How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


3. Chapter Three

I frowned at my reflection, I looked like a mess. I barely got any sleep last night. Christina and what Sky said kept haunting me. I pulled on my red Asphalt Yacht Club hoodie and my black jeans with my red Vans. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs.

"Hey Nash, breakfast?" My mom smiled. I shook my head. "I can't eat." I explained. She nodded sadly, "Nash, son." My dad turned to me. "You gotta eat, how are you supposed to lift weights and keep fit for the season if you don't?" I sigh. "Dad, I'm not hungry." I turn to the door without another word and grab my car keys. "I have to pick up Mahogany." I explain and walk out. I unlock my Escalade and hop in throwing my bag into the back. I started it and back out of the driveway, and down the street, leaving the house behind.


I honked the horn twice as I waited for Mahogany. She smiled at me, walking over to the car. She hopped in. "Hey baby." She winked. "Hey." I mumble and start the car up. "No kiss?" "We're gonna be late." I avoid the topic, I was planning on breaking up with her a few weeks ago, but the whole death thing has me side tracked.

She's silent throughout the ride which surprises me, she usually fills me in on all the gossip, which I don't care about, but I'll listen cause it makes her less of a pain in the ass for me later in the day. I parked in the lot and shut the car off. I turned to her, expecting an outburst of gossip, but instead she shook her head and hopped out. Now I was confused.

I grabbed my bag and hopped out. Taylor my best bro, ran over wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Hey, so Mahogany doesn't look too happy." He raised his eyebrow. I shrugged. "I didn't do anything." I protest.

"That's what happened! You didn't do anything! She's expecting the Nash that will kiss her like it's just two of you when really there's the whole school, ya know dry hump in front of everyone." He explained. I nodded, it all became clear. Taylor could be a dick but a smart guy too.

We walked into the school and everyone's eyes turned to us. "It's nice to rule the school." He sighs happily. The thing about Taylor was that he always had this big ego. I gulped when I saw him, Cameron. He was the second target. We used to be super close, like inseparable, until he chose to be friends with Christina and I told him that would run his rep, but he didn't care and now he's a target. Like there's an invisible sign for him to everyone saying "Bully me." in big red letters across his forehead.

Taylor smirked, dragging me over, the girls also following. "Hey Cam, how's life?" Taylor asked. Cameron looked confused, "Since when do you care?" Yeah since when did you care Taylor?

"Ya know since your best friend killed herself in front of you and stuff. So how are you doing?" Taylor smiled. Cameron grinned. "I wasn't doing too good but-" Taylor cut him off. "Wait, you're right. I don't care! Thought I did but I don't!" The girls laughed. I faked a laugh. "Nice one Taylor." I patted his back. He smiled, pleased with himself.

It made me sick to see the pleasure this was bringing him, to see how the girls find this funny. Cameron looked up at me, I hadn't noticed that Taylor had punched him in the face. Cameron held his jaw. This is the first time I've seen Cam not fight back. "Come on Nash let's go." Mahogany grabbed my hand, dragging me away. "Ya know, I was mad at you because of how you acted earlier, but I forgive you cause you had to babysit all yesterday. That must've sucked. So I forgive you." I nod, thanking her.

I totally forgot I had lied about going to the funeral. We walked into our Health class just as the bell rang and took our usual seats. Our teacher, Ms. Johnson smiled. Her blonde hair up in a ponytail, in her usual blue striped tee and red skirt. She was obsessed with sailor stuff, that or France. She never wore shoes in her class, but her feet didn't smell so that was good.

"Alright class, I have some good news!" She smiled. Christina isn't dead? That was just some other person like her secret twin or something? "We have a new student. Come in, Skylar. Guys this is Skylar Green. Please make her feel welcome. Cameron do you mind showing her around?" I looked around but he was nowhere to be found.

"Ms. Johnson! Cam isn't here at the moment, can I show her around?" Taylor raised his hand. Oh no, Taylor why? "Uh, okay. Skylar there's a seat beside Taylor right there." She pointed to where Cam usually sat.

She walked over slowly and sat down. I tapped her shoulder since I sat behind her. She spun around. "Hi, I'm Nash." I stuck out my hand to shake. "Skylar." She turned around, leaving my hand.


The bell rang and everyone stood up. Skylar was about to walk out but Taylor grabbed her arm, yanking her backwards, making her almost fall but he caught her. "Where ya going? I'm supposed to show you around!" He smiled. She shook her head, "That's not necessary. I'm sure I can find my way around." She nodded, trying to walk away but Taylor just yanked her back. Now some people were watching. "The school's big. I know this school like the back of my hand. Let me show you around." She groaned. "It's fine." She tried to walk away, but he yanked her back and the yelp she let out was almost just as painful to watch. "I'm showing you around. Let's go. I'll see you guys later." He says, walking out.


I was curious as Taylor nor Skylar showed up for classes. I sat down at our usual table. "What do you think Taylor's done to her?" Mahogany asks. "I dunno know but whatever it is, she's the luckiest girl ever. I've been trying to get him alone for so long." A blonde girl who I don't even remember says. I roll my eyes, the cheerleaders were just a bunch of thirsty whores.

Taylor came into view, with a death grip on Skylar. I stood up and ran over to them. "Bro where were you?" I ask. "I told you, I showed her around. She kept trying to run away that's why it took so long." He explains.

"Can you let me go? You're hurting me!" She tried to shake him off. I got a closer look at Skylar. Her eyes were a green with splashes of blue her brown hair was curly and long she wore a black sweatshirt with blue jeans and white converse. She wore black thick framed glasses. She was tiny and reminded me a lot of Christina. Just more attitude. Taylor looked just about done as he released her arm and pushed her to the ground.

Part of me wanted to help her but Taylor just kept yelling profanities and names at her. "Look at you! You little whore! I was gonna be nice to you! But you little piece of shit ruined the best thing that could've happened to you! So now watch your fucking back cause I will make your life hell, I promise. I will make sure that you hate everyday of your high school experience." He kicked her hard in her stomach. Again, and again, and again. I couldn't bare to watch as she cried and no one did anything. I walked back to my seat. "That's too bad, I actually liked her." Mahogany shrugged taking a bite of her salad. How could they sit there and watch. I felt sick to my stomach watching but they watched as if it was a TV show.

The supervisors didn't do shit as she was abused. They weren't even watching. Probably cause Taylor is one of the star players and they'd get fired if they ever mentioned anything bad about him. I pushed away my food. "I can't eat." I said. "More for me." Jack G, grabbed my tray.

What is wrong with this school?



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