

“get off of me” I said knocking his hand away

“oh come on, you didn't stop me last night” he said moving his hand higher, I jumped up

“I said NO” storming out of the room I could feel him behind me “just get in” he said

“i don't want to” I said

“just do it”

“if you promise to take me home”

“fine” It was quiet the whole ride, he dropped me off a few houses away. I eventually got to my front door, I was freaking out but I had no choice, I had to open the door and make up some bullshit.

“Cleo where were you?” my mum said “I slept over at Amy and my phone died so I couldn't call you”

“Cleo we were worried sick” my dad said

“well that's a first” I said and making my way up stairs Things haven"t been same for ages since my family friend passed, me and my parents barely talk anymore.

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