How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


19. Chapter Nineteen

"Nash, bro please wake up." I hear Cam say his voice sounding desperate. I try and force my eyes open but they don't. Open! "Nash." His voice cracks. Don't cry Cam, just give me a sec. I try and part my lips but they don't move. Someone grabs my hand. I try and squeeze back but my finger just twitches. "Nash? Are you there?" He sounds hopeful. C'mon body just open my eye-

My eyes open to little slits to find a bright light shining. I wanted shut my eyes but I was scared they wouldn't open again instead I didn't dare blink as my eyes adjusted.

I turn to Cameron. He smiles, I look around. The nurse's office. Nice. "What happened?" I ask confused. He shrugged, "you just walked to the door and bam you're on the floor out cold." I nod. "Man I thought I lost you too." He says, tearing up.

I grab him, wrapping my arms around him, he buried his face in my neck. "It's okay man, you still got me." I whisper, rubbing his back. He doesn't cry instead he sniffles and nods. He pulls away and now I see how stressed he is.

With Carter's death and Skylar in a coma, Matt being a mess all over the place, me just being the stressful shit I've been lately he looks tired. Dark shadows under his eyes, his hair a mess of knots and sticking out in all directions. He no longer stands tall and straight instead he's hunched over. "Cam how much sleep did you get last night?" I question, frowning. "Don't worry about me. Sleep is for the weak." He joked. I fake a chuckle as the nurse walks in.

"Looks like you're all good Mr. Grier. Take it easy now." She smiles turning to the counter behind her. I thank her and we both walk out and into the quiet hallways. "Let's get to class." I smile, he laughs.

"Nash it's 5:00 PM, no one but teachers are here." We both laugh. We walk towards the front door but I stop in front of a hallway. I see the football field from out the window. Go Nash, go talk to your dad. Weren't you embarrassed at how much Cam knew? Hell yeah you were let's go!

"Nash! Where are you going?!" Cameron shouts after me. I run down the hallway and out the door. I storm out onto the field I push past everyone. "NASH!" I heard a familiar voice yell out. It was Taylor.

I turn around and I stumbled backwards holding my eye. He punched me. "That all you got." I grumble. He lunges for me and we both fall to the ground. I roll us over and grab his helmet off the ground and hit him hard on his head. I throw it back to the side and ouch him straight in his nose. A high pitched sound fills the air.

My body relaxes and I stop. That whistle. It brought me comfort. My back slammed onto the ground snapping me out of it as Taylor threw a punch, hitting me on my jaw. I shut my eyes. The pain moved from my jaw to my whole face.

"HEY! STOP IT!" I heard my dad yell someone pulls me off the ground. My eyes shoot open to find Cameron. He looks disappointed as he keeps his hand tightly on my elbow making sure I don't try anything.

"You hit like a bitch." I smirk as Taylor tries to jump at me only to be pushed back. "Nash. Get. Off. My. Field. NOW!" My dad screams. "It would be my pleasure." I smile and walk away with Cameron. "Never do that again. You could've got in trouble." I chuckle, "Okay." I laugh and soon Cam laughs along. We just laughed.

It felt as if we were trying to laugh away the pain. But it seemed as if the pain in my heart only got worse. It didn't feel right to laugh. It felt all wrong. Carter is dead, Skylar in a coma and Matt can barely even fake a smile anymore. It felt all wrong to let out these laughs that were meant to show happiness. It was just wrong. But we didn't stop. It brought us comfort. Something we finally had control over. Wether we laugh or not.

My cheeks hurt from laughing but I continue because I like this feeling. A lot. Maybe this is what I needed. A laugh. A long fake laugh.

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