How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


21. Chapter Twenty-One

Back to Nash's POV!


There's shuffling around me and quiet groans. I find that weird cause Cameron had a party to go to so he left. Matt left so who would be here? Unless...

I open one eye. It's dark but there she sat. In her bed. Awake. After almost a whole month. She's awake. My heart begins to pound so hard I think it's gonna burst through my chest. "Skylar?" I say, still half asleep.

She turns to me quickly and even though it's dark I can see the panic in her eyes. I stand up and flick the lights on. "Who's Skylar? Who are you? Where am I?!" She begins to breath heavily, I hit the nurse help button.

"Calm down. You're Skylar." I say and grab her hand. She scoots away from me. "I'm not Skylar! I would know who I am!" She screams. The nurse walks in and looks shocked at the sight of her. "I-I'll get the doctor." She stammers, stumbling out the door.


I watch from the corner as the doctor evaluates Skylar. "Nash. May I speak to you outside?" The doctor says. I know it's a demand but his voice goes high at the end making it sound like a question.

It's calm in the hallway. The doctor is in his twenties and is clearly stressed. "Skylar. You know we didn't really expect her to wake up. Then she did and as we predicted if she did wake up her memory would be damaged. But we never thought it would be so bad that she doesn't remember a single thing as to who she is. So we are discharging her. She's leaving with you and we've explained that she can trust you so don't worry. Just take it easy with her. Anything too hard as you saw will frustrate her and we want her to ease into this. Alright?" He says.

I only hear bits and pieces of what he says because I can't get over one fact.

Skylar has no idea who she is.

I nod and walk back into the room where she has been disconnected from the machines. The nurse hands me a clipboard. "Sign here please." I sign on the line she nods "You guys are free to go now." She nod, turning to the bed as Skylar hops off.

I can't look at her as I walk out the room. "Nash! Wait!" She stumbled over to me, grabbing my hand. "Help me. Please." I look into her eyes and she truly is scared. "Always. I promise." I whisper as we walk out the door.


We climb off the bus and start our short walk to my house. "Where are we going?" She asks. "My house. You'll spend the night there and then we'll take you to your house tomorrow." She nods as we reach the house. I open the door and I'm surprised to find all the boys there in the living room watching TV.

Skylar walks in and they all gasp at the sight of her. I lock the door smiling. They all looked so stupid their mouths open like that. "Skylar?" Matt says standing up. Oh no.

"That's what they told me." She nods. He looks confused but he still runs over hugging her tight. She doesn't hug back. Instead she's stiff as a board. "Nash. Who is this?" Oh no.

Matt releases her and looks confused. "I'm Matt your boyfriend? Skylar stop playing." Skylar looks guilty. "I'm so sorry I don't know you." Matt's face went pale and he looked like he was dying.

"Do you remember me?" Cameron said standing up. "Cam she doesn't remember anything. She didn't know her own name." Cameron looks hurt. "Are you hungry or anything?" I turn to her. "No, just tired." She nods.

I think it's best to get her away from the boys. I nod, "you can sleep in my room. I have a shirt you can sleep in. C'mon." I grab her hand and we walk upstairs and into my room.

I hand her a lacrosse shirt and she gladly takes it changing out of her sweatshirt and jeans she had with her and into it hopping into my bed.

"Nash can you tuck me in?" I laugh to myself and cover her, kissing her forehead. I felt like a parent as she smiled up at me. "Goodnight Nash." I chuckle. "Goodnight." I smile and shut the door.

I take a deep breath. Here we go.

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