How to save a life

Nash is your typical teenage boy. Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, all the girls want him in their panties. Being a football player puts him at the top of the school, being Captain makes him king. When a new girl catches his eye he can't help but stare, only thing is…she's a total loser. Wears thick framed glasses, hair is always in a messy bun and wearing her sweatshirts and jeans with converse. She became an easy target for everyone. Until the day she had enough. Nash knew he could have saved her and when a girl just like the last comes into the school he's determined to save her. Before it's too late.


47. Chapter Fourty-Five

Shawn's POV

I bite my bruised lip, walking through the snow and into the school. I honestly can't wait until Winter Break. I get to fly back to Canada and see my whole family, and leave this garbage school for awhile. I pop my locker open and check my schedule.


Crap. That's my worst class. I'm pretty athletic, it's the football team that gets to me.

I shut the locker.

"AHHH!" I scream, a very manly scream.

"What the heck Matt!" I gently push him.

He laughs, stumbling. "Look man, I heard there's new kids today."

"Since when did you care about these rumors. Everyday there's a rumor about new kids. No one ever comes. Their all scared that some maniac is gonna shoot the whole school just like Christina shot herself." I explain as we walk to our class.

"Bro, I heard they're girls! I need a girl!" He nods, I laugh. Is he serious?

"What happened to Skylar?" I ask.

Last week, he was whining because no one would cuddle him. Last week, last week...was stressful.

"I've officially given up on that. Like shit man, I haven't had sex in months! I need to be sexed. Like right now!" He stomps his foot.

I raise an eyebrow. "So this somehow connects to these rumored new kids?" I ask.

He groans loudly as we walk into the change room.

"How innocent are you?! These girls don't know anything about any of us. All I have to do is play my cars right and I'm getting laid in less than a week!"

I laugh and slip my shirt off.

I hear Matt sigh. "Man when are you gonna stand up for yourself?" He asks, following my lead.

"When the odds are in my favor." I pull my gym shirt on switching into my gym shorts.

"C'mon let's go before Taylor the Tool gets here." I mumble. He laughs as we walk out onto the field.

I hated running so much. As usual all the girls were still changing.

"You guys ready to run?" Brent half smiled.

"Born ready." I say, sarcasm evident in mu voice.

We all laugh.

Matt and Brent begin talking shit about someone, I stop listening to them and tune into the people around me.

"Did you hear there's new kids in our gym class?"

"One of them, Jennifer, just moved onto my street." 

"Matt." I whisper.


Taylor and the team hollers as the girls finally make their way out of the change room, and what do ya know, all the new girls walk in a group.

All the boys begin to make noise like barn animals as we all stand in front of the coach.

"Settle d-I SAID SETTLE DOWN!" Coach screams.

Who knew Mr. Grier could be so aggressive.

"You'll be running today for 10 minute runs, 3 minute walks! START WALKING!" He blows his whistle and not everyone is in a rush down to the track.

"I SAID START WALKING!" He blows his whistle again.

I move my feet a little faster.


"Bro, I think I'm gonna talk to the new girl." Matt says, both of us jogging.

"Which one? There's like ten."

He laughs shaking his head. "That one, she's the closest." He points to a girl with brown hair.

"She's not from here." I point out.

"How do you know?" He scoffs.

"She's got that tan, it's a different tan then what most people who live in NC have." I shrug pointing at her.

"What. The. Fuck? You pay attention to tan? You are so weird. I'm gonna go talk to that girl now." He jogs away.

The whistle sounds, signaling we can walk now. I sigh and slow my pace. Why is gym so much work. I look behind me to see Taylor and his gang approaching.

I squeeze my eyes shut. Maybe if I wish hard enough, they'll be gone.

"Sup loser." Taylor laughs punching me in my back.

The rest of them follow his actions.

3, 4,

Wait where's the fifth punch? Jack Gilinsky's punch. I open my eyes to find Jack smiling back at me as he jogs away.

Wonder why he didn't punch me. Could Jack, I don't know becoming the old Jack? I hope s-


I jump. I look to my side to find a red head walking beside me.

"Uh, hi." I scratch the back of my neck. Why am I so awkward?!

"So, what's your name? I'm Lou."

"That's a sick ass name to be completely honest."

She laughs. "Sorry, I'm Shawn."

"It's totally cool Shawn. I don't always get that's a sick ass name but when I do, I appreciate it a lot." She nods.

I laugh, "Hey, you're not from here are you?"

"Nah, I'm from Can-"

"AYYYY! I'M FROM CANADA TOO!" I high five her.

"I'm from British Columbia."

"Oh. Ontario." I shrug.

I've never been to BC, but I'm pretty sure it's different from Ontario.

"Are you a real red head?"

"Nope, it's dyed. Sorry to disappoint."

I chuckle, "I'm not disappointed. Not one bit."


"So how's your Get Laid plan going?" I ask changing.

"Could be going better, Reychel is cool and all, but I want to play the field before I hit a home run."

I laugh. "Just, since you're gonna play these girls, leave Lou out of this." I point my finger.

"Who is Lou?"

"The red head, she's Canadian, and I think I like her." I shrug, smiling.

"AWWWWW! SHAWN'S GOT A CRUSH!" Matt screams. I jump up, placing my hand to his mouth.

But it's too late the whole change room has become pin drop silent.

Taylor's laugh echoes. "Who's ever gonna like that!" His gang laughs, but Jack doesn't.

"It's not that funny bro." Jack rolls his eyes walking out.

"Hey! Where you going man?" Taylor runs after him, his gang looks so lost as they stumble behind Taylor.

I chuckle to myself and Matt does too as we walk out.

Maybe Jack is changing, back to his old self. I guess that's a good thing, but I could be wrong.



Look, I'm so sorry if you're character didn't appear yet in the next few chapters they'll appear promise! Hope you liked the chapter! It's kind of a filler cause I'm really busy! Love you guys!

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