How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


34. Chapter Thirty-Five

This chapter is going to be written in Third persons' POV or commonly known as No One's POV. Okay? Okay. 

(TFIOS reference, cried seven times when I saw the movie.) 


The man's quick to reach Nash as he grabs him just as he is about to jump. Nash's body is limp like he was already dead before he jumped. Truth was he was, Nash was dead on the inside. He could barely process a thought through his head anymore. His heart weak and tired from anxiety. His body and Nash himself were just tired. 

A stretcher was wheeled over and the man placed him on quick. Nash had his eyes shut as they checked his pulse. Everything was muffled as they spoke and the only thing Nash could hear was his heart. The slow and steady beat. It seemed to beat in slow motion and for a second he thought that he could maybe stop his heart if he stopped breathing. But he would just pass out. He knew that but still he wanted anything to escape. So he held his breath. He held it, and held it, and held it. He was slowly suffocating as his head become heavier as he slowly lost faded away. 

The man screamed for oxygen but it was too late Nash was already gone. They attached the mask to his face anyway and they wheeled him into the back of the truck and sped away. 


That man ran into the hospital. Grabbing the telephone and he knew exactly who to call. He dialed the number quickly his hands shaky as he pressed the cold receiver to his ear. The ring echoed and the sound of someone picking up sounded. 

"Hello?" A boy said, confused by the number. 

Matt laid on his bed, throwing a ball up and catching it again. He listened to what the man had to say. 

The ball fell to the ground with a thud. Matt was speechless. He couldn't believe what the man had just told him. It was impossible, no more than impossible. To Matt, Nash was the nicest guy you could have met, sure he had his moments but no way was he depressed or showed any signs of it. To Matt, he looked like the happiest guy out there. He hung up and stared at his home screen. He thought maybe that call was a prank, maybe just maybe he was imagining, dreaming all of this up. He didn't understand. He just didn't understand. He didn't know, he didn't know. He thought he should have noticed if a person wanted to kill themselves. You can see it on any actors face in a movie but never, not once did Nash's smiles falter, did he ever frown, just playful pouts, not once did Nash's smiles, laughs seem fake. Never did his happiness seem forced. Matt hated that he couldn't see it. He was angry with himself. He could have lost another important person to him. First it was Carter, then Skylar, now Nash. Not once did he see any of this coming. He let out a scream and threw his phone at the wall. He was mad, not at the world, not at Nash, but at himself. 

He wanted to believe that it was his fault. It was his fault, when Skylar came out of the hospital he gave him a hard time, he fueled the fire when he said all those terrible things to him. He wished he could take it all back, rewind time just to fix what he's done. What everyone has done. He wished he could go back in time and prevent things from happening. Maybe if he had decided to change schools earlier, he would've been hanging out with Carter and he wouldn't have kissed Nash. Maybe if he changed schools earlier he could have changed everything. Maybe what he did, his selfish choices led up to this. Maybe he thought, if he wasn't being a selfish asshole that night when Skylar woke up she would've been his problem. Cameron would've said he was her bully, Nash wouldn't have to go through all that shit that he went through with Skylar if he had been there, he thought that if he had made different choices Nash would be sleeping in his own room and not in a hospital bed, unconscious. 

The boys, he thought. They were all downstairs, he had to tell them so they could see Nash. He ran out of his room and downstairs.

"I don't get it if a Tomato is a fruit, then ketchup is a smoothie?" Cameron repeats what Shawn had just said. 

"Yes!" He laughed.

Cameron jumped as he heard Matt's frantic scream. His words came out fast and jumbled. He didn't catch a single word. 

"Matt. Slow down bro." He put a hand up, signing stop. 

Cameron slowly felt his world fall apart when Matt finished. He could see it, on Nash's face. He was upset before he left. But Nash managed to pull on a smile and he thought everything was okay. He thought that maybe he was just seeing things, but maybe he was wrong. He should have stuck with his gut which said to stay and talk, but he didn't and he regrets it. The phone call comes to mind. His voice was shaky and he sounded unstable. He could hear cars in the background, not once did he question it, or the sudden outburst of emotion from Nash, but he did question the man in the background. Nash never replied to him, all he could hear was wind and a honk of a car and the phone hung up. Nash didn't get to jump he thought, but what if he did? What if that doctor hadn't grabbed Nash? What if he reached and missed? Nash would have been dead in a matter of seconds and he would never talk to his best friend again. Never see those baby blues. 

"W-We should go to the hospital." Jack J stutters. 

Jack was usually silent around the boys, he wasn't always silent. He used to be best friends, no more like brothers with Jack Gilinsky , one of the star quarterbacks on the football team. Jack and him were best friends up until the start of high school. Jack joined the football team and became cool, they still hung out it was when Jack J decided to join show choir and the talent show that Jack J was considered "uncool". He wished what happened didn't happen with Jack, he wished they were still buddies, but he knew that the other half of Jack and Jack was long gone. 


