How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


37. Chapter Thirty-Eight

I hear shuffling as I open my eyes. I smirk at my view. I get a clear view of Skylar in nothing but her bra and underwear, from behind. I bite my lip as my eyes graze over her body. I hear her sigh as she pulls on a sweatshirt.

I groan and she jumps three feet in the air. "How long have you been up?" She asks.

"Long enough to watch you." I smirk. She laughs and pulls on her jeans. She sits down on the bed to pull on her socks.

I crawl over to her, and wrap my legs around her pressing my chest against her back, my hands holding hers.

"You love to cuddle don't you?" She says, relaxing into my touch.

"Love it." I kiss her neck, and she moans.

"Nash stop. You're making me wanting to stay." She grumbles

"Then stay." I mumble, holding her tighter.

The door opens and a nurse walks in with a tray of food placing it on a table. "Good morning Mr. Grier." She chirps.

"Morning Monica." I smile.

"Have a nice sleep?" She smiles, almost a little too friendly.

"Great, thanks." I fake a smile. Monica was a little too flirty.

"Well I'll see you later." She winks and walks out, her hips swaying. The door shuts.

"Good morning Mr. Grier." Sky mocks.

I laugh. "Are you jealous." I ask.

She turns in my arms, straddling me.

"Why would I be jealous? I'm not jealous." She lies, I smirk and nod.

"How'd you sleep last night?" I smile.

She frowns and she can't meet my gaze, but she smiles again. "Great."

I can see it's forced. "What happened?"

"I gotta go to school. I'll see you later." She untangles herself from me.

"Aw, no goodbye kiss?" I pout.

She kisses me on the cheek. I fake a frown. "That's not what I meant."

"Bye Nash!" She yells walking out the room, the door shutting behind her.


I turn the TV off.

I've been watching Disney channel for five hours straight, boy is Disney shit now.

"Come in!" I shout.

I watch as Monica sits on the edge of my bed, smiling at me.

"So, who was that girl this morning?" She asks, fiddling with my sheet.

I take a sharp breath, under this sheet I'm only in my boxers.

"Girlfriend?" She continues to press.

"It's complicated." I mumble.

"I know complicated. Trust me, my whole life has been complicated. But with just clear. Nash, I love you."

What. The. Fuck.

"You love me too right? Of coarse you do, kiss me!" She throws herself on top of me.

What the hell?! I let out a very manly squeal.

"Get off me!" I gently shoved her and she stumbles back, pulling the sheet with her.

My jaw drops and my arms fly to cover up my body as she stares. Where's Mark when you need him?!

"You need help." I whisper.

"We both do! CRAZY BUDDIES!" She screams and jumps at me again.

Her eyes look crazy and wild. I swear she's foaming at the mouth.

She bites the skin at my shoulder.

I scream, what the heck is wrong with her?

"We can be together forever Nash!" She grins.



She jumps off the bed. There's a beep and a voice cracks through a speaker.

"Is everything okay in there?"


"Everything's fine, patient in distress. About to administer relaxants." It beeps once more and it falls silent as she looks through a cupboard.

"The fuck is a r-"

"Just hold still Nashy."She coos turning back to me, a needle in her hand.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I try and scramble out of the bed but it's already in my arm.

"Every thing is gonna be alright." She sings softly.

My eyelids feel heavy. "He-"

I need h-

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