How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


35. Chapter Thirty-Six

Back to Nash's POV


I opened my eyes to find a monitor, it spikes and beeps. My pulse. I never understood why it was so hard to die.

I felt tears in my eyes and I let them fall.

I didn't have to hold them back, because no one would care, they would know they have nothing to do with my tears.

So I sob.

I cry and shake and whimper. My nose runs and I'm a sniffling mess when I'm done.

I wish Skylar was here. She would make me feel better. The old Skylar. The one I fell in love with. But instead she's at school with everyone else. The news has most likely spread around the school about my attempt.

Right now, I regret dropping my phone. I looked to my right to find a white telephone. A pink sticky note stuck to it.

Dear Nash,

It's your doctor here. I saw you drop your phone so last night we switched your room to one with a phone. Sorry it doesn't have any apps or social media. It's a bit old. But you can call anyone you want.  I'll see you later.


His name is Mark?

How very typical. A handsome doctor in his late twenties named Mark.

I grab the phone and look at the keypad, I glance at the clock on the wall. It's not too late to call someone. I dial the number quickly, and lean back in my bed, the receiver pressed to my ear.

"Hello?" I hear a voice say.

"Skylar?" My voice is hoarse and it hurts to talk at how much I cried.

"Yeah, who is this?"

"Nash." I breathe.

"Nash! Oh my gosh! I've been calling you this whole time and you haven't been answering your phone! Then I come to school and it seems everyone except me knows that you're in the hospital and there's a secret about me going on too and no one will tell me, no one tells me anything I swear Mahogany is out to get me." She whispers the last part.

You could hear the venom in her voice.

"Do you have an idea about what the secret would be?" I ask.

"No. Last night we had a sleepover and I swear they did something to me cause they called it a drunk sleepover when I got there and that's all I remember." She explains.

"You think they drugged you?"

"Nash don't be silly M-" I cut her off.

"She's done it before."

She's silent. I wonder what she's thinking about.

"Should I ask her about it?" She finally speaks up.

"She won't admit anything, cause I'm pretty sure you can press charges against her for that." I say.

She sighs. "So how are you?"

Her question surprises me. My mouth moves faster than I can process as I blurt. "I feel like shit to be honest, I just want to die."

I hear her sigh again. "I can visit you after school if you w-"

"YES!" I scream.

She laughs. It actually sounds real, and not forced. I smile. "Can't you ditch school? For me?" I beg.

"I'll come after lunch. I have stuff to deal with." She whispers the last part.

"Don't tell Cameron that you're coming okay? I only want you here."

She's silent again. "Yeah, okay Nash. I gotta go or I'm gonna be late for class." She says, I can see the smile on her face.

"Alright. bye."

I hang up and I actually feel better. I dial Cameron's number, I wonder if he's at school?

"Hello?" His voice sounds so small, hurt even. It's quiet on his side, he's at home.

"Hey Cam, it's Nash."

"Nash? Oh gosh! I thought you'd never call! I'm coming to spend the rest of the day with you." I hear shuffling.

I almost agree then I remember Skylar. "No don't do that Cameron. Get some sleep, watch Netflix, order a pizza. Just relax for me? Please? I'll be fine."

I hear him sigh, "Yeah, I barely got any sleep last night and I couldn't bare being at school, so I guess that'll do."

I smile. "Good. Now get some rest." I hang up before he can argue and lay down.

I feel exhausted too.


"Why didn't you join us Nash? You let me down. Again." Christina frowns, tears in her eyes.

"I tried, I just can't do it." I stomp my foot like a child, crossing my arms.

"Nash, be like Nike, just do it."

I laugh at Carter's comment.

"See, if you just try harder you can be with us forever Nash. You wouldn't have to worry about heart break, bullying, pain." 

"Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be all right." Carter sang waving his arms in the air.

I laughed. I missed Carter so much.

"Just take my hand Nash. It'll all be alright." She reaches her arm out.

I reach out too, my fingers are so close, I'm so close to paradise. Not being judged, being loved for who I a-

"Nash! Wake up!" I jumped and opened my eyes.

"Skylar?" I rub my eyes.

"I've been sitting here for the past two hours. Honestly, you make school look more interesting." She teases.

"Whatever, so what did you do about your problem?" I ask.

"I asked Mahogany what happened last night, she said I went to bed early. I asked her if she could tell what everyone knows about me at school and she said that I'll find out tomorrow." She explains, sighing.

"Aren't you scared?"

"More than ever. Nash what if it's something I don't know about? Like I told her something that was in my past what if I told what really happened to me that night?" She starts freaking out.

"Calm d-"

"Don't tell me to calm down! My life could fall apart in the next few hours! I'll be ruined! You don't understand, I felt like I was finally doing something right, my sister accepted me, it was like everyone at school accepted me, and now everyone is a-"

I catch her wrist and yank her closer to me, her lips crashing onto mine. I pull away.

"Don't worry about it. You got me. That's something Mahogany doesn't have." I whisper. She smiles.

"I do have you don't I." She giggles.

I smile, and scoot over, yanking her into the bed. She laughs.

"I'm glad you skipped school today." I kissed her forehead.

"Me too."

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