When Nash opened his eyes, he wanted to cry, he was still alive. He was still here. 

"Nash?" He heard Cameron's small voice. 

He turned his head to find all the boys staring right at him. Nash wanted to scream at how unfair his life was, he wanted out, just to leave, but this terrible life just drags him by the legs and tortures him. The door clicked and a man in a white coat walked in. He looked tired and he knew the man right away. He sat up slowly and glared at him. Him, he was the reason he was still alive. He was the reason he's sitting in this uncomfortable bed, breathing in this stupid hospital smell of latex-free gloves and death. 

"Nash do you still want to die?" He asks, serious. 

But there was a hint of hope in that doctor's eyes, he wanted Nash to be alive, he wanted these boys all these boys to be okay. They've gone through so much, so, so, so much and it's so saddening to see one of them wanting to kill themselves because it's all become too much for them, he thought. 

"More than ever." Nash answered truthfully. 

Nash didn't care that the boys would hear him, he wanted them to hear the truth.Maybe he thought, just maybe that they would let him die this time. Starve him, stab him, slit his wrists for him, anything just to let him go is what he wished for. 

"Nash you don't really want to die, you're just depressed and overwhelmed what the current events that have happened or are going on in your life. You feel like you're stuck in a hole, a hole you will never get out of, because it's the same routine, day by day, by day, by day. You want an escape, you want to be rescued, get out of that hole, and you think that death can be your only saver in this situation. Talking to someone, who can help you, a friend, a trusted adult, a therapist even, They can help you in these tough times. If you feel that you want to kill yourself, I want you to dial 9-1-1 at that exact moment you hear me? It's not  me that saved you, I could have easily missed you it was fate, the world knows it's not your time. You can't rush it either, you just have to let it happen. At the moment we have to keep a close eye on you try you on some anti-psychotic pills that can help you with the way you are feeling." He explains. 

Shawn can't believe what he's hearing. He thought Nash would get a pat on the head and be told don't try it again, like the first time he wanted to die but Cam stopped him, but they're putting him on medication?! 

"That's not needed, he won't try it again." Shawn cuts in. 

The doctor shakes his head. "You don't understand, Nash has his mind made up and we are just going to evaluate him, there will be a diagnosis, we will from there decide if he needs medication or not, but from where he stands right now, it is probably best we keep him here." 

The boys all disagree with this. 

"Boys stop arguing with the doctor, if staying here will keep Nash alive then he stays here." Cameron finally speaks up. 

Nash was fine staying here, he would be away from all the stress, and pain of school. But he just wanted to sleep, he was filled with anxiety and he just wanted to fall asleep wishing for the feeling to fade. The harder he wished it seemed the worse it became. 

"Doc, I don't feel so good." Nash finally mumbles.

"Your heart rate is up, I need you to calm down for me Nash, what are you nervous about?" The doctor asks. 

He looked down at Nash's hands that were crossed in front of him, they shook and Nash looked pale, almost like he was about to pass out and cry at the same time. He was having anxiety. 

"I don't know since I woke up the feeling started in the pit of my stomach and it's just, it's just grown." He groans, shifting slightly. 

Nash was in a great discomfort he just wanted to pass out as his breaths became heavier. 

"Nash, calm down." Shawn started. 

All the boys were scared as they watched Nash and the doctor. The doctor spoke slowly and softly. He placed his hand on top of Nash's and looked him in the eyes. Nash's heart rate just went up to the point where it was hard to count the beeps. 

"Nash it's okay to let go." Cameron hears the doctor whisper and that sets him off. 

Tears find their way into his eyes. "It's not okay to let go Nash! Stay please!" He yelled. 

Nash turned his head to face Cameron, his eyes were wide and panicked. 

The doctor grabbed his face turning it back to him. 

"Nash." He talks louder now.

"Don't feel that you have to stay with us because your friends want you to, you'll wake up and they will still be here." 

"NASH NO!" Cameron screams. 

"I'm going to need you to leave sir." He glares at Cameron. 

"I'm not leaving." Cameron grumbles. 

"C'mon man let's go for a walk." Shawn says dragging Cameron out. 

"Let go Nash."

That was all he heard and he passed out.   

Cameron knew Nash wasn't dead, he knew he had just passed out, but what if he went into a coma? He couldn't handle that, he would break down then and there. He wouldn't be able to hold back the tears as he has done in the past. He wouldn't be able to make it through the night. He would cry himself to sleep and cry when he woke up. If Nash ever died, he would never ever forgive himself. He would have let another person slip right past his fingertips. He couldn't do it, he just couldn't. He let Christina slip, Carter slip, and he was so close to losing Skylar too. It needs to stop he thinks, something needs to change.



